20th Dec 2010, 23:37

Got my EL a few days ago, cleaned up the inside of the engine and replaced gaskets... cleaned up the radiators etc.. Bought it for 45k, now it's going to 70k and will be road testing it by tonight, still without A/C and stereo...

Brakes and clutch are all done, pads changed to new... got one more ^^ one hole in the exhaust pipe.. whew!

Before the end of 2010, it should be a gift to me... I really need a manual too of the babyEL. I want to restore it as well... please e mail me iglenbp@yahoo.com.ph

24th Dec 2010, 16:10

Mine is a 4g13 EL. All stock. It was my mom's car, but eventually she got tired of driving, and left the car in our garage. I was too young to drive it, so it waited 2 years before the keys were handed over. Now I've been using it for ten years, I haven't changed anything on the engine. Minor electrical works and a new set of tires.. It's all stock, sa tagalog eh LUMA, inside and out. But it still runs quite good.

I can't help but smile when I read the comments about the steering shaking, air cons shutting down, clutch giving up. Mine is an old one. Planning to get it repainted and replacing some of the parts. (i.e. front and rear suspension, cables etc.)

I read someone said something about a club for Lancer Singkit models, I think it's a great idea. I'll be making a Facebook account for this purpose. Just search it "Lancer Singkits".

Merry Christmas fellow EL'ers.

15th Nov 2011, 06:18

I got my EL way back 2003. She's like my daughter. I like her, even though some say to sell her, but still I have her. My EL is a very fuel efficient, and for serving the family on the road, it never had a problem. I like my EL so much; it's my first car, and she will be my car until I grow old.

To all EL owners, just take good care of your EL and they will do the rest... Hope there will be a group that will represent all EL lovers!!!

25th Jun 2012, 07:14

Where did you buy your side skirt? I'm planning to buy.

17th Oct 2012, 07:56

I want to do some minor modification with my Singkit. I want to replace my dashboard. Can you guys help me find a replacement for it? What other dashboard is compatible with this unit?

19th Nov 2012, 18:30

The origin of the annoying sound is the bushings.

3rd Jan 2013, 06:39

Can a dashboard of newer Lancer 93-97 fit nicely inside the Lancer Singkit? I have one and the dashboard needs replacement. Thank you.

29th Apr 2014, 18:08

I purchase an EL 89 model. Nice looks, nice interior, but expensive parts.

24th Feb 2015, 16:00

Is it possible to change my 4g15 engine to 4g13?

3rd Mar 2015, 10:03

Yes sir. I have one, also an EL. It looks nice, and runs good too. Love this car.

5th Mar 2016, 10:23

Hi, I am an owner of Mitsubishi Lancer Singkit. Where can I buy aircon box windows, because of all them were broken? Or is it possible to improve the dashboard and make it nice by replacing some of the parts?

11th Oct 2016, 01:08

Good day!

May I ask about the Mitsubishi Lancer EL 4g13 engine? It's got a new distributor CDI, and after replacing it, it's hard to start; you will even choke the carburetor. It will start for a while and then stop.

What should I do for my Mitsubishi Lancer EL please?