1997 Mitsubishi Magna TF Executive 2.4 Inline 4 from Australia and New Zealand


1000K's out of 45L's of ULP, now that's economy!!


The left hand CV joint was making a thudding noise, replaced for $300.

Had the shockies changed as the car swung about like an old sofa, $800.

Transmission changed up and down rather roughly, very indecisive around 60-70Kmh, required a new filter and fluid change, $275. After that no worries.

General Comments:

This car is indestructible. Me and my mum bought the car for my older brother to learn to drive in, he's tall so he needed the leg room and height, so it has served its purpose well.

Parts are relatively cheap, lots of them around, except when it comes to the 4 cylinder model. Most companies have to order in the motor parts from east (we live in WA) so it takes a week or two to get what we need. It's surprisingly quick for a 2.4, plenty of go and tows well also.

The 3L V6 is a far smoother ride, with almost equal fuel efficiency in the city. But take the 2.4 out on the highway and expect to get 200K's before the gas needle moves off of the full mark. We get around 1000K's out of 45 litres of unleaded, now that's called economy!

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Review Date: 6th September, 2009

1997 Mitsubishi Magna Altera 3.0 V6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Totally underrated. Blew me away


This isn't applicable as I just acquired the car.

I have noticed a problem with the muffler, sounds as if the car has extractors, and perhaps it does :)

The interior creaks marginally under g forces.

Steering is a tiny bit clunky.

I haven't noticed a problem with the automatic gearing yet, as this was listed as a problem in car reliability surveys for this model.

The passenger side arm rest is very worn.

Usual wear and tear for a car of this year - but generally it looks and feels like it's half its age. That's probably due to its low mileage.

Idling can be a bit rough at times, although when compared to my Falcon AU2, it's very smooth.

General Comments:

The car is quite powerful for a 3 liter V6.

I wouldn't call the performance awe inspiring, but the power is definitely there. No problems with performance.

Can definitely give most V6 Commodores a run for their money, and also 4 liter inline 6 Falcons.

I like the cabin and interior, it feels as if I'm in a cave and very safe. It feels as if I'm sitting higher than I really am.

Seats are comfortable, adjustable, dash is clean and functional and has held its age well (apart from standard tape deck due to age).

To anyone who knocks Magnas, you are thinking of the earlier models. The 3 liter V6s give great performance. OK so this model is front wheel drive, and I admit cornering under acceleration is never nice in this configuration. If I had one major gripe, it's the front wheel drive. However, later models are AWD. Magnas pretty much rock.

Compared to the equivalent Falcon or Holden, I think this car is actually superior.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2009

20th Aug 2009, 21:55

Compared to the equivalent Falcon or Holden, this car isn't being built any more because no-one wanted to buy the new model.

22nd Aug 2009, 08:56

Are Commodores or Falcons of year 97 being built today are they? Where can I get one?

28th Sep 2009, 07:20

LOL Legendary.

27th Apr 2010, 01:09

"Are Commodores or Falcons of year 97 being built today are they? Where can I get one?"

Ahahaha, made my day ^_^

20th Jan 2011, 19:59

I just brought a 1997 Mitsubishi Magna and I am looking to do it up.

Does anyone know were I can get a body kit from, or is there any other model's body kit I can put on it?

23rd Jan 2012, 15:02

Try eBay or just Google the type of model Magna body kit you're after.