2nd Mar 2005, 04:34

I work in a Mitsubishi dealer. I think the new Magna is great. If I had the money I would buy one the next morning. That should tell you something..

3rd Mar 2005, 16:16

The headlights from certain angles make the car look a bit bizarre. The corners of the lights blend in better with darker coloured paint to the point that black ones look wicked. The dark blue, green and burgundy models look good, but the white seems to highlight the lights making them look pretty awful.

I agree with the 50k test of the previous reviewer, as both Falcon and Commodore felt loose and had more noise than Magna or Camry, but we all know that Mitsubish and Toyota have great build quality compared to Ford or Holden.

Mitsubishi has a factory buy-back deal selling 18 month old Magnas with 30-50k on the clock for $20k, and brand new ones for $28k. Great time to be buying a Magna.

3rd Apr 2005, 06:45

Wrong colour, wrong shape, wrong this, wrong that... who cares! If you are a true Magna lover, a slight change of shape or size shouldn't deter anyone.

The vehicle used to have the stigma as being a bit tinny, but they make them a lot stronger now and perform better. I used to be a Toyota man, but now drive a '99 Magna Advance and could not be happier. It's a ripper of a car. Can't wait to get into a 2004 Magna.

19th Jul 2005, 04:19

I have a 2004 Magna TL Factory gas (no petrol tank) I love this vehicle. I got it with 12,000kms on the clock, it now has 23,000kms on the clock, and it has not missed a beat. Plenty of power, I do a lot of highway driving, this is my second Magna, and have no complaints, like previously said the shape does grow on you and as for all the standard features you get that are extras on other cars, you really can't go wrong with the MAGNA.

Go Mitsubishi, keep up the great work.

Mitsubishi were first with the gas vehicle, now others are following suit.


29th Aug 2005, 02:18

Magna was not the first australian car to come out with optional factory LPG it was actually Ford. Actually I think Datsun had an factory LPG option with the 200B.

11th Sep 2005, 20:17

I have been a holden Man all my life until my latest upgrade which was a 2004 Magna LS. For the money I paid I have everything I want. Yes, the Front of the car is a bit dodgy looking, but it can grow on you if the colour is right and you don't see it anyway when you are driving. A lovely car, very happy so far.

5th May 2006, 01:20

I have driven numerous Magnas and Commodores. The Magna is consistently better built, quieter, more reliable and better equipped than a Holden (or Ford) for the same money. Now it seems that performance/handling is also tipping in Mitsubishi's favour with the 380, especially given its price advantage. The trouble is that I will always see front-drive cars as being intrinsically compromised. Perhaps this is unreasonable, as the Magna is certainly an excellent front-drive car, but there are many revheads like myself who, for reasons unknown, want the grunt to get to the road through the rear wheels. Can you imagine a front wheel drive BMW M3? Neither can I!

20th May 2006, 08:13

I just bought a 2004 TL Magna, after a quick test drive and check over. Let's just say that my 5.0 litre VT SS is nowhere near as optioned as the Magna. Although 41000 km's on the Magna's clock, the Magna feels just as tight in the drive as the SS!! The Magna also grades pretty well in my books, over any other car I have owned, in build quality. Silly you say? i.e. trading a sporty car for a family car, well, not really - price of petrol is ridiculous, but what's more important is that when I test drove it - it went really well with good grunt (not a V8, I know, but certainly enough power if and when need be). Couple this with a great history of reliability, you cannot go wrong.

Why do people say the front end is ugly? When compared to some other cars, I think it looks quite different in a good way. Unique at best. :-)

26th Aug 2006, 09:20

Can anyone tell me if they have a 3.5ltr magna sedan on gas, I'd like to know what kind of km you get out of the tank, and how much the tank can hold?

I'm planning to get a 57 ltr doughnut tank installed and unsure if it will be big enough.

I have a 2004 magna and get 530km from a 65ltr tank around the city. Which lasts around 12 days.

I figure that if I can get a week out of the tank I can save fuel as well as keep my boot space, by leaving my tyre at home.

20th Oct 2006, 20:55

Anyone who thinks the TL/TW Magna had a ugly front end should take a look at the 2002-2006 Camry. The whole shape of that car was out of proportion. The fact they sold so many goes to show that a cars styling does not necessarily prevent sales.

As such, I think that Magna was snubbed because it is simply... a Magna. People can't get past the first model.

4th Jul 2007, 06:02

Our family loves station wagons and we have always owned a commodore. Tired of the poor quality paint work and interior fittings and eventual rusting of the tail gate door it was time for change.

When we found a 2005 Te wagon for $17000 from a dealer with so many features that Holden could never match, that was it.

The Magna is much quieter, smoother, heaps of power and a pleasure to drive. Why did it take me so long to find out about the Magna?

We are so impressed we bought an old 1996 Magna manual sedan for our son. For the age of the car the paint and interior is in great condition considering it is not garaged, we bought it from our neighbour. After 11years our commodores never looked as good.

Can any one tell me what problems I may encounter with the 1996 Magna?

8th Jul 2007, 10:03

Probably nothing. I have just sold my TS Magna for two and a half grand. I brought it for 3 grand five years ago because the owner just had to get rid of it. Apart from regular servicing and brake pads tyres etc. it cost me nothing. Just about a free car for five years. I have 17 grand to spend on a newer car, and it'll definitely be another Magna or if I can stretch the budget, a 380. Why they are so despised by the public? I'll never know.

28th Jul 2007, 05:25

I am in the process of purchasing a TL Es 04 Model Magna with 129000K's on the clock. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced any problems with this model Magna up to & over 150000Ks?

As for reliability & performance of Magnas; my parents, who are around 70 years old, still have a 2000 model Magna after 7 years. This is the longest that my father has ever owned any vehicle!! (It has 160K on the clock) and they love it.

After driving their Magna over a period of time, my wife & I have grown to love them as well... And as for the looks, the latest models are something that only a Mother Magna could love. (Not that Bad..Really) But, as mentioned in the earlier posts, what sort of hoon would steal one?

I am glad the general populous has not cracked on to Magna. It allows the average Aussie Joe the ability to be able to own a vehicle that compares in comfort to a BMW, without the ongoing pumped up costs.