7th Sep 2001, 08:29

I have had a 1991 Magna TR SE with the 2.6L and automatic transmission for about a year now. Problems I have had include a blown head gasket, idle control module, broken radiator hose and radiator cover. Although this is quite a lot to go wrong, the car is a pleasure to drive. The ride is very smooth. I would recommend Magna's to others looking for a car with good performance, a smooth, quite ride, roominess and great value for money.

26th Oct 2002, 00:13

Having purchased a Magna TR 1993 three years ago (1999) we have had to pay over $1400 every 12 months (to the week!) for major repairs. Despite the engine being replaced in 1997, the first year we had to pay for replacement of major oil seals, corroded water pump and electronic idle control. The second year, both heads had to be replaced with recon heads, and just this week, we've had to pay for one of the replacement heads to be welded due to a crack. We are selling the vehicle and cannot and WILL NOT ever recommend to anyone to purchase a Magna. The car is comfortable, but one of the worst designed motors I've ever seen.

26th Nov 2002, 00:20

We have a TR 93' executive wagon, purchased in 99' and having 230,000km on the odometer. The car was not properly checked out mechanically wise therefore we have experienced a few assorted woes. Firstly the timing chain cover had eroded creating a large hole therefore there was a major leak in the cooling system and the timing cover had to be replaced. Very costly (app$1800) to repair, plus the car was not able to be driven for about 3 weeks.

Secondly a cracked cylinder head about 1 year after the first problem created more trouble ended up having to get the head replaced. Once again costly $1800 to have repaired and was not able to drive the car for about 4 weeks.

To date the odometer has 283,000km on it and apart from the usual wear and tear the car has been reliable. More comments are this car is very heavy on petrol from a 2.6ltr 4 cylinder would have expected much much better economy. Auto transmission has seen better days as well. Be careful when purchasing, get a professional to check the mechanics of the car to avoid lemons.

21st Jan 2003, 10:21

I would recomend you buy a manual V6 on a TR-TS model. Manual is also more common on the V6 too.

8th Jun 2003, 02:07

Mate, I got a 2.6 Lita Auto TR.. and mate, the magna is one of the most reliable cars I have ever driven.

Look, I usually don't go for no Jap crap, but the magna mate, I recommend to all yous out there to go and buy one.

Take my advice mate, cause You, will be thanking Me once you've bought one..

This is Guedo Hatziz, giving you, pure gold advice.

Goodbye my friends.

22nd Jul 2003, 22:25

Nice drive. Cheap to buy. Very costly at the petrol pump. Costs more to run than my 4.1 Ford. A heavy car for the four cylinder. The money you save at the dealer pays for the fuel,

2nd Sep 2003, 07:06

I've got an early 94 magna 4 cyl. it makes an embarrassing racket heard it was the timing chain any ideas need to get it fixed other than that it runs OK.

15th Sep 2004, 21:19

I own a 93 V6 TR Magna and to date have had few problems and with 250 000 Km on the clock it only now needs new clutch and front struts.

The car give exelent throttle response and instant power and the manual transmission makes this car an absolute pleasure to drive.

Would I recomend the 3.0 V6 TR Magna to anyone?

The answer is yes I would.

31st May 2007, 01:30

We have a TR 93 Wagon, picked it up from Pick-a-Part for $1,200!!!

At that time it had about 250000 on the clock and a real nasty noise under the bonnet (I first thought it was the timing chain, but later found out it was a loose flywheel). The car had just been serviced 2000km's prior and some idiot (major service centre!!) hadn't tightened it after replacing the clutch.

I tightened the lot up, put it back together, replaced a tie rod for RWC, and it hasn't stopped since.

It now has 307000 on the clock, one of the tappets is a bit noisy while cold, and I've lately needed to screw up the idle to stop it stalling.

It runs on gas and on a freeway trip gets around 14km's per L of gas.

Would I recommend a TR Magna? Sure thing mate, they're a bargain at todays prices.

9th May 2008, 21:13

I brought the Magna TR 2.6L Auto about a year ago for my wife. It had done 179k and has now done 205k. I got it very cheap at $300 and it has been very reliable for us. My wife had to learn to drive in it, and it was a good car for her to learn in. It averages about 10L per 100km, though there seems to be a lot of variance from car to car in this range. Lots of boot space so you can convert it to LPG and still have plenty of storage room. One drawback is the large turning circle, but I'm used to that having owned several 4wds in the past.

We have been very happy with the car. You can pick them up very cheap these days (we were very lucky) so I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a cheap car.

15th Feb 2009, 21:34

I have owned a 1993 Magna 2.6 for a year and a half now.. It had 184,000 km's when I brought it & now has 198,000 km's... It is a little heavy on fuel around town, but good on open road... It tows my race bike all around the country has plenty of room (I often sleep in it at race meets) Apart from servicing, this car has run very well & I would recommend one to anyone... A very practical car.

18th Mar 2009, 19:50

I have had a 1995 Magna Executive TS 3L for the last year and have had few problems. Very comfortable smooth ride though a little heavy on fuel. It has a slight rattle when going up hills - could be timing chain loose. Have done 200,000 K and hoping to get another 100,000 out of it.

Would advise anyone to buy one.

7th Apr 2009, 02:08

I paid $8,000 for a TS Magna SE wagon in 2003, with 143,000 clicks on the clock. Since then I have had to replace pretty well everything, I have spent at least $6,000 in the last 6 years, just keeping it on the road.

The 2.6 Astron engine is a nightmare: cracked heads, blown head gaskets, leaky: welch plugs/ timing chain cover gaskets/ water pumps are very common, Despite all this expense, it still needs major repairs, I have got to the point that when it dies, that's it.

Last week, I bought an immaculate TR sedan for spares, I paid $150 for it, but, you guessed it, it needs major engine repairs too, but at least I should get a few good bits off it.. My advice is whether you pay a few hundred/ or few thousand for one, despite anything, you will have to spend, spend, spend. When new, the TV marketing campaign was "Please Consider". Had the 100% failure rate of the cars been known then, then the choice would have been very easy (don't buy!)