17th Apr 2001, 11:35

Funny, 300hp cosworth beating a Mitsi, don't think so mate.

And as for the 22B, I doubt you've ever even seen one.

5th May 2001, 22:31

Cossie drivers are jealous of Evos (see message above as proof) and are living in the past. Welcome to the 21st century and buy yourself a proper car. The Evo 5/6/7`s are untouchable.

13th Jul 2001, 15:04

I think the Cossie driver is talking rubbish. If he canes Evo's on the A1 he must be doing 150mph plus. Which is stupid on a busy road!

If he was racing one on a B road he would not have a chance as the acceleration out of corners is ferocious. And the handling limit is well after the drivers.

I am saying this after been a passenger in a EVO 5.

3rd Aug 2001, 14:33

"Put your foot down at 50mph in 2nd gear and find yourself riding in the back seat"... my car used to have seats like that.

27th Jan 2002, 06:45

I think that the reason why Japanese cars go real fast is because:

A) They have very little structural steel in them, therefore very little weight (we all know what it's like having 3-4 people in a car, and how much performance goes out the window), so their aim is to design a car that's light, but with just enough steel, to hold it all together.

B) The high performance engines are pushed right to the limit, so they go quick, but they also blow quick.

7th Jun 2002, 09:37

The Cossie driver does not have a clue what he is on about!

I have just purchased a Subaru Impreza Turbo and although I would have the Cossie for dinner I know I don't stand a chance against the EVO.

When it comes down to pure performance and handling the EVO has it in bucket loads. It is so raw that it is only built for one thing.

31st Oct 2002, 09:59

Oh come on!! Styling?? The Evo 6 looks like it took a swift detour through Halfords "tuning" section, with all those silly spoilers and what not!! A black one looks like Darth Vader's helmet!!! Plus, word of warning, the Mitsi will not be worth that much after a few years, thanks to its constant model evolution. Whereas a low mileage Integrale or even Escort Cosworth will still hold value. e.g. Integrale Evo dealer's collection with 20 000km will sell for £25000, no joke. An Escort Cosworth with 10 000 miles will sell for about £19-20000. Plus they are proper classics, and with a few quid spent on the engine, they will keep pace with the Evo.

I rest my case.

3rd Nov 2002, 22:15

Now Now children! Handbags at 10 paces!

My cars faster than yours, ooooohhhh.

Bring em all to a track day, and see how you do against my Noble m12 GTO... see ya!

7th Nov 2002, 18:27

Yo noble, you can't compare a noble m12 with a 2.0l engine.

Go race with a Citroen CV2 instead!


5th Feb 2003, 09:26

"an Extreme version of the Evo VII packing a 'supposed' 350 BHP only managed 0-60 in 5.2 seconds when a standard 280 BHP Evo is said to be 4.4secs!"

The standard EVO 6 0-60 is about 4.8. However quoting BHP is useless, esp in rally cars. The garage that look after my EVO also rally an EVO3 and that is 290 BHP and over 400 lbs of torque. This WRC spec may have only had 300 BHP, but could well be pushing 450 lbs of torque or maybe more. However, with a top speed of about 120 MPH, it wouldn't be too hard to get past one on the motorway :)

"ie. My 300 BHP Escort Cosworth which slaughters 22B's and Evo 6's regularly on the A1. "

The reason I doubt this is because EVOs and 22Bs are still quite rare to see on the road. You might have had a race against one that wasn't racing you, but I doubt you "regularly slaughter" them.

25th Mar 2003, 19:36

I own a Series 6 RX7, a Supra TT, an Escort Cossie and a 32 GTR and by far, the Cossie is the easiest and cheapest to extract serious performance from. With an Ahmed chip, upgraded injectors, fuel pump, 3 bar map sensor which altogether cost less than 1,000 quid and no other mods, the Cossie does 0-100kmh in 4.2 sec as measured by Option Fans magazine (sorry a Hong Kong publication) and is currently the title holder in the sub 2,500cc turbo class on that mag. Compared this with the second fastest time of 4.75 sec from a seriously modded Evo 6.5 Mackinnen that has its engine capacity increased to 2,083cc, HKS twin plate clutch, HKS intercooler on standard titanium turbos, the capability of the Cossie engine is obvious. Mind you, the time was achieved with my standard clutch slipping hopelessly in second. The cossie is a car that can easily do a 3.9 with minimum mods. If anyone still has doubt on the capability of a mildly modified Cossie, look no further than the size of the Garett T34 turbo, compare it to the standard Evo and Subaru turbos and you'll understand why.

19th Apr 2003, 12:33

Zzz… Oh dear! The Japanese ‘Plastic Fantastic’ brigade, have got there knickers in a twist. They seem to have forgot, that Ford were building and racing 550bhp RS500 Cosworth’s in 1987, before the likes of Impreza’s and Lancer’s were ever thought of! A high performance Japanese 2000cc, 4 cylinder, DOHC, turbocharged 16v? Better late than never!

13th May 2003, 01:21

I'd take a nicely tuned Integrale anyday of the EVO... it can be made to be quicker, it's got a fundamentally better chassis, the acceleration figures of a tuned Integrale are untouchable...isn't there a guy out there with a modified Integrale EVOII that's pumping out 750 HP with nitrous... clocked to 60 in 2.2 seconds...lol...let's see an EVO come even half way there.

27th Nov 2003, 11:37

I've driven an Escort Cosworth, Evo 7 and Impreza WRX STi within 2 weeks of each other. To be honest, they're all brilliant, but I would sum them up as follows:

Escort - most fun to throw around. Utterly brilliant chassis, and superb steering. Best built of the lot (pretty much handbuilt by Karmann in Germany, not on a Ford production line) Engine rough sounding and the styling looks a bit naff these days, but still a wonderful car to drive. Has more character than both the Jap cars put together, but standard performance is not good enough to match them. Easily fixed though.

Impreza - snappier than the Escort and less easy to explore its limits. Utterly gorgeous engine which sounds better than almost anything else and goes like a rocket. Horrible steering and interior looks like it cost 20p. But oh that engine! My least favourite of the three, although I'd still have one!

Evo - Ultimately more capable than both, although still not as communicative as the Cosworth. Mindblowing handling, second best engine of the two. If I had Tommi Makinen's ability I'd pick this because it is most capable. As I'm not, I'd go for the one that makes me feel most heroic to drive. The Cossie's still got it. As the used values show.

27th Feb 2004, 20:03

Integrales are very flimsy and break down very often, and are only available in LHD.

Cossie's are only more expensive because there are less of them. I think its better that the Jap cars are more affordable.

The turbo lag on the high pressure turbo Cossies is terrible, although I agree that it is very quick once it kicks in.

The EVO is a much more nimble car than a Cossie.