1993 Mitsubishi Magna Executive 3.0 V6 6G72 from Australia and New Zealand


3.0L V6 Manual - cheap to run, great performance!


Battery light coming on - voltage regulators are notorious for failing, but are easy and cheap to replace; $20 and two screws at the back of the alternator.

Power steering line sprung a leak - replacement line from Auto Wrecker $10, installed myself in 30 minutes.

Goes through a bit of oil - unfortunately just the nature of the engine - check the oil level every month and top up as needed, and you'll have no issues. Doesn't blow smoke.

Had a problem with rust in the boot; where the tail lights meet the body, the seals shrink. Removed the lights and sealed it back up with Sikaflex - all fixed!

General Comments:

This is my third TR/TS Magna, and I think they are fantastic. The V6 manual is the one to get.

I've had the 2.6L 4 cylinder Astron, in auto - not bad, but slower and heavy on fuel.

Then had a V6 manual - stiffer suspension and better through the corners as a result. Great car, was sorry to sell it, but had to because I was moving house.

A couple of years ago I was looking for a suitable replacement daily driver, alongside my 300ZX twin turbo (about 300kw). Another Magna V6 manual popped up on Carsales and I bargained the seller down from $1,100 to $800.

Despite being 20 years old and the high kilometres, these cars are super solid, and if you maintain them, they will last forever. Performance is actually very decent from the V6 manual (120-124kw depending on the fuel you use). I push mine to 5000 RPM plus on a daily basis and it doesn't miss a beat.

I really want to get a V8 Soarer to replace it, but think I would miss it too much if I did. I have a heavy right foot, but even still manage to get 11L/100km no matter what with the Magna. Maybe when it dies I'll finally get the Soarer.

The seats are firm and supportive; the driving position is good. Really comfortable on long trips. It's not the fastest car out there, but my car always surprises unsuspecting drivers from the traffic lights. I've beaten multiple Commodores, Falcons and many more. I think people automatically see Magna and think 'slow slipper-wearing grandpa'. They try to beat me on the outside lane from the lights, and anything short of forced induction won't pass me.

It's a nice change from the 300ZX, because in that I can break the legal speed limit at the end of second gear, and can't really unleash its performance on public roads. The Magna on the other hand I can drive hard across its rev range and not worry about having it impounded.

I've done a few things to mine to improve the driving experience, and I'd recommend them to other Magna owners out there:

- Water temp gauge (good to know how many degrees the engine is at).

- Head unit.

- Rear speakers - holes in back for 6x4".

- Cut open air box opening to feed more air to the engine (15-20% improvement in response).

My only criticisms are that steering can be a little vague, and the gearbox, while strong, is notchy, and you need to hit the sweet spot to make those smooth engagements when travelling fast.

All in all, a great car and I encourage you to get one - IF it is a V6 manual!

Thanks for reading :)

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Review Date: 5th December, 2013

23rd Jul 2015, 06:03

I have a 1993 Magna V6 Auto Executive. When I bought the car a few years ago, I took it to my mechanic and he told me off for buying the car. "It's a problem car" he said. I told him to have a decent look and he calls me an hour later saying it's a clean car! OK, so the car had 81000km on it, but it all goes to show, if you look after these cars, they run really well.

Amazing power, I understand the bit about taking off at lights, many newer models will pull up next to me thinking they will take off, but are pleasantly surprised when they can't keep up :)

Yes they are very solid cars. I have had no major issues with it, had to replace the solenoid as it was stalling and that's mainly it. Great car!

1993 Mitsubishi Magna TR 2.6L 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Designated driver-friendly



Cheap people mover, with low running costs until something breaks.


Replaced the stock suspension after the first drive.

Previous owner did not return the car during a factory recall to change the welsh plugs; mechanic quoted $2k, so changed them myself with the $40 parts.

Stock brake disc rotors get damaged beyond machining far too quickly (swap for newer DBA rotors).

Replace stock wheels with Mitsubishi 380 rims and wrap them in some Goodyears.

Radiator (x2).

Alternator (x2).

Cylinder head (x3). Gave up when the 4th died.

General Comments:

A safe, comfortable and practical way to go about transporting anything life requires.

If you treat this car in any way like a performance car, it will break, and it will cost a small fortune if you are not doing the work yourself.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2012