1994 Mitsubishi Magna Executive 2.6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable family sedan, with a sluggish demeanor


Some seals needed replacing too regularly, small things kept getting used up (old car!) but nothing major.

General Comments:

It's a slug.

Has some power, certainly enough to get around, but it just would not turn or stop. Lacking in modern safety equipment too.

But otherwise a nice reliable and fairly comfortable family car.

I'd certainly say it's worth the couple of grand you pay for it nowadays, if you're looking for a cheap family car.

But expect to pay at least another grand every year on servicing, it's an old car after all.

Ah, and it drinks about 9-10L/100km on highway, up to 12-16 in city depending on driving & traffic.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2009

1994 Mitsubishi Magna from Australia and New Zealand


They don't call them bizashitty for nutin'


The engine blew up - because according to the many experts I discussed it with - the metal in the alloy is some of the cheapest around- consequently making it a prime target for neglect issues. (As opposed to my volvo) the previous drivers neglected the cooling system and rusted out the engine. Luckily I did not drive it overheated and it cost a few hundred to weld up the hole.

The computer blew up - causing power to drop off while driving. Not cool.

The distributor blew up as a consequence of the computer blowing up.

The hydraulic boot door does not work.

The electric windows are slow and sometimes don't feel like working at all - I think this might have something to do with water from the poor design on the windscreen that flicks in.

General Comments:

I can imagine when it was new it might have had some grunt but this? - my 79 Volvo had more.

Honestly I feel paranoid when I drive that something is going to go wrong. Drives fine one minute and the next you have been waiting on the side of the road in the dark two hours. With steam shooting 5 m into the air...

It's cost me 2000k in 4 months... and it's not even worth that much. Buy a newer one, a very well maintained one, or don't bother.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2008

15th Apr 2008, 05:58

Awww, c'mon. The car is 14 years old, it's done 330,000k and you're complaining about cooling system problems and slow windows?

As you said yourself, I think you ought to spend a little more and buy a newer and/or better maintained example of a car before making derogatory comments on it or its manufacturer.

1994 Mitsubishi Magna from Australia and New Zealand


Never ending Debt


Blown 2 head gasket's, both of the auto transmission computers have blown, chews up fuel, stopped going into proper gears. Broken down 4 times.

General Comments:

I would not recommend it for a first car for a son or daughter.

They are easy to learn to drive in, but can lead to problems.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2006

9th Oct 2006, 07:31

Give it a go. It was built 12 years ago, anything or any one could have owned it since then. Probably only been serviced occasionally, never had the coolant changed, and when the timing chains start to rattle, everybody says "Oh Magnas always do that, you should have checked the car more thoroughly before purchase". Don't blame mitsubishi for that one, it's your fault.

1994 Mitsubishi Magna SE Wagon 2.6L from Australia and New Zealand


Fabulously comfortable and so far very reliable!


Nothing so far, but oil looks very black or burnt even though it was changed when I bought it, i.e.3000 kms ago for 15W - 45W best grade my garage had!

Radio was not working when changed it was found the fuse which is mounted at the rear of the P{hilips radio cassette had blown - now has Sony Explode, but uses same speakers as fitted. The rea mounted roof ones are excellent and faded properly with the dash ones the sound is as good as a current model car would deliver!

Rear Tailgate struts broken, one torn off have parts, but not fixed yet. Gate very heavy without! Bonnet ones fine so nice to have car without need to use manual strut!

General Comments:

Previous car was a '89 Toyota Camry CSi with the SV 21 engine. Lovely car, excellent power to weight ratio, but with 300000kms its looking tatty and has electric problems as well as oil leaks. So I looked for another 2nd hand Camry or Corolla. Couldn't find one saw this TR SE wagon in Taub (sort of golden silver metallic colour) and thought why not. It was keenly priced.

It is auto and has all electrics still working, but most of all it looks new inside and outside in spite of a few dings and scratches (the colour masks those).

Noisy power steering on full lock, garage said don't worry about that yet!

Family complains its sluggish, but seem to be outpacing most things - against the Camry its so well insulated from the road it just seems that way. Anyway they hardly leave it in the driveway for me to drive so I guess it can't be that bad!!! and of course its not! We call it the yacht because it sails along sedately (though not sluggishly) and due to its comfort levels it encourages you to think yacht, ocean going!

Fabulously comfortable and less thirsty than you'd expect though a bit more so than the Camry.

Perhaps best of all I had a TR Executive sedan from new in 1992 but this SE wagon is a quite different animal, you'd not notice the similarity, in fact only the shape and the engine seem the same, there is even more legroom (longer seat adjustment) and unlike some Magnas I have hired it actually fits me! Always a complaint with the Execs even later ones.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2006