13th Jan 2010, 11:19

Hi, I'm Marc from Belfast- N.I.

I bought a 2002 Galant Equippe 2.4 GDI Wagon in Sep 09', absolutely love the car, Ralliart kit, 17" dished and polished alloys, Tein coilovers, the list could go on all night!

Since getting the car, it always seems to be lacking power, pinking when changing gear and "chugs" occasionally when in low gears at 40mph+. I've just read about using higher octane fuel, so I'm gonna fill it with super unleaded 98 RON. Are there any other things I should be trying? CHEERS!

1st Feb 2010, 21:49

I have a 1997 Mitsi Legnum GDI, I have heard various opinions on these cars both positive and negative. In my opinion I think the car looks and drives great with various mod-cons that you wouldn't normally find on a car that costs so little.

Unfortunately I have, and still am having problems with the carbon build up. After 3 chemical washes to remove the gunk, the car runs well for a limited amount of time, then fails (often dropping a cylinder due to a lifer being stuck). At first inspection I was told it was the mechanical fuel injection and the air flow sensor going belly up, but after warily getting a second opinion (saving me lots of $$$$), I was told it's the lifter issue.

Does anyone have advice to decrease this build up, or a cheap fix? I use 98 always, and am constantly adding lifter lube.


28th Dec 2010, 18:39

I have a 98 GDI Legnum, and it's been a great reliable work car. I have done 60,000km in it.

The GDI needs servicing now, it's a bit slow on the hills, but open road is very easy to drive and control. The ABS brakes have saved me a number of times.

I paid $2500 NZD for it, and it came with new suspension brakes and cambelt.

We are going to upgrade to the 4wd twin turbo or 24valve non turbo V6. Does anyone know which is the better engine?

I know the fuel bill will rise, but I am sick of redlining in first gear up our steep street. I need power and 4wd for winter. Anyone love the VR4?

14th Mar 2011, 18:52


I have 1998 Chariot Grandis 2.4 GDI engine 4 wheel drive and cannot find the equivalent Iridium plugs to replace the BKR5EKUD standard plugs on it. Is there anyone there who already found the equivalent Iridium plugs for this engine? The BKR6E1X-11 Iridium plugs has a shorter thread than the OEM plugs.


24th Mar 2011, 06:40

Mate, I'm onto my second VR4 now. The fuel will only rise a little from the non turbo but you get a hell of a power increase. Well worth the money.

My first VR4 was a tiptronic, which wasn't too bad. But the 2nd one I made sure to get a manual and the facelift version. Of course you have much more control of the car with a manual.

Great wagons, and fast!

Go for the facelift versions. They have the obvious taillight difference, and front bumper, but they also have a bigger bonnet hump which makes the car look more aggressive, and try to get one with the flares on the guards. They look heaps better.

But definitely go for the VR4 over the non turbo. You get such a good quality car. Do it!

15th Sep 2011, 03:57

Thank you so much! I have a 1997 Legnum GDI, and I was wondering if it should be running on something higher than 91, and everyone has been telling me not to do it!

I have been putting up with an incessant rattling sound when going up hills, and sometimes when idling.

Seeing as the tank's almost empty of 91, I shall fill it with 95-98 and see how it goes!

22nd Oct 2011, 04:15

I have a Galant 2.4 GDI. I agree with most commentators here that this car needs higher octane fuel (e.g. Shell V-power) to run smoothly. It had idling problems when I bought it. I took to Mitsubishi, where they cleaned the throttle body and warned me that the engine might need decoking if the problem re-appears (cost about £550!). Since then, I have been using higher octane fuel and had no more problems. Also, it is a good idea not to let the fuel tank get too empty before refilling. These cars certainly don't like any dirt in the system.

31st Aug 2013, 15:02

I have a 2.5 V6, and although heavy on the gas in the city, it is good on the open road. One tank of gas from Wellys to Waihi Beach via Taumarunui and Hamilton, and that is with a good amount of grunt!

5th Sep 2014, 06:25

The primary issue with Legnums is the sheer weight of them. They weigh around 1.7-1.8 tonnes, and a common issue with them is indeed the brakes. I upgraded my brakes to an aftermarket brand, and I am also using aftermarket racing brake pads, but this is because I'm hard on the brakes. But since the upgrade I have had no issues.

27th Dec 2015, 18:54

Hi there, I have some friends that own a Mitsubishi 1999 Legnum, and when the car's off and the keys are out, the fans randomly turn on. Any ideas why this would happen?

7th Jan 2016, 21:35

I see what you're saying my friend, but I do have a Legnum. Bought for 8k, and with study before purchase, I replaced the plugs, throttle body and coils myself. Now yes it was good when I bought it from a dealer, making sure that all was done. Belts, seals, hydraulic tensioner and water pump, and it's proven to be a good wagon, being non turbo. Don't lose heart on these cars. But I hope all is well now.

13th Jun 2017, 00:02

The problem I have with my 1.8 GDI Legnum is that it runs on 95 and runs great. I would run it on 98, but it isn't in the area where I live.