Lancer ES 2.4

Reliable but unsophisticated cheap car

222 words, Australia and New Zealand, 1 comment

Lancer GLX 1.6

A very good car

34 words, Egypt

Lancer 2.0 Di-D

Good enough for the price!

87 words, Bulgaria

Lancer EX 1.5L, mivec

Reliable with good features

113 words, Trinidad and Tobago

Lancer GL 1.3 petrol

Great value, well equipped and a good investment

157 words, Egypt

Lancer Invite 1.6 petrol

Simply awful

185 words, Palestinian territories, 2 comments

Lancer RalliArt 2.0

Like we say in Costa Rica: "Es un Chuzo de nave" Possible Translation: "It's an Excellent Car"

199 words, Costa Rica

Lancer Ralliart 2.0

Dream sport sedan

226 words, Costa Rica, 2 comments