1999 Mitsubishi Legnum VR4 2.5 V6 twin turbo from Australia and New Zealand


One of the best Japanese wagons


So far, just the cam belt.

Also had to replace the in-tire handbrake system, as it just didn't work at all. I think the previous owner had worked it too hard or something.

General Comments:

I have wanted a VR4 for many, many years, and I'm certainly not disappointed with it.

The ride comfort could be better, but the fact is this car is set up for going around corners at speed, so ride comfort wasn't going to happen with this car. But at least it does go around corners with so much grip it pulls your eyes out. The AYC 4wd system in the VR4 is mind boggling; I have no fear going around corners in the wet or dry cos the car just takes care of it all, it's so advanced.

I'm able to put my foot right down on the gas on a corner, and there's no drama at all. The car will go sideways on the extreme wet conditions, but you have to do it on purpose, and even then it's easy to take back into control.

The VR4 beats any other car like it; it has twin turbo's, but there isn't even a hint of turbo lag, and the gear box in the 1999+ VR4's is much stronger and it make better use of the power than the older VR4's. Mitsubishi say the gear box in the 1999+ VR4's is made to keep up with the manuals. I think it does as well.

Stock intake and bov make great sounds, and the car certainly goes like nothing I have ever been in; instant power through the rev range and the chassis etc handle's the power well.

I have a tow bar on it also, and can tow my 18.5 foot boat like it's not even there.

This car easily will go to its limit speed of 180 before you know it, it never lets up when your foot is down to the floor.

The brakes are good, and being a wagon there is more than enough space.

I love the styling of it, only other wagons like a Legacy GTB can come even close.

The sun roof in the car is great; it's about a metre by a metre, you can stand up in the back seats and be out of the sun roof.

Steering is perfect; takes a little while to get use to it being a little heavy, but appreciate it when going around corners so well, unlike a Legacy which is far too light. The VR4 stays flat and doesn't make any trouble with corners.

Air con is a great system.

The back seats fold down flat (I can fit my kayak in the car easily).

The only real thing that I don't like about the car is the gear ratios. They are fine until wanting it to go into 5th gear. Being an automatic, I don't have any control over it until it decides its time (even tiptronic doesn't let me) it won't go into 5th until 58km's (4th gear is at 38km's). And seeing as the speed limits around my area are 50kms, it's rather annoying. I'm not sure why this is; I have tried resetting the gear box and re-teaching it, but it's still the same as before.

Apart from that I love jumping into the VR4 in the morning for the drive to work, and look forward to it when I wake up. I try to get away on road trips as much as possible; it's just so much fun to be in.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2008

10th Sep 2008, 00:30

Awesome review. Exactly how I feel towards it. Exact! Especially "look forward to waking up" part hehe.

Nice one man. Congrats!

17th Nov 2008, 00:39

Why would you want to be in 5th gear at 60kph?

If I was in the passenger seat I wouldn't let you do it driving a manual.

Remember that 5th gear is an overdrive, doing 60 in 5th is more than likely labouring the engine and doing unnecessary damage.

31st Mar 2009, 06:42

Just to let you know, the VR4's tippy gearbox did not change mechanically through all models 96-02. They had a very slight change in the ECU in 98+ facelift cars, but nothing major.

Awesome boxes, but NEED to be well maintained and serviced regularly with the correct fluid.

Check on OZVR4.com or clubvr4.com for stacks of info on all aspects of the VR4s

1997 Mitsubishi Legnum st gdi 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


This one was crap


Torque convertor in auto transmission. This is a common problem. $1000 to fix.

Blown head, needed total rebuild. $2500.

General Comments:

Terrible example of a car. maybe I just got the worst one.

However very economical, and a bit peppy. a good looking wagon.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2006

28th Jun 2006, 18:31

Have the same except manual. Nothing but problems, the most UN-reliable car I have ever owned. Gearbox, hydraulics associated with clutch, Lifters, even the clock on the dash. Is economical to run as long as you don't take into account the breakdowns. Currently about 140K.

28th Oct 2008, 22:46

Hi there, my Legnum 1800 Tiptronic I bought at 98,000kms, has now done 184,000kms, and has given me no problems mechanically at all. She's been sweet, but what's not so sweet is the power.

Last of all the 1800 is more reliable than the V6 twin turbo. The turbos crap out on them, smoke like hell, and the tiptronic 5 trans loses its reverse and drive gears, as the Diamantes have the same problem.

The 1800 too has a crap box, but my trans has given no trouble at all.

Apart from that, they are mean wagons and are a hundred times more reliable than the crappy car called a Subaru.

Cheers to all that own a Mitsubishi Legnum. Legnums go hard; love them to bits.