1993 Mitsubishi Magna V6 Executive Wagon 3.0 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap good car


After 15,000kms the auto is slipping when seeking 3rd. Probably will need a new transmission, approx cost $1700.

General Comments:

The car is big and powerful, looks nice, and can be cheap to buy. Even factor in buying a new transmission along the way, and it still can be good buying.

The 3.0l V6 is a very nice engine, you couldn't complain.

The body work is still looking like new, with colour coded bumpers, and very good quality metallic paintwork.

The interior is comfortable and modern, with good AC and sound, power mirrors, but lacks power-windows.

The driving is solid and predicable.

Has cargo barrier, and carrying four adults plus all their luggage is easy.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2005

18th Aug 2006, 15:16

Magna's 'R' US, in Lilydale Vic. can supply and install a good second hand transmission for a TS Magna for $800.00.

9th Oct 2006, 07:33

Love that name MAGNAS R US.

1993 Mitsubishi Magna Executive 2.6L from Australia and New Zealand


The Car Is Great


Engine. Re Placed it with a brand new one from Mitsubishi last year.

Alternator. Replaced with a Reconditioned one.

Radiator. Replaced with a new one.

Starter Motor. Replaced with a new one.

Gearbox. Had full Reconditioning done on it.

General Comments:

The vehicle over all would score a 6/10 for myself. As it is a great car, but the amount of money that we have had to spend on it is not funny. I am currently experiencing a new problem and would like to know what I can do with it.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2004

1993 Mitsubishi Magna TR 2.6L from Australia and New Zealand


Great, smooth vehicle with great 4 cylinder power


I have had the timing chain replaced which cost just $1000.

I had the fuel pump replaced which cost just under $300.

Also a lot of other minor jobs, eg. muffler and exhaust, fuel filter.

General Comments:

Inside the car is very roomy with great feet space in both front and back.

For a 4 cylinder vehicle, it has some surprising get up and go in it.

Very smooth to drive and quiet.

A little heavy, but you don't really feel it when driving because the steering is great and makes up for the weight.

Huge boot space for the size of the vehicle.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2004

1993 Mitsubishi Magna GLX 2.4 from Australia and New Zealand


Nice family car, but slow and possibly dangerous if you need to get out of the way in a hurry


The Automatic transmission had a massive failure at 160000 that stopped the car dead. Both the torque converter and the transmission had to be rebuilt which cost $1950 and couldn't be prevented even with a full dealer service history.

Replaced a CV joint.

Replaced an engine mount.

Replaced rear muffler <one of the most expensive on the market due to size and style>

General Comments:

The car idles noisily from the outside due to the design of the anti-pollution gear, it sounds as if there is a big hole in the exhaust.

The carburettor 4 cylinder is very sluggish on take off, but I must say that it is when up to road speed it responds much better when trying to overtake etc.

The idle is also a bit shaky when you are in gear, especially just after the automatic choke disengages. <As I said, my car is fully serviced at the correct times, so I have to believe it is the car and not a fault>

The fuel economy is very poor for a 4 cylinder car.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2002

1993 Mitsubishi Magna Executive 4 Cylinder 2.6 Litre from Australia and New Zealand


Definitely worth the money


Seats starting to squeak.

Air flow meter replaced at 150000kms.

Computer chip resetting at 140000kms.

Fuel filter replaced at 120000kms.

Starter needed replacing at 130000kms.

Fuel consumption was very high, approximately 350km per tank of about 55 litres in peak hour day to day driving.

When turning with steering wheel locked full turn, noisy sound coming out at 180000kms.

Minor oil leaks around gaskets.

Window winding regulator cable snapped at 135000kms (common fault)

Inside passenger door handle broke at 175000km (common fault)

General Comments:

Very economical on long trips approximately 500 - 550km per tank of 55 litres.

Fairly low maintenance car, spent approximately $1,000 AUD on the above repairs, half new and half second hand.

Car seemed to be still powerful for a 4 cylinder and reliable.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2002

4th May 2003, 21:46

I have a 4 cylinder 93 Magna SE, and haven't had a problem with it... until now.

Oil leaks, Squeaking steering wheel and most recently, problems concerning the step-up motor (?) whatever THAT is, and now the gearbox.

The car now has NO pick up and I'm seriously considering trading the damn thing for something that works.