1996 Mitsubishi Legnum S/wagon STP 2.5 auto petrol (non turboed) from Australia and New Zealand


A reasonable vehicle in 2.5L form


An electrical fault was picked up (2010) in the wiring (probably at assembly time).

I had some preventative maintenance carried out (2009). Replaced cam belt (86000), water pump re kitted & radiator pressure tested. Actually the cam belt looked reasonable & could have lasted another 50000. Oh well?

Also had a steering boot cover replaced on one side.

Other than that, pretty good.

General Comments:

All in all, I found the car pretty reasonable. This one had all the extras, including electric sun roof, fog lamps, roof rails, rear spoiler & factory 16 inch mags. Quite a good looker actually & pretty reliable. A reasonably smart mover as well.

Economy wise, 8 litres per 100km on trips; obviously less round town.


Also this was 4 wheel drive (constant).

As always, if you want to minimise problems, the lower the km & the least number of previous owners, the better. As we all know, you generally get what you pay for.

Hope these comments are of help.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2015

2002 Mitsubishi Legnum VR4 2.5L V6 twin turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Good performing and comfortable car


Was purchased as a project car with faults.

Both front control arm bushes were completely worn, making annoying clicking noises on the slightest corners. $200 per arm through Mitsubishi directly.

Rear turbo was leaking.

Blew smoke. Never fixed the problem, but assumed the O-rings were worn.

As it is an import, I found it very hard to insure, and hard for parts in Australia as they are a very uncommon car.

In the car's defense, I believe before my time as owner, it had a hard life being thrashed around and not serviced correctly.

General Comments:

As many faults as the car had, I loved it from day 1!

Extremely fast and responsive, and handled GREAT!

Had a great tone to the exhaust and a strong quiet engine.

As far as space and comfort, it was a built for speed/family car. A very spacious 5 seater with a large boot and comfortable seats and sunroof.

It is good value for money and performance.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2015

1998 Mitsubishi Legnum GLS 2.0i from Norway


Best car ever


Some corrosion on rear wheel arch.

One ABS sensor needs to be changed.

General Comments:

Originally soft suspension, but once changed to after market sport suspension (lowered 2.5 cm), it gave a much safer ride.

Average maintenance cost / year has been USD200. Not bad at all.

The aggressive front is still very cool, after all these years.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2014

1997 Mitsubishi Legnum 25ST 2.5 N/A petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A good do-everything car for its time, if well looked after


Soon after purchase: Gearbox issue (slipping in/missing reverse), repaired under dealer warranty (well, I made them do it).

Condensation issue in one of the front headlights. In the end, I just left the rubber boot off. Has not seemed to affect bulb life or performance. I also had to replace a bulb holder. Local dealer didn't have any, but got one at a wreckers yard for $1.

Recently: Loose connection to digital clock, and I have worn a hole in the carpet next to the driver's footrest. Air conditioning probably needs a redo (but still works). Driver's door speaker doesn't like too much bass. Rear hatch gas struts have lost a bit of oomph.

I did catch the underbody plastic moulding behind the front bumper on a tree root once. Because of its angle, it slipped over easily when going forward, but caught and tore when coming back. This was an obvious design error, as I have seen many other Legnums/Galants with similar (cosmetic) damage.

Everything else that I have replaced or fixed I would regard as usual wear and tear and servicing - brake pads, cam belt, etc. I think like all cars, servicing and care during ownership make a difference. I did note that when buying this car, most of the manual/turbo models looked like they had been thrashed. Also, as the Legnums are all second hand imports to NZ, some looked like they had all their original fluids (Japanese licencing/registration rules ensure most owners know they will get rid of their car after about 6 years).

General Comments:

Compared to other similar Japanese (and any non luxury German) car from 1997, this was ahead of its time. Maybe it is a sign that Mitsubishi were struggling with R+D, but basically the same model was for sale in NZ up to 2006, showing how well it lasted. And comparing to other cars from 1997, I think visually it has aged very well, and still looks good, inside and out.

