26th Jul 2004, 18:29

Possibly in need of a wheel ballance?

8th Dec 2004, 15:16

Bought a Magna Altera TE in February 2004 with 102 000kms on the clock. It is now November and I have done 114 000 approximately. That's not a great deal of Km's for any car, even those in the micro class. However, the gearbox has recently failed, and it has cost me $1950 to have it reconditioned and a new pump fitted. I don't see that as a justifiable expense considering I bought it for $12,000. Luckily it came with a warranty and I was able to claim $500 back from the $1950. Although, I still need to replace brakes ($240-$280) and tyres before Rego.

Apparently, it is quite common for the magna gearbox to play up and for the car to require tyre changes more frequently than other cars in its class. All in all I don't recommend Mitsubishi to anyone. That's just my opinion and warning... if it counts for anything.

10th Oct 2005, 17:32

Last year I purchased a TE V6 executive auto and had transmission problems only two weeks after I bought the car. The dealer replaced the auto computer and said it was fixed. It has never been the same. the transmission is far from smooth and will occasionally neglect to pick first gear even from a standstill. The dealers don't believe me. I also had the handbrake problem mentioned above and had it fixed by my local Mitsubishi after 8 attempts. The problem is a bad batch of brake pads and clips that hold the pads away from the drums inside the back wheels. The handbrake is a drum inside the back discs. Have these replaced and the problem goes away. Also my car has now covered 170,000klms of hard driving and the engine is a gem. I would recommend this type of car to anyone with the caution to stick to the TH and newer as the transmission is better.

23rd Aug 2006, 21:29

Yes, I also had problems with my TE Magna auto transmission. Had it replaced, but it is still bad. It does not change smoothly and misses gears. I would not recomnend this model to anyone.

10th Oct 2006, 07:33

About 18 months ago I bought a TE Magna and I also have had the transmission problem. I've put $1700 into reconditioning it and I still have trouble with it. I find as long as I drive properly and don't push it to much it drives with out a single problem.

I recommend this car to anyone as it has a large amount of power under the hood.

1st Nov 2006, 03:57

I have a 1996 TE Altera. At about 100,000km or so (earlier for hard driving), according to the Gregory's workshop manual, the transmission is due to be serviced.

I thought the quote from the Mitsubishi dealer of $180 seemed fair, since the 8 litres of oil and the filter would cost over $100.

I asked a respected friend, whom is a very fastidious mechanic and also formerly worked for Mitsubishi, what he thought. I was horrified to be told that when he worked at the local dealership they usually only service the transmission when there seems to be problems! And even then, they only dump the oil in the pan and change the filter. This means they only add about 4 litres of new oil, and at least 5 litres of the OLD oil (in the case of a 1996 model, the oil maybe 10 yrs old by now) is still left in the torque converter. If this is how a dealer performs a service, no wonder people have problems with the transmission.

As a result, I ended up doing a FULL system flush, incl. torque converter, myself (as per Gregory's w. shop manual). The result is my transmission still runs like new at 140,000km - and no, rough gear changes are not a characteristic of this gearbox at all.

3rd Jun 2007, 00:21

I would like to hear from the man or woman that had problems with the car shaking on the freeway, because we have the same thing happening to us, and we have changed the tires about three times, and had a wheel balance and more. If you have fixed the problem, I would like to know thanks. My email is c_pascua@hotmail.com

17th Jun 2007, 04:43

Don't know if this relates, however my son has a Mitsubishi Magna TP model, 1991. It has recently developed a violet shake when in forth gear (a manual) It is also in Fifth and sometimes in Third. It is not speed related and I assumed it was the gear box. However I am told that the gear box is fine and that it's an electrical problem.

It isn't always their, does seem to depend on how much the motor labours either. I can start in 2nd, change to 4th at about 40klm, and get no shaking. Although I can change gears normally, shift into 4th at about 60klm or 70 klm, and as soon as I touch the accelerator, it shakes like hell. If I lightly hold the pedal down the shaking stops, and I can floor it with no shaking. However as soon as I back of the accelerator, and touch it again it does the shaking thing again.

It does also seem to surge, in engine revs, which you can notice when it idles.

Although I was certain that it was the gear box, I'm not sure, especially with all the sensors they have. Any thoughts???

3rd Aug 2007, 00:34

To the violent shaking; I own a Mitsubishi Magna ELITE TP 1989 Auto. It developed that violent shaking in fourth gear; more so when accelerating up hills or on freeway. I put injector clean through, thinking it could be that, but it wasn't.

I ended up taking it to an auto trans mechanic, and they replaced the valve body assembly and flushed the torque converter. That has totally fixed the problem; it cost me around $600 and it runs like new. Does not shudder at all.

I am not sure if the manual model has a valve body as well, but it could be worthwhile investigating it. It worked for me completely and I would totally recommend it.

8th May 2008, 04:10

I've got a 96 TE Magna. I go to put it in Drive, but it won't move. Same goes for the other gears. Some times it goes and other times it just revs with no movement. How much does it cost to get it fixed... Sorry don't know much about cars.

17th Nov 2008, 04:29

I own a Mitsubishi Magna TE V6 1996, it has 200,000kms, and when I start my car it will crank but will not fire? Any help anyone?

6th Apr 2009, 06:37

My Magna TE has done 221000 and is still going fine. Great car, a lot of power for a 3 liter.

23rd May 2009, 22:16

I too have a TE Magna 270,000Km's. Lovely car, but on start up and selecting reverse, the whole car jerks backwards. Not sure if it's a fault with the auto gearbox, or just the idle speed is too high?? All other gears fine, and the oil is clean??

5th Jun 2009, 22:12

I also have a Magna Exec TE V6 1996 model. And my car will crank but not turn on. Also this happens randomly? Help anyone?

21st Jun 2009, 10:16

I have a V6 1996 Magna sedan that starts and runs for a half an hour, then stalls and won't start again. It has spark in only one plug from the distributor, but it is a different lead every time. I have replaced the entire distributor and leads, and checked fuel lines as such, have reset the computer by turning off the battery terminal and am as stumped as the mechanic as to what the problem is. Anyone who could help would be nice.