28th Mar 2011, 22:49

I would say that your centrifugal clutch needs a service mate.

6th Jun 2011, 04:19

Hey mate.

If you no how to fix this N light flashing, could you let me know @ aaronbradford@live.com.au? I've put a new gearbox in, reset the computer and it is still flashing and I only have top gear.

12th Jul 2011, 02:30

Get the transmission sensors checked out. I had the same problem, replaced a 50$ part, and it's all sweet.

25th Jul 2011, 04:50

Hi, I also have a 1997 Altera with gearbox issues.

Today after driving the car for the first time in just over a month, the transmission suddenly dropped back to low gear.

The neutral light started flashing, even though it was in drive. I stopped the engine and turned it back on again, and it did the same thing after 100 meters or so.

The gearbox had been serviced just before I stopped driving it, and was driving well.

I would not like to replace the gearbox until I have exhausted all my options.

Can anyone help?


20th Sep 2011, 21:40

I have a 96 Magna Altera that is leaking oil from the rocker, and making a ticking noise, plus white smoke. I don't know much about cars, so I'm selling it for $500. Just wondering if anyone knows how I could fix it rather cheaply, and whether or not I should just sell it. I have two other cars, but I like the Magna; just not sure if it's worth the trouble.

23rd Dec 2011, 05:47

I have worked on many Magna's in my twenty or so years, and I would get a change over computer for this problem.

7th Jan 2012, 06:01

Finally, I'm stoked to be able to ask someone a question about my Magna. I have an issue where I can put a fully charged battery into the car, it starts first turn of the key. The car then runs fine until it has run the battery dead, and then obviously dies. Do you have any cure for this?

11th Jan 2012, 03:00

From what you've described, your alternator isn't charging your battery, hence why the new, fully charged battery you've fitted is losing its charge. Fit a new alternator, or a reconditioned one. Your problem should be solved then :-)

26th Jan 2012, 20:57

Apparently, when the N light flashes, it means that you're due to top up your transmission fluid.

26th Jan 2012, 21:08

We have a 96 Mitsubishi Magna with about 124,000km on the clock, and we're having the same problem with the car not starting... sometimes, and the engine warning light comes on whenever it wants to too.

Have taken it the mechanic to fix the problem, but of course the car starts perfectly for him over 200 times. He said it could be the fuel pump, but he doesn't want to replace it in case it's not the problem. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix her up so that she can be relied on again??

Otherwise a very very good car. Can go about 750-800km on 1 full tank of fuel.

11th Feb 2012, 03:30

I have just brought a 1996 Mitsi Magna TE model. I'm not particularly a Mitsi fan, but nevertheless got a very cheap deal for it. Paid $750 for a quick sale, & I was in urgent need of a car. Was sold with a very short Rego, but no current RWC (that alone should've been a warning sign. Yep, got a very raw deal).

Anyways, it doesn't stop there. Took it in for a RWC check & came out with a list of 'fixes'. The value is approx $1100. Can anyone tell me whether it would be worth fixing? It has 213700 on the dial.

Have to fix: steering wheel grip (not sure what they're implying here), misfiring (it doesn't idle very well sometimes - I'm not a mechanic, but past experiences could be the plugs & leads???), engine oil leaks, steering rack leaks + 2 new tyres (can source cheaper). So can anyone help or advise me on the best option?

25th Feb 2012, 07:08

I would suggest visiting a wreckers, and buy as many items as you can in one go, as you can fit the parts to the car yourself. What you can't manage, get a mechanic to do. If your Maggie is a 6 cyl, get him to do the rear tappet cover, as this is a hard one.

Use only synthetic or synthetic blend oils, and you can just keep driving them. They don't like standard oils.

Good luck.

29th Mar 2012, 22:34

I was just wondering if you had the problem sorted out yet with your Magna not starting? I had the same problem, and I have had a new transponder put in the car, and this didn't fix it. Sometimes it happens up to three times a week; sometimes once every three weeks. Very annoying. The mechanic just can't work out what is wrong with it.

Cheers if you can help me.

1st Jul 2012, 07:42

Hey guys, lots of questions on here about the transmissions on the Magnas. Quite a few of them appear to be km related, as in wear.

After working on 'em for 20 years full time, there is one main rule. Use only genuine Mitsubishi oil in the gearbox. Many others claim to make a non genuine oil that's the same. In my experience, it always leads to problems, as they do not have the same friction mod in it. I tried an off the shelf non genuine oil in my 1996 Magna, and at 14,000km into the oil change, I started to get sharp sudden gear changes. Swapped back to genuine oil, and the problem was gone. It's worth the few extra $$ for the oil.

9th Jan 2013, 07:50

It is possible that the heater core is leaking on to the gearbox control module. That causes all sorts of weird problems.

12th Jan 2013, 09:46

I have a 1997 Mitsubishi Magna, and the N light has been flashing. I checked the car's manual for advice, and it claims the automatic transmission fluid is either overheating or the level is too low. Can anyone please tell me where I will find the entry point for the automatic transmission fluid? I can't see any plug or cap under the engine bonnet. How do you top up the transmission fluid in this type of car anyway?

19th Feb 2013, 04:11


My boyfriend Brendan and I (Amy) purchased a Mitsubishi Altera 97 3 weeks ago. Had a $1300 service. Brendan changed the fuel pump to a second hand one. But we are still having "start up" troubles. It will be fine one minute, then it will just not turn over. You will need to pump the accelerator, basically flooding it. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes, then try again, and it may kick over and the revs will be low at idle. You will need to rev it to keep up the revs before it stalls. The smell of petrol rides thru the car during the process. The oil light keeps coming on as well.

Need help...


25th Jan 2014, 07:41

Your boot light is not going out. Mine did the same thing. I would only get a day or two out of a fully charged battery.

31st Aug 2014, 04:36

I have a 1996 automatic Magna sedan. I have not had any problems until recently. Now, when I am driving the N light will start flashing, the car will intermittently slip into neutral and just rev but won't drive forward. Actually it will drive forward a little, but very slowly without picking up, and then eventually it won't drive at all. I have replaced both the engine & transmission oil and filters, and this has not fixed the problem. Would anyone know what could be causing this?

7th Jan 2015, 00:13

Probably the distributor. Replace it.

20th Mar 2016, 12:58

Hey I've got a 96 TE Magna. I have the starting issue when it's hot on a hot day, but it doesn't crank (just nothing), then when I go back when it's cooled, it fires first shot. Any advice would be good.