1993 Mitsubishi Magna Executive 2.6 Litre gas/petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Comfortable, easy to drive, but high running costs


Timing chain cover eroded, had to be replaced with a new one, very costly.

Cylinder head had cracks, needed to be replaced with a new one, along with the radiator and all engine gaskets.

Automatic transmission is about to go, as it goes from 3rd to neutral for no reason, and when cold no gears change properly.

Minor engine oil leaks.

Blows rear tail light globes regularly.

General Comments:

Very comfortable to drive, handles very well.

Very good for highway cruising.

But very poor at over taking, very sluggish acceleration.

Ample luggage space as it is a wagon.

Very poor fuel economy even from gas, has 50 litre tanks for both fuels, and it averages about 350km from both tanks.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2001

11th Sep 2013, 00:28

I have a TR 93 wagon. Got it in very bad condition. I've spent just under $9000 on it, and now it will take on big 6s. Had the engine rebuilt from top to bottom, full rally kit put under it, done the brakes, but the only thing that lets it down is the weight of it. Other than that, it's all good if well looked after. Like all cars, fix the small things and they don't turn into big problems.

1993 Mitsubishi Magna TR 2.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Very high


Well there were no problems, but a mate smashed the car window and gave it a very big dint.

General Comments:

The car is a great car, nothing has gone wrong and it's good to drive.

This is my point, I see MAGNAS are good cars and I think you should get one too.


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Review Date: 29th May, 2001

4th Aug 2001, 10:42

I bought an ex government '93 TR SE Magna when it had 39,000 kilometres on the speedometer. It now has 177,000. The problems I have had to date are: fuel injection idler AU$250; headlight wires shorting AU$25 Mitsubishi; But worst of all, I have had the auto serviced only by reputable (RACQ approved) or Mitsubishi dealerships and it has slippage between 2nd and 3rd when it is cold. This problem was not initially acknowledged by the servicing companys in its early stages; fuel economy is less than 10 kilometres to the litre; After having driven both, in my opinion the 2.6 litre four cylinder doesn't offer quite the same pleasure as the 3 litre V6 in the same vintage. Overall, in consideration of having travelled 138,000 kilometres my 2.6 litre TR has been a very reliable car.