21st May 2009, 00:51

We bought our first TR V6 Magna 7 yrs ago for $9500. It had 170,000k on the clock.

To date, we have spent exactly $54 on abnormal repairs. All other expenses have been for the normal wear and tear items... brakes, tyres etc. We still own it and drive it 7 days a week. It now has 340,000 km on the clock and does not miss a beat.

We recently bought another TR, this time a 2.6l. It goes well, but I much prefer the 3.0l as it runs a lot smoother and gets better fuel economy.

2nd Sep 2009, 00:31

I bought my 93 TR Magna about 5 years ago, for a relatively cheap $1800 with 190000 on the clock. The engine was rebuilt when I bought it.

Since then it has had: timing chain replaced (approx $1200), timing chain cover replaced ($800), multiple CV and drive shaft replacements.

The major problems are brake pads and tires; going through about 2 sets each per year.

The auto slips in 1st gear when it's cold, and it needs a ISR for the computer, which cannot be bought anymore.

Apart from all this, I absolutely love my Magna! Have even done minor mods to it and it just won't die. It has excellent acceleration and have had it at a top speed of 220 on a dyno. It eats fuel, but all in all would definitely recommend buying one!! Just watch out for the lemons.

20th Oct 2009, 09:38

Well folks.

I own a 1995 4cyl 2.6lt Magna. My fuel economy, now that's a laugh, what economy? My mates 4.0lt EL Falcon has better economy and it's a larger car.

Repairs to date.


Water pump.

Assorted hoses.

Power steering leaks.

Welsh plugs leaking.

Timing chain.

Head gasket.

Driver side brake calipers.

Many many many more issues.

In short what I think?

I think this is a cheaply made car and it shows with all the repairs people have done to theirs. If you are one of the lucky ones to have a good one, all well and good. If not, this car is the most unreliable out there. Perhaps the 3.0 lt is better..

Will never buy one EVER again.

Other thing, converting these to LPG to save, Well been told they are not LPG compatible and require harder valve seals/stems etc etc.. Not worth the effort.

Highly disappointed.. Bad Car..

10th Sep 2010, 23:49

I love my TR Magna. I have had to do a few repairs, but because there are lots of these cars at Pic-a-Part and I did my own work, it has worked out very cheap.

I don't know why some people on here have bad fuel economy; I can get from Auckland to Wellington on 1 tank of gas (I have to top up once I get there, but hey it's 800ks). I think it has great economy!

Even when it got scraped up the side by a bus, it still cost hardly anything to fix. I just went to Pic-a-Part, found one the same colour, and replaced the panels.

When my head gasket blew, it still got the 150ks I needed to drive to get home, and with no water in. I changed the head gasket and no problem since. This car cost me $1000 dollars, and has cost the least in repairs of any other car I have bought. It smoked when I got it, but for $20 I got new valve stem seals, and that fixed that problem easy.

17th Feb 2011, 04:56

I brought my daughter a 1991 TR SE.

I had to fix trans, fit and supply = $600. New brakes, but that didn't make much difference to the way the brakes function. Timing cover oil seal, did this myself. It idles way too high when cold start. A very, very, very, very, very thirsty car! A heap of small things: hood lining this was done by a mate, water pump, valve stem seals.

The car has never just stopped, it has always run. I have fixed that many things on it now I don't want to sell it, but if I went in a time machine I wouldn't buy it again. After this I don't think I'll ever buy a Magna again.

24th Jul 2012, 00:26

I brought a TR Magna a few days ago. Like all of this model, the timing chain makes a noise at idle, and it smokes after idle due to valve stem seals.

It's got 300,000km's on it, and as far as I know, has never been rebuilt. It easily reaches 190km/h on open road; pretty good for a 2.6L with such high km's, however it idles far too high from cold starts. Otherwise, it seems a great car with awesome acceleration.

9th Jun 2015, 06:09

Hi, I just repaired my Magna due to the same problem (if the noise you have is sounding like a metal clicking rattle). Mine was one of the guides on the timing chain had chewed out, so the chain was rattling on that. I was lucky that no damage was done anywhere else, but I did have to drop the sump and wash out the flakes of alloy that had once been my guide. Also flushed all the oil ports to make sure nothing had blocked. Acquired a new timing kit on eBay for $100 delivered, and after a few hours all is good and it's never run quieter.

PS: hope yours is as simple as mine. Good luck.