I also find myself comparing it to new cars when I think of things that I wish were better, which is not really fair on a car that is 14 years old. I'm hoping it will last me another couple of years, when I will be able to buy a current car minus a bit of depreciation.

Performance: Reasonable. You can feel the automatic transmission sucking up power on takeoff, and raw acceleration times are very average. But there is lots of mid-range torque, and passing at highway speed can be done quickly (and the V6 engine note makes you smile when you do). NZ roads and road rules don't let you explore the top end, but it has felt very stable at the highest speed I have reached. Cornering, while not the sharpest, is predictable. The Tiptronic auto works well and at least lets you have some control.

Economy: OK, remembering this is a 2.5L 4WD automatic heavy station wagon. I get 450km per 55L tank for my usual mixed daily driving (some of which is on motorways), and up to 600km with long distance trips if not loaded too heavily. I do envy new cars in this respect. I seem to do a lot of weekend road trips that are ~650-700km, which I could do in my previous car (2L, 2WD) on one tank, but not in this. Petrol prices have more than doubled since I bought this car.

Comfort: Pretty good. The seats are not quite as supportive as they could be (or once were). Knee room is good for me and others my average size, and head room is very good. Compared to other wagons from the 90s, the interior is very quiet.

Practicality: The reason I bought it. It is a bit narrow between the rear wheel arches, but otherwise the load area is good. I love the false floor with all the hidden storage. I have a towbar and roof racks, and have moved everything with this car, including a 280L fridge, and 1200x1800mm pieces of plywood. I can transport mountain bikes upright with front wheels off (sometimes you want them in the car), and can fit 4 sets of golf clubs without removing the longest clubs at the back, meaning trundlers and other equipment can also fit. The floor is flat and you can comfortably sleep on it (those days are long gone). I have also easily towed a 17 foot motorboat, although it would have exceeded the recommended tow limit for the car. Ground clearance is marginal for some of the things I do. The rear seat is OK for 3, but only for short trips if at least one is not a small person.

Safety: Another reason I bought the car (at the time 2 airbags and ABS sounded good). New cars obviously far exceed this. Having said that, the ABS/4WD has kept me on the road when others have slid off in front of me, more than once. I do wish it had a 3 point centre rear belt rather than just a lap belt.

Reliability: Good. Reading the forums and talking to the mechanic, my gearbox issue is obviously common. But once that was sorted, the car has been bulletproof. My only "breakdowns" have been due to flat batteries - I am on my 3rd in 11 years, which I think is OK.

Overall: This car has met my need for something that will do it all, and in general I have been happy with it. I am looking to upgrade to basically the modern version of the same thing, but sadly, there is not as much choice now as there was before, and in some respects, it has been disappointing to see how little progress there has been (contrast that with the huge difference between cars from 1980 and this 1997 car). I wish more manufacturers still made desirable medium-sized wagons (I have reasons, some practical, and some principle, for trying to avoid an 'SUV').

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Review Date: 16th May, 2014

8th Jul 2014, 06:11

Hi mate, I just bought one of the same model - Legnum 25 ST (EC5W) a month ago and I love it for the same reasons you love yours. I only paid NZ$2500 for it, a bit of a steal, although it has a few issues that I'll need to nip in the bud. I'm just curious about forums etc - can you point me in the direction for a NZ or Aust/NZ forum for Legnum owners? I know about the VR4 owners forum, but I was under the impression that's for VR4s only...

19th Feb 2017, 23:56

Hiya, I have a 1997 Mitsubishi Legnum 2.5 V6... I've looked in the engine bay etc, online and at the car's manual, but can't determine if the engine is a Gdi or something else. Any info you can provide would be awesome, cheers.

12th Sep 2018, 04:02

I have had my Mitsubishi Legnum V4 station wagon for 13 years with no problems... until last weekend when it just stopped on me; think it is the gearbox... love my car.