1997 Mitsubishi Magna TF 3.0 SOHC from Australia and New Zealand


Great Car - Highly Recommended and Sad to see the Magna series stopped


Nothing has gone terribly wrong with the car to really comment here!

Battery will suddenly go flat without warning, leaving one stranded, but this is not really something wrong with the vehicle - just thought I'd mention it.

The idle speed jumped to 3000rpm after a throttle body clean, this was easily reset my the dealer for under $30.

The CV Joints are starting to chatter since 270000 kms.

Deflector inside the exhaust manufold "Y-Pipe" came loose and made an embarrassing noise - cost me $100 to have the Y-Pipe removed, split open and the noisy part removed. This has not made any impact on the car at all..

General Comments:

Fairly good performance for a 3.0L V6 - could do with a little more torque dialed in below 3000rpm.

Transmission is great, very smooth changes, does not hunt between overdrive, 4th and 3rd when ascending up hills. I like the way MMAL have programmed this tranny.

Brakes have been great. The rears had the original pads with enough friction material to last another 50,000kms, when I last changed them at 250,000kms.

The front brakes discs are in need of replacement - not to shabby for a car that is 270,000+ kms old.

Engine is starting to use oil, but I cannot see where it is going, the plugs and engine are clean?!?

The Engine is quiet and still smooth and very responsive. I use synthetic oil to keep the inside clean.

Put the car on LPG at 196,000kms and it has received the conversion very well, city cycle is about 12.5l / 100kms on LPG and 8 - 11l per 100kms.

Overall my experience with this vehicle is very positive. I do not have the heart to sell it and if the motor or tranny ever died, I would replace them.

Great looking car, quiet and smooth, very refined ride. Handles very well. Body is perfect!

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Review Date: 15th September, 2008

1997 Mitsubishi Magna Executive Wagon 3.0L V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Understated little gem!


Refused to idle (seems to be picky with petrol, only likes Shell fuel).

Windows don't seal properly (awful whistling from drivers window, leaks like a sieve going through car wash).

Brake discs needed replacing when I bought the car.

Brake pads too (disks and pads cost me $320 to have put on).

SRS Airbag light constantly on.

Heater core leaks coolant slowly onto the passenger side floor.

General Comments:

Although this list is a little long for a 10 year old car, it has done a lot of K's, and doesn't look like stopping anytime soon!

For a wagon I find it handles quite well, a little light in the steering though.

Give it a boot and OFF IT GOES! For a 3 litre engine, it's got balls.

I've now owned 2 GJ SigmaGLs (technically early Magnas as far as I can see), a TM SE, TR SE, and this TF Executive and agree, finally Mitsubishi got almost everything right with this car.

Transmission is really responsive and doesn't take much pushing the foot to the floor to get some power out of it (unlike most cars I have driven, nearly needing the accelerator almost pushed to the floor to get the "kick")

Fuel economy is pretty much on par for a 6cyl. Horrendous around town, but impressive on the open road.

I am a little bit of a lead foot though.

The seats are amazingly comfortable in my opinion, and apart from the ridiculous position of the after market cruise control controls, everything is in good reach and good view.

I LOVE this car, the look, the feel, the guts, the comfort. Even with the high kilometers, it's still impressive.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2007

1997 Mitsubishi Magna Executive 3.0 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


You've hit the right note Mitsubishi!


Only a flat battery so far.

General Comments:

The Magna is my second car and I'm so happy with it that I'm going to continue buying them.

It is the most comfortable car I have ever driven and very roomy. Surprisingly the Magna is excellent on fuel, a full tank usually lasts me about two and a half weeks.

Mainly the only complaint I have is that the car seems to be going around 5kms less than it shows on the speed.

But this just adds to the great fuel economy!

The boot is huge even if you have LPG fitted and the cup holders can hold cans as well as cartons of milk (finally a company who understands my needs)

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Review Date: 8th July, 2006

9th Mar 2011, 22:34

Yep, a really comfortable car if somewhat uninspired, but what do you expect for the price?

My only issue is a persistent oil leak from the front rocker cover. I keep replacing the gasket and it's OK for 6 months, then it's off again. Good fuel economy and I can fit an iced coffee in the slot in the console. I just wish it would stop leaking oil...