15th Oct 2009, 01:17

I am in the process of purchasing my second Magna, which is a 2003 TL ES. I'm going from a VB Commodore to the Magna. I have to say I love my old Commodore, but the Magna is so much nicer to drive.

However my 1st Magna I hated. A 94 TS I think. It was so slow. It was comfy, but I couldn't get over how slow it was. So I swapped my $500 Magna for my Commodore. Now selling the Commodore for a deposit for the Magna. Love it.

17th Oct 2009, 00:01

I bought a 2005 Magna wagon with 143,000 in Feb 2009 privately for $8400 and as at Oct 2009 have now done over 30,000km. The car is solid and roomy and has enough power for safe overtaking. The 4 speed auto is a little bit twitchy and seems to drop down a gear with little pressure on the accelerator, but apart from that no other problems. These cars are amazing value for money - equivalent Toyotas cost thousands more. It's a bit of an ugly car but the price is low enough to compensate for shortcomings in this department.

28th Nov 2009, 05:31

I was the proud owner of a 1999 Magna Advance, which I purchased in Jan 2005 for $9000 and 110000 on the clock.

Ended up selling it in 2008 for $5000 with 220000 on the clock. No problems with the car except for the regular things and never missed a beat.

I loved it to death... comfortable ride, great on fuel and enough power when you needed it. I am returning back home to OZ and will definitely be picking up at least a 2004 TL.

As others have said, I'm glad the majority of people haven't jumped on the Magna band wagon... keeps the prices low for the rest of us. Just wish they were still in production and keeping people employed.

For any one sitting on the fence about buying a Magna, just take one for a test drive and you will never look back.

Safe driving.


29th Aug 2010, 07:00

Magnas have low resale value for a couple of reasons. One big factor was Mitsubishi's bad habit of heavily discounting run out models to make way for the new model, which killed resale of the previous model.

The other reason is the Australian motoring press. They constantly bagged the Magnas for being FWD, even though it just does not matter in the real world, and once you change your driving style, a FWD car is just as fast as anything of similar power to weight.

We're on our third Magna, and we're devastated Mitsubishi no longer builds or imports full size sedans here... what will we buy when this one eventually needs replacing? It won't be a Falcadore, I assure you!

The thing I love most about our TW sedan is blowing away SV6/XR6's and the owners getting thoroughly annoyed! And the Magna isn't just faster in a straight line, come a corner, with it's beautifully balanced chassis and wonderful PROPER IRS, it walks away from them too.

All this in a car that cost $15k two years old with 28k kms, and loaded with options Falcadore owners dream of in top spec models.

28th Jul 2011, 06:18

I have recently purchased a 2005 TW ES Series 2 Magna Sedan in metallic white, which had alloy wheels and an injected gas system fitted by the original owner. I made my choice after a lot of research as to the best value used cars going around. I have had TP and TR 4 cylinder Magnas before, and loved them, but really did not take much notice of the TL/TW series, other than a glance with the occasional muse along the same lines as many critics, that Mitsubishi had stuffed this one up.

BUT, AND IT'S A BIG BUT, this vehicle is fantastic to drive and travel in. It moves effortlessly and with little fuss on all surfaces, and the quieter the road, the quieter the car, to such an extent that I thought the motor had stopped on the way down to Melbourne the other day on a particularly smooth section of Western Highway. Near zero wind noise as well.

The equipment levels give the vehicle even more value, and as for the looks, CLASSIC, and I feel it will become more so with time.

Absolutely love this Magna. But maybe I have a bent for the unusual, as our other car is an older 95 900s SAAB with the hatch. Another great classic.

Anthony C. Scarsdale, Victoria.

16th Nov 2011, 03:16

I bought my 97 TF Magna wagon about 3 or so years ago now, and it's time to replace the old girl.

It's got 249 000 km's on it now, and is blowing a lot of smoke from take off, and leaking a heap of oil on the driveway. Parked at my wife's grandmother's house for about 10 minutes, and she rang when we left to say there was a huge puddle of oil on the ground, so yeah, she leaks a bit, and all this is with Stop Smoke in the oil too! LOL.

Anyway, with these km's on a Mitsubishi, it's to be expected...

In the 3 or so years I've had the car, it's only ever failed me twice. The first time was only a flat battery, the 2nd was the starter motor giving up the ghost at the 220K mark, but it did give plenty of warning; it's just that I mistakenly thought it was the battery on the way out.

I'm ready to update now, and was pretty set on a BA Falcon, due to me wanting rear wheel drive and a motor that's known not to blow smoke, but after reading on this site (and from word of mouth), they are incredibly poor quality!!!

Pretty much made up my mind now to go with a TL Magna; sure it doesn't have the extra size in the rear seat for the kids, but I just can't set myself up for so much trouble with a Fraud Falcon..

My current Magna has always been good on fuel, and very smooth and reliable; generally 10L/100km's, and as low as 8.4L/100 on a long freeway trip up to the mid north coast!

Can't wait to get a TL, they look waaaaaay better than the Falcon!

Thanks for reading.