4th Sep 2002, 20:43

I have a TP magna with EFI. I have done a few minor enhancements such as 16" alloys, Koni adjustable suspension Extractors, high flow cat and 2.5" exhaust, New Cam, Balance shaft eliminator kit, and 10mm custom spark plug leads. I am now pulling 135kw in a 1150kg Car that handles very well.

21st Nov 2002, 16:20

Hey, I own a TN Magna. I bought it for $950, but the head was cracked, so I replaced it with another, which cost $280. All up it cost $1230; not a bad buy. It's a 2.6 carb manual. I have put five stud white mags on it, and a 2.5 inch exhaust all the way through. I have also put 10mm leads on it, and a cold air induction kit.

The funny thing is my car audio set up is worth more than the car. I have an Alpine comp deck, 6x9s 6 inches, two Kenwood amps and a Clarion 12" sub. Luckily I have am awesome security alarm, so many people tell me what a waste of time! But I think TN Magnas rule.

From Nathan Tabe.

6th Apr 2003, 08:42

I have a 1986 SE, TM series Magna, and I was wondering how you put the speakers in the doors? I'd love to see the pictures. dumpedweed@hotmail.com is my email.

Also, I'd like to know about getting more performance out of the car. Does the above comments about the TN and the TP series have any relevance to the TM series? Very curious.

Thanks in advance, Brendan.

8th Sep 2003, 07:49

Hi, I have just bought an 87' Magna and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what model it is. It has electric windows, electric mirrors, air-con, and its engine is an ECI 2.6L fuel injected 4 - cylinder.

I was also wondering if anybody could advise me of the website or where I could purchase a MagnaFlo exhaust and if possible, Where I could purchase a body kit for it.

My E-mail address is mat_schulz@hotmail.com and any information would be greatly appreciated.


2nd Sep 2004, 05:32

I own a 1990 TP GLX Magna (carbie), and I have to agree that it can definitely get up and go with a bit of throttle :).

I'm currently upgrading the carbie and adding a pod air intake.

If you're into Magnas and want to see what some other people have done to them, check out www.fastmagna.com

7th Nov 2004, 07:25

Hey guys, I just bought a 1987 TN Magna EFI auto. My question to you is how hard is it to change an auto Magna to manual? Because I see no difficulty to it, unless the blocks are different, or maybe the gearbox mounting is different?

I've got 2 mates that have what I need; one has the GH Sigma turbo setup, the other has a manual 5 speed EFI; for 200 bucks I can have the whole manual conversion.

Now if anybody has the experience in turbocharging or doing a manual conversion, can you please contact me via my email drift_sig@hotmail.com

I want to show up some larger cubed guys up here.

Cheers, Mick.

15th May 2013, 06:28

Hey this is kinda late, but to the original viewer, I doubt you drag your friends Commies in your Magna. Which model Commodore? VNs from about the same time as your Magna accelerate to 100 in under 8 seconds stock...