1994 Mitsubishi Magna TS Advance from Australia and New Zealand


I would recommend it as a solid family car


At 150,000 I had to replace the clutch, timing belt and water pump.

The gear box is very loose, but this is probably a matter of preference.

The paintwork is fading strangely in patches.

General Comments:

A great car.

Sits well on the road and handles beautifully.

Has great torque and very powerful up hills (unless airconditioning is on).

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Review Date: 28th May, 2005

1994 Mitsubishi Magna TS SE 3.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, comfortable and practical


Had to replace the idle motor shortly after buying ($150).

Other than that, no problems.

General Comments:

Personally I think the V6 Magna is a really good car. The styling was pretty good for the age, and the performance is good enough, although acceleration from a start could be a bit better, overtaking isn't a problem.

The interior has a quality feel, the ergonomics are a bit bad; I really have to lean to reach the dash, and it's a bit uncomfortable; the seats are fine and supportive though.

Overall I am happy with the car; it's silver and I put ROH adrenaline mags on it, and it works a treat.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2005

1994 Mitsubishi Magna ts SE 3.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Good looking car, good performance lots of extras good buy for the money


When I fist got the car its idle motor was replaced (under warranty), no other problems since.

General Comments:

The magna I believe still has appeal even though its 10 years old which is hard to say for a lot of other manufacturers.

I am pretty happy with everything about the car, the performance from the 3.0 engine is good, the comfort is great really supportive comfortable seats, fuel economy is good if you drive sensibly and with all the extras in the TS SE model is a excellent reason for buying the model.

I have not run into any major problems with the car yet, but I'm touching wood as I type this.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2004

12th Jul 2009, 21:13

I agree, I've been driving this model car (1995 V6 Magna TS SE) for 6 years now and it's just been a great car (touch wood, touch wood).

I've definitely had to maintain her, as any other car, but she's given me no major problems at all, has great performance and is just a great car to drive.

I think it's crazy that they have such a low resale value, but it's good news for buyers as for a relatively low price, you can get a really good car.

1994 Mitsubishi Magna 3.0 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable transport

General Comments:

This car has been reliable and economical.

It doesn't handle like a sports car, though it does have plenty of power.

Spins the wheels easily, in fact sometimes you don't even have to try.

It's a very torquey engine and delivers its power from 3 to 5 thousand rpm.

I bought this car as a repossession and it had obviously been uncared for, though it only cost me three thousand and had 113000 on the clock.

Believe me or not, but I have owned over 60 cars that I have bought and sold, and this is one of the good ones.

I should know because I do not know a single person who treats cars with such disrespect as I do, and to the cars credit, it hasn't missed a beat.

PS. Doesn't handle like a rally car in the dirt, or maybe most cars don't take dirt corner's at 100 kilometers per hour. I'm not kidding, like I said, I disrespect cars.

Buy one of these in V6 and manual form and you shouldn't be disappointed.

Runs quietly and smoothly despite abuse.

No oil or fluid leaks.

Ultra reliable, always starts like a new car should.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2003

1994 Mitsubishi Magna GLX 2.6 litre 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


A smooth, smart wagon worthy of any class


A radiator hose blew, therefore draining the coolant out in a short period of time. This in turn blew the head gasket as well as warping and cracking the head.

The hydraulic valve lifters all needed replacing within 2000km as all were cracked and not operating.

The constant velocity joints have begun to click and are about to be replaced.

The automatic trans-axle has began to malfunction, with no reverse gear and squealing noises are evident when changing up gears.

General Comments:

The car is a joy to drive. It is smooth, handles exceptionally well and is comfortable to ride in.

The engine always starts and drives well, even when cold although the automatic could be a lot better.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2003

7th May 2006, 02:46

I am the author of this review, and I'd just like to say that only 2 months after writing the review the trans axle imploded. $3000 later and a new trans axle later, the car was fine. Be very, very careful of transmissions that are slow to change. Otherwise the Magna was fine and I just traded it on a new magna sports.