1997 Mitsubishi Magna TE Executive 3.0 V6 24 Valve from Australia and New Zealand


Beautifully made Mitsubishi

General Comments:

Car is pretty good on fuel considering the engine size (500km's stop start driving)

Lots of power.



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Review Date: 23rd July, 2005

1997 Mitsubishi Magna Sports 3.0 Ltr V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Sexy, smooth and fast



General Comments:

This car is an absolute pleasure to drive. The 3.0 ltr V6 is very economical compared to other V6's, performance is more than adequate. The tip-tronic automatic sometimes is slow between gear changes, but is a strong automatic all the same. The suspension and cruise control make this car effortless to drive and is a very good looking car.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2004

1997 Mitsubishi Magna TE Advance 3.0 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Great value for money, good equipment level, and very very reliable!!


Aside from slighly warped front braked discs, which the dealer rectified at their own cost, absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

I have had my Magna since November last year and have done 33,000 km in that time.

As per other comments, I have read, the auto transmission can be a little jerky at times, however, the dealer has tested the transmission and will be rectifying the fault by resetting the computer system on the transmission.

The majority of my driving is city based and much of it in peak hour. The car has excellent fuel economy (approx 500-550 km per tank), and has not let me down once.

The build quality, my opinion, is far superior to either Falcons or Commodores of the same age.

It was great value at $12,000 when I bought it, considering VT Commodores (which I do like!) were $14 - 15,000, and the AU Falcon (what were they thinking when they designed that body?) was about $1,000 less, generally had more mileage on them and showed their age far more.

The interior is a little on the bland side for my liking, but I can live with it.

The car has more than adequate performance, it's reliability has far exceeded my expectations, and I would deifinitely buy another one.

A much-maligned (usually, unfortunately by the misinformed) but very under-rated vehicle. Worth a drive (especially Advance or Altera for good standard equipment level) if you are considering Falcon or Commodore.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2004

11th Jun 2010, 01:45

I have to disagree with the 'reliability' aspect of your post.

In the beginning, my TE V6 Advance was very reliable. After getting to 170,000, it absolutely went down hill. Now I'm sitting in my school writing about it because the stupid thing won't start.

I don't lash out ever, but I'm so close to getting a brick and ending this car's peasant excuse for a life.


2nd Feb 2011, 08:27

I have to agree with the above comment. I used to own a TE V6 Advance. Word of advice, make sure you get rid of it before it hits 200000 km. Mine packed in, leaving me stranded in Sydney CBD. Kind of a problem when you're from Melbourne. The crank sensor and distributor went. After a semi-repair, I limped back to Melbourne on 3 cylinders. I know two other people who have had TE Magnas die spectacular deaths around the 200k mark.

8th Oct 2012, 07:51

Hi guys, I've had experience with the TF. It's now sitting at 450k kms. At 390k it had a refurbished transmission put in as the synchros went, and the aircon fan went at 350k, but apart from that, nothing. It even put up with my idiot son abusing it from 330k-380k. Seems to idle a bit low, but nothing but praise.

1997 Mitsubishi Magna TF 3.0lt from Australia and New Zealand


Performance A++


Front CV boot split broke - easy to fix.

Minor oil leaks.

Drive belts needed replacing at 150,000.

Nothing major really.

General Comments:

Magnas are awesome cars, from this model onwards.

Performance wise they will beat their ford/holden equivalent hands down... even some of the newer model fords/holden's.

They are lighter and have more torque.

Easy to modify and large gains are experienced from each mod (e. exhaust, air intake, extractors, lowering, turbo).

Overall a damn nice ride.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2004