5th Apr 2010, 01:40

I have had lots of trouble with Mits I have owned. But they all worked out with a simple thing; getting the car check. And only buying one with history.

Like any other car, they need servicing to live. And due to the fact that Mits are ahead of their time, they need more care.

Mits forever.

15th Feb 2011, 20:34

I have had my 1996 Legnum for 9 years and the only thing gone wrong was a bush on the suspension arm and an indicator bulb. I have it serviced once a year and it runs excellently, lovely car to drive.

Look after it, drive sensibly and it will look after you.

25th Mar 2011, 23:19

I agree. I have a 1997 2.5 Legnum. Have traveled 50,000ks. Have not spent a cent on this vehicle. Get 650 km per tank of gas. Excellent vehicle.

21st Jan 2014, 22:11

S**t - I'm the leading bidder on a Legnum on Trade Me (NZ version of E-Bay). They are worthless in NZ + I need a work hack - I might just let myself be outbid! Come to think of it, LEGNUM sounds close to LEMON. Unfortunately the low prices attract people in NZ who - how does one put this - don't have the cash or savvy to cope with the problems I have been reading about with a lemon model. Whoops! - foot in mouth again - I might (heaven forbid) be joining their ranks unless I can sell it to some sucker.

22nd Jan 2014, 12:29

Stick with the Galant - the NZ-new version. Had one and sold it at 160K, no problems but replaced a fuel pump as it started to make funny noises, as a precaution.

For the Japanese ones - if you stick with the 2.5 (which is not GDI/direct injection) it's pretty OK. Not sure though about the automatic gearbox - there is a reason why export Galants had only the tried and tested 4-speed auto at the time.