19th May 2009, 07:30

Bro, I've read your post on your beloved car! I have the same Lancer 1989 GLX, you're right about the A/C, it's good when it's sufficient!

I wonder how many are we who are using this model of the Lancer!

I'm planning to set up my ride! And upgrade my engine, starting with stainless tubes from headers up to the resonator! But I've encountered one noise in front! When I'm hitting some small uneven pavements, I feel like the coils are rattling! Or something is loose on the front wheel area! Plus a little typewriting sound on the engine when I start it! And it disappears when I rev it! It happens after I change the timing belt! Hope to keep on contact with you guys! 09296341495.

11th Jan 2010, 19:03

Hi Peeps. Still have this car, and I still enjoy using it. I use it on weekends, weekly, on a regular basis.

Our family’s only ride going to and from Pampanga. It now has some 175k mileage, no overhaul yet, though the engine is now beginning to show some signs of fatigue (a little smoke coming out of the engine breather, perhaps due to a tired & overused piston or its rings). It’s a 21 year old car after all, who could ask for more?

Don’t get me wrong though, it still can RUN, and RUN. It's still good at. I’ve done a 150+kph (NLEX) just last month with 4 adults, 3 kids, and a full load of goodies aft. No visible smoke coming out of the tailpipe on this stock” 69PS” 4G13 1300cc 8 valve, hehe, yeah, you read it right, 8 valves, I thought it has 12, I only learned about that a couple of months ago when I had its valve seals replaced.

I still use synthetic fluids to lube the engine, MOBIL-1 (you can buy it cheap at less than 500php cash & carry makati PX goods store, they sell that) or MOTUL H-100 @ Motul retailers around 495/liter.

As for fuel, I only use premium gasolines (Caltex’s Vortex Gold, Shell’s Super or Petron’s XCS) because unleaded is not recommended on these type of engines (1300 & 1500). Check your manual.

As to engine modifications, I'm not quite ready yet to jump on the bandwagon, I don’t have the money to spend for the cost, and I'm afraid to fu*@-up my otherwise modest and almost stock set-up.

Aside from the free flowing Simota air filter & hi-tension wires, and 15” Galant Rims, other components remained stock; even my headers are still factory spec.

If you guys want some higher level advice, then maybe our fellow lancer dudes at pris.mymitsuph.com might be able to help. Joining is easy and free. And if you happen to live nearby, then maybe we can arrange a meet-up, bring our rides, have some talk, learn a thing or two.

Who knows, we might even start our own Singkit club hehe! Nice to know there are some dudes like you out there, happy Singkit users who were able to read this blog. I just happen to come across this site also, so I left a comment, so much for now, ciao!

Thanks for reading! - PMP 641

16th Apr 2010, 12:40

To all Singkit lovers out there.

If you want to learn more about your Lancers, you can join our club... just go to mitsulancerph.net, register, read the rules and regulations, introduce yourself and there you go. Inside the main page you will see the different crews from old school upto the latest Lancer model including the Evo. You will learn a lot of different problems that may be solved with the help of our members. You can also find some stuff here... like car parts, accessories, etc. See you at the forums guys... have fun. My username is ehm_mhil_06, find me there.

21st Jul 2010, 04:45

Hello Singkit lovers!!! I want to learn more about this 89 Lancer Singkit model. And help me to find those accessories in the car. And it's a good idea if we have Singkit lovers club. I just bought my car 1 month ago, and I'm a beginner when it comes to driving, so I need your help. Here's my no. 09267443293. I don't have any idea about the car, so I need some advice... Thankz, and more power to Singkit...

1st Sep 2010, 01:06

Hello Peeps!

I'm also an owner of this 21 year old car. Mine is a GLX with a 1.3 engine. Everything is stock from rims, headlights and even the engine.

Recently, I just did a slight modification by adding some signal lights both on front and back. I really treasure this ride because this is my first car, though I'm just using it weekly. It can still run 140kph without any smoke or wiggle at all.

I'm planning to modify it to GTA-look, but I wonder where can I find such a modification kit. Hopefully next year, I'm planning to have it restored since some of the parts already have dents and corroded. Hope we can established "singit club", I'm looking forward to it because I still want to learn more about this ride. Good Bless!!!

8th Oct 2010, 00:25

Hi guys, I'm glad I got a hold of this topic... I recently acquired my singkit and I want to restore it... I like old cars... it adds exclusivity on it... it's like an endangered specie to me... LOL.

30th Jul 2011, 07:17

Hi guys... I'm a new and proud owner of 89 Lancer. I've been searching all over the net on where to get parts for this car... coz it has cracked on the windshield and I'm planning to replace it. Also the front shocks need to be replaced... wish you could help me guys on where to buy these parts... I'm Jake from Negros Oriental... you can email me at jacobtorres_75@yahoo.com. Thanks guys... any info would be much appreciated.

14th Sep 2011, 18:33

Hello, I'm glad to know that a lot of pinoys are still enjoying the Singkit! I recently acquired one for myself: 1991 GLX Automatic Transmission, 4G15A engine.

I knew this car even before I got my hands on it as it was previously owned by my brother's "Bayaw" who happens to be a lady. The car itself is almost brand new pa rin, all the seals, bushings, hinges are still intact. I am proud to show off my singkit, as I am sure a lot of you singkit lovers will surely appreciate it.

Only problem I have is the tranny; since it's an automatic, the acceleration is poor. But NLEX driving is fun and capable of running against the newer rides of today.

Hope that we can all meet one day and exchange notes with our beloved singkits. Cheers!

PS: There is a limited edition GTi model here in Tarlac city, and the owner is a senior lady. The car still looks good and the owner has done an absolutely great job in maintaining her ride. I will be asking her one of these days if she is interested in selling her Singkit GTi to me, hehehe.

17th Jan 2012, 09:50


Do you know where to buy parts for an automatic transmission? I've tried in Banawe, Evagelista and can't seem to find a rotary cable.. It's situated next to the dipstick, some call it tip 2 cable. If you know where to get parts for it, please text me at 0922-821-2467


4th May 2013, 12:18

Sir, I have a Lancer Singkit model 1991. I want to modify the front bumper. Can you help me, where can I do it, and also where can I find spare parts?

Thank you sir. My e-mail is rodsandiego81@yahoo.com.

30th Sep 2014, 01:13

Hi Guys. I want to join if we have a Singkit club. :) I have my yellow Singkit 1990. And I want to restore this lovely car. Cheers!

Tnx PPH892

30th Dec 2014, 07:47

Hi, I have a 1989 Lancer Singkit. I want to swap my engine, but I don't know what kind of engine will it fit on my Singkit. Any advice on what engine and not too much modification? Thanks.

24th Jul 2015, 05:41

Hi, just want to ask where can I buy a body/chassis for a Lancer 89 model? Good day to everyone.

10th Nov 2015, 18:09

Hi, I'm Amac from Makati. I own a 1991 1.5 GLX automatic Lancer. I'm interested in joining the Lancer Singkit club? Could anyone give me their contact numbers?