17th Jun 2002, 14:32

I have a 1988 max and I'm very pleased with it. it has the 2.0 liter and 5-speed manual it isn't very fast, but it is a very strong little truck, and I'm quit happy with it.

7th Jan 2003, 10:17

I own a 1989 mighty max and she is draining me dry with repairs. I just hit 90,000 miles and my shifter fell off. I am currently looking for a replacement. If you have or know where I can find one, please contact me at: Sharpshooter6969@hotmail.com. Thank you.

3rd Jun 2003, 15:45

I have an 89 mighty max pick up and it is the worst thing I have ever driven. Between the smoking all the time, the poor performance, and a constant plucking of cash out of my pocket for parts, I will NEVER buy another mitsubishi pick up ever, ever again. When I finally got the thing to run right, that same day the accelerator cable snapped. It took me days and a lot of looking for that part. When I finally got that part fixed, that same day the shifter fell off in my hand in the middle of a three lane highway. To me it is the most unsafe, most uncomfortable truck I have ever owned. Whoever reads this take it from me don't buy it, and if you do please don't drive it with kids in it. It is a terrible truck. VERY VERY VERY VERY DISSATISFIED. JAMIE FROM SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY.

30th Aug 2003, 23:12

Just got an 89 Mitsubishi Pick Up with 300,000 miles logged on it and it still runs! Gas mileage is terrible. AC is perfect other than that it just won't quit.

8th Jul 2004, 13:07

My son bought an '89 Mighty Max to drive as his first vehicle - it has been very disheartening for us, as he saved his money from odd jobs to buy it and has never gotten to drive it yet. First we maintenanced it and I put over $500.00 in it in parts alone just to get it where it was drivable, only to find out that the motor was leaking oil really badly. Then the head cracked and that was the end of the motor. Worst part is I have so far been unable to find a used motor that I can actually afford to purchase to drop in the truck. So he has had it for a year now and still has nothing to drive. I can't get my money back out of it obviously and haven't had any luck getting it drivable either.

8th Jul 2005, 21:47

I have a 1988 Mighty Max 2.0, feed back carburetor, five speed 2wd pickup. I have spent a lot of time driving it, and a fair amount of time working on it. I have a lot of parts in it, and if I would have ever taken it to a mechanic instead of fixing it myself, it would be too expensive to own. But it tows stuff it shouldn't, hauls stuff it shouldn't, and drives through snow like a champ. If you don't pay shop rates for labor it's a great truck. I bought it used out of North Jersey with seventy thousand miles on it and put another fifty thousand it, replaced all sorts of things on it, but on the same token, it handles on flat tires, I have driven the engine 2quarts low on oil a bunch of times before I finally found all my oil leaks. Bottom line if you are a mechanic, are resourceful (they are scarce in junk yards), and you are willing to work on what you drive they are good trucks.

9th Sep 2005, 11:50

I have an 89 extended cab mighty max, I've owned it for a year, but haven't driven it yet... but not because is NEEDED repairs, it has been lowered 6 inches, I put a 400hp 350 Chevy in it, I'm redoing he interior, eventually redoing suspension and installing air ride, you guys just need to drop 350s in these tiny trucks and have some fun :)

16th Nