2007 Mitsubishi Lancer Invite 1.6 petrol from Palestinian territories


Simply awful


Rattles from the dashboard..

General Comments:

Well for this car when I bought it, I thought that the shift from the Seat Cordoba to the Lancer will be excellent, but that was not the case...

When I bought this car, I was maybe in like state of idiot.. all I thought was that the car is almost new since cars are so expensive here in Palestine..

Anyway the car is slow.. and it needs a lot of revving.

The dashboard is just so simple. I liked the Seat much much better..

The design is old for a car of 2007 model..

The seats are just awful... considering the size of the vehicle, I thought it would be very comfortable, but oh my god...

The driver seat doesn't have much maneuverability as many other manufacturers, even Kia..

The steering wheel doesn't have telescopic function, and since I'm tall I can`t find a comfortable position on long journeys...

The materials used are poor..

The engine is very noisy...

I thought Mitsubishi were great cars... well compare them to Hyundai's and KIA maybe, but don't dare compare them to Volkswagen.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2009

11th Mar 2012, 03:48

100% agree. Dashboard rattles I hear not, yet overall I find this a very disappointing car.

I had a 2010 Kia Forte during a week as a repair shop service, as the Lancer needed minor damage repair. 1.6l 4 cylinder as well, with tiptronic. The shifting is way smoother than the Lancer's, and I felt more torque on the Forte engine.

The Forte is equipped 10 times better.

I find the suspension of the Lancer way too stiff, and the engine too noisy. That would be OK if the performance made up for it, yet it does NOT.

Gonna take my loss on this car, and trade it in for either a Kia Forte, or a Hyundai i30.

3rd Jul 2013, 11:18

Fully agree. What I really hate in this car is the suspension. I want my Chrysler 300M back! V6, awesome engine, Tiptronic like the Lancer, and the suspension is SO much better. I want to get rid of this Lancer, just because of the awfully stiff ride; every threshold near a school or ditch in the road is an ordeal. Maybe it has been designed by an orthopedic in order to keep the patients coming? I wonder if all kinds of parts like wheel bearings aren't suffering with us, in the car! This Lancer is the worst car I ever had, and I had MANY over 38 years.

2007 Mitsubishi Lancer RalliArt 2.0 from Costa Rica


Like we say in Costa Rica: "Es un Chuzo de nave" Possible Translation: "It's an Excellent Car"


Air conditioning had a high pitch noise after 10000 KM. I took it to the dealership and the problem was in the A/C Filter. It was replaced and now it works just fine.

Noise in the front right tired section. Dealer has not been able to fix it however when I took it to them the sound was not audible. It shows up sometimes so I haven't been able to pin point the real location. I suspect something related to the muffler. However Mitsubishi dealer told me that if something happens they will cover the cost of fixing it.

General Comments:

Excellent car.

Engine for a 2.0 Litter it moves well and provide good power. At least better than the BMW 318i I used to have.

Shift-Tronic gear box is excellent. I have the control of a manual transmission and the benefits of an automatic one. I feel of speeding I move to manual and if in a Traffic Jam nothing like an automatic.

I will change the Radio that comes with it for a much better one. Costa Rica dealerships change the radio locally for a low cost Pioneer that doesn't even plays MP3s nor has a Aux in port.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2008

2007 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart 2.0 from Costa Rica


Dream sport sedan



General Comments:

It is a dream car. I trade in my 1993 BMW 530i for this brand new Lancer Ralliart. At first I was a little afraid because obviously BMW is a much better brand than Mitsubishi, but as soon as I drove it out of the dealer I was in heaven.

Although it is the 2 liter version (I think that elsewhere is 2.4) it has an amazing response. It accelerates as expected and brakes the same way. I believe it is faster than the 3 liter a used to own.

The suspension is very tight and you feel very safe when you corner it.

The sport-tronic transmission is my favorite toy in the car, I only have to move my thumb a bit and I can shift it up or down at my pleasure without letting the wheel go.

It is actually roomier than expected, my in-laws have a lot more leg room than they used to have.

It has most of the features you would expect in European cars rather than in Japanese, for example: car won't lock with key in ignition, lights shut off automatically when you turn the car off, intelligent wipers, courtesy light.

The only thing I would change would be to be able to lock/unlock from the passenger seat, but that is a meaningless feature.

And the price is amazing!

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Review Date: 30th October, 2007

7th May 2008, 10:19

Excellent comments.. I enjoy them a lot!

16th Mar 2010, 09:31

30.000 kms and still very happy. Actually I have grown to love this car. It has now become very difficult to find another car to replace it with, since the comparable Lancer GT is around $33.000 and I only paid $19.900 when got mine! Needless to say that very few cars have as many features as the Ralliart.