4th May 2009, 02:30

Bought a ST GDI 1.8 S/W Tiptronic 144k on the clock. Was an impulse buy for $2500 (NZD). 3 weeks down the track have had my mechanic look it over as there is a shudder @ 50-60km and 80-90km. Something to do with the transmission. Have read a few blogs and problem appears to be common in this model...bugger...approx. $1000 to fix. Not so good a buy after all. Hopefully once it's fixed she'll be fine. Apart from that it's a nice ride. Nice on the road, comfortable, plenty of room for the kids and heaps of room in the boot for the dog. Lacks power on hills but is pretty economical @ 550km per tank ($80).

28th Jun 2009, 18:41

I have one of these. A 1.8 manual. About to click over 330,000 k's. Runs fine. Perfect example of a reliable car in my opinion. Doesn't like a cold start, and has a slight misfire every now and then, but understandable for the k's. Handles fine. Gear box barely crunches.

7th Sep 2009, 04:52

Got a 98 Legnum 24 GDI. Purchased at 74K. Nice ride when it works.

Rocker covers, sandwich plate, 2 coils all needed replacing and still burns oil.

Transmission seems fine, which is a pleasant surprise. As well as other work needing done, I've spent close to 3K on this car in one year of owning it. I've spent more money on this car than every other car I've owned combined (Nissan Langley, Subaru Leone, Impreza and Ford Escort). And that's including all regular servicing of those cars.

One amusing thing I find about this car is the digital clock doesn't work, which I'm told is a common problem amongst Legnums and Galants which makes me think: If Mitsi couldn't get a simple digital clock to work, what's wrong with the rest of the car?

6th Dec 2009, 18:48

I had my 97 Legnum in NZ for 6 years. Never missed a beat. So economical and only complain is lack of power. I am a motor vehicle importer from Japan and still love this car so much and don't want to sell it. So hope to keep it for next 5 years. Trick with these cars are to put octane 95 or 98. If you do put in 91, you will ruin the engine..

16th Dec 2009, 23:08

Don't buy one. Had it three weeks and it cost me an alternator and an automatic gearbox. Got so fed up I went out and traded it in for a 'boring 'Toyota and I love it, it works, it's cheap to run and doesn't let me down. Forget buying a Mitsi!

1st Feb 2010, 02:22

I've had my Legnum for three months - and like some of the other owners find the digital clock doesn't go or does so only intermittently...

Otherwise gives a very comfortable ride, holds the road well and is economical as above at $75 for 550k's.

11th Feb 2010, 02:50

I've had my GDI 1800 Legnum for 6 years. Had 97000kms on the clock when I got it (NZ new) and it's done twice that since. I've had no problems with the trans or the engine, except when I water blasted the engine bay and stuffed a few coil packs, which are approximately $440 each (!!!WHAT!!!) but about $20 to $40 from a wrecker (phew).

But apart from general wear and tear, mine's awesome on long distance trips for comfort, speed and power. Like any car, if you don't thrash it, it lasts longer. The interior is beautiful, the outside has nice lines and it's just a great car, but for the clock in the dash that turns off and on when it wants...

If I slap the dash, it comes on, and when you go over bumps, it goes dead, who knows... GO LEGNUM...

9th Mar 2010, 06:44

I have a 1997 Legnum ST GDi 1800cc wagon. Got it 12 months ago @ 153,000kms. Am up to 163,000kms without a hitch, it never was in tip top condition though. Get 700km highway out of a tank (60lt?). And that's with 5 people, the boot stuffed full and bikes on the roof racks.

I'm thinking of buying a 1999 2.4GDi, so will update here if that goes through.

BTW, have always used 95 octane, as did previous owners...

4th May 2010, 20:15

I bought my 1.8 ST GDI Legnum with 78k on the clock.

Two days after driving it off the car lot, it broke down costing $500. Car dealer helped there, but it has failed nearly every warranty of fitness since, always costing hundreds to make road legal again, constantly blows head lamps, and the tiptronic gearbox feels like it's on its way out.

Oh and the engine rattles like a diesel when under even the slightest strain.

I will never buy another Mitsubishi. Only good things were fuel economy if you drove like an old lady (sorry old ladies), and the interior space and styling.

16th Jan 2011, 12:46

Hey, I have owned my 1997 1.8 Legnum for over a year. Fun on 98, which is a bit more expensive, but worth every cent. Shakes a lot, and the fan belt never stays tight for long, but it is a great car except for the clock as has been mentioned. Why it always flicks on and off is beyond me. But for a car that has nearly done 200,000, it runs surprisingly well. I have heard though that if you run on John Deere tractor oil, it gets rid of the shake and ticking. This is from a guy who has a 1.8 Legnum that is up to 250,000.

29th Jun 2012, 03:09

I'm travelling to Tokoroa tomorrow to pick up my 1998 1.8 Legnum tomorrow. Have read what everyone has had to say, so I'm going to make sure I have a warranty on it just to cover my butt. Hoping my car is not a lemon like the 1997 Galant I bought a year ago!

8th Jul 2012, 23:57

Hey mate, I just water-blasted my Legnum. Now it won't go, it just splutters etc. Was it just your coil packs that broke? Or something else as well?

5th Sep 2012, 17:43

LEGNUM CLOCKS; Just a quick solder is required on the clock's board power contacts to fix it, just add more iron on the little contacts. Yes, the part of dash where clock is DOES pop up with careful prying with flathead screwdrivers. The clock isn't necessary though, especially if you have a date and don't want them to be reminded of the time :)

HIGH OCTANE is by far preferred by these GDI engines, they are specified to a high RON. They love 100 Octane due to their high compression ratio. 95/96/98 are all fine though, I use Shell (Z)'s 95 so I get countdown discount and Flybuys. 95 is OK because we are at sea level; to use 91 is a big stretch; you'll get more life and better economy and less carbon and muck buildup in the cylinders by using proper octane.

28th Oct 2012, 13:47

I do have one of those now, manual as well. Bought it about 6 months ago with a terrible misfire. Had to change rings, valve seals etc (overhaul), but off and on, I'm still getting a misfire. I think it's because the coils are not grounded properly, so the plugs are getting wet.

But apart from that, I LOVE this car. It's good on gas for its engine size, and it has a lot of power and is fast. It's very spacious, and not forgetting a very comfortable ride, I love the interior design.

Although I think Mitsubishi messed up with the GDI engines, but like I say, when they work fine, they work FINE!

I think I'm gonna keep mine for a few years, then I'll sell and buy the newer model VR-4 twin turbo!

#legnum lover#