15th Jun 2007, 02:52

This is my first bought brand new car way back 15 years ago already. regular maintenance and using OEM/japan replacement parts kept it still running at A1 condition. my Lancer EL is still in its old stock condition, I only added a caster bar between my front wheels to keep it stable and to lessen stress on my front chassis. the manual choke switch helps a lot during cold starts. This Lancer EL is powered by a cyclone multi valve 4G13, powerful yet fuel efficient (10-13 kms./liter).

14th Aug 2007, 20:59

Hey people...

I have an 89 lancer EL too. Got this from an ad at a fair price. Still in the verge of restoring it.

Some of the points made by the reviews/comments are my current problems. The thud sound in the front ssuspension, temp level always at the middle (even if I've driven it for just 1km), and a leak in the trunk! lol!

Hopefully all these will be gone soon.

And, yes, this car is fuel efficient. nice car...

I always check out other ELs on the road and it feels nice to see a lot of em still stirring around. HEHE.

To my co ELers, let's flash our lights when we see each other on the road...


26th Apr 2008, 01:23

Good Day To All.

I just got a Mitsubishi Lancer 1989 EL 1.3L.

Newly overhauled, with air-con (not that strong though).

Just this May 2008.

My very first car.

The first time I saw it. I felt a connection with it.

Changed the wheels to Mags, Oil.

Even though I drove dozens ranging from vans L300s to Hondas, this is truly my very first car that I really own at the age of 38.

I just drove it yesterday from Quezon City to Pangasinan and back again because I had a client there. I'm a Systems Programmer.

It felt great. It drives great.

It zips along even overtaking a lot of those newer cars of the same class.

At 120+KPH on North Express it shakes a little bit, maybe because I still haven't aligned the wheels yet. It swerves to the right though.

The air-con turned off once while driving back along the long bridge in Pampanga. Maybe because of the hot weather we have this Summer 2008. But after turning it back ON again it worked.

I really made a right decision in purchasing this car.

1st Jul 2008, 23:01

I got value for my money on this car.

It's reliable and a car for keeps.

You're invited to log-in at www.mitsulancerph.net. It's the Premiere Lancer Enthusiast Club of the Philippines.

10th Aug 2008, 10:20

Hello Guys! I too had a Mitsubishi Lancer El 89 model, just purchased it a month a go. So far I haven't experienced any problems, except for the car stereo, but I'm planning to change it to mp3 or CD player with sound set up. I'm using this car to go to area of my duty, I am a nurse, an Instructor of a nursing school in Cavite. The last time I drove my car was when I was assigned to Cavite Center for Mental Health located at Trece Martirez Cavite.

19th May 2009, 09:10

I spent more than 100 percent of the value I bought the car... because I love this singkit car. I have repainted it, updated the bumper to 1997 front and rear, side skirt, weather strips, additional signal lights, new dashboards, new steering wheel... mags... yes!. Please tell me where is the place that we can upgrade the engine to turbo to 4g13T or higher... nice having you as part of the family of singkit!

9th Oct 2009, 22:55

I love my model 89 Lancer, even though it is an old one. I love the interior and performance. I restored and modified it.

26th Oct 2009, 06:53

I guess I'm different from most car owners. A 1989 EL was passed on to me to take care of. Since I'm lukewarm to driving any sort of vehicle anyway, I sort of ignored it for some months, just taking it out regularly for short distances to maintain the engine's integrity.

And then Ondoy happened. The poor thing got submerged along with the other cars.

I'm now learning to love the car since it was much easier (and less costly hehe) to have it up and running again. For EL lovers out there, I'd love to get tips on keeping this baby in prime condition.

17th Dec 2009, 14:40

Anyone knows where can I download the repair kit manuals of Mitsubishi EL 89 model. I am planning to restore everything to my car.. please send an email to my address: edshel_canete@yahoo.com.. Thanks and Merry Christmas...

This is my contact info: 09294681761.

17th Mar 2010, 23:41

I bought my Mitsubishi Lancer last two days ago. This is my 3rd car. I got my first car when I was 23 years old. Now I'm 26. I have always wanted to have a Lancer. Because of its sporty look and known for its reliability for years.

I call my Lancer "Bro" since I felt him as my younger bro. He is already 17 years. Bro has Silver color, with mags color white. Tinted glass. Aircon needs refill. I'm planning to purchase new set of mags, and the body, I will have it repainted in red and white for a more sporty and hot look.

Hmm.. I need to change the muffler, sound setup, and change the upholstery. I will also change the hood to a fiber hood, and decided to install a sunroof.

Hmm you're thinking with all these possible expenses, I could purchase another car, however I'd still want my Lancer to be the hottest of all other cars.. :)

21st May 2010, 02:09

Bought this car last Feb. 2007, Lancer EL 1992. My very first car at the age of 27. Changed the muffler, air filter into racing, mags in 15", tachometer and got a Tri-color fog light.

Already brought it to Subic, Baguio, Tagaytay and Antipolo from Caloocan and still has a kick in it.

I'm planning to repaint body, port and polish head and widen exhaust manifold, but my wife doesn't like it and just want to replace it with a newer model. Kinda like it, but for me, maintaining this car makes me feel a responsible car owner. Hehe. I will go for the upgrades.

13th Aug 2010, 05:26

I got this car when I was 18, I'm still loving it until now (21), 'cause it runs faster than the other car and it's fuel-efficient. However, it now got a lot of dents, and its body is pretty worn off. I'm planning to restore this car, but I'm confused on where to start. Right now I've got the wheel alignment fixed, and the 'mech' said the engine needs to be overhauled because it's producing white smoke.

Need some advice on how to restore/customize this car after everything is fixed? Thanks!

10th Sep 2010, 02:27

Guys, I find your comments very interesting. I own a Mazda 626 and am planning to buy a Lancer Singkit. However, I do not know the basic differences of EL, GL, or GLX models 1989. Which model would you guys recommend to buy?

Thanks for the info.

16th Nov 2010, 07:38

I have Lancer Singkit 89 model. 4g15 engine..

16th Dec 2010, 03:07

By tomorrow early morning I will have my Singkit I brought from our nearby neighbor village.. that village was slightly affected by Ondoy. I don't know anything about the car, but the first time I saw it I made a decision without hesitation... i had a mechanic with me and asked him if it's still repairable (he said yes). It starts with a cranky and very disturbing sound inside the engine hood.. am not sure where it's all coming from.. one said from the fans.. it has 2 fans for A/C and the radiator.. an engine leak they said replacements of gaskets.. A/C not working, needs cleaning daw... stereo not working, too.. he he he.

Anyway, the body looks good, a few dents and don't seems to find signs of rust...SIGNAL LIGHTS WORKING... door mechanisms on the front passenger seat can only be open inside and had to be slammed to keep it properly closed; same as the driver's seat... I just hope I can have my CHINITA (that will be her name) fixed before the year ends 2010.. I am willing to spend all my 13th month for her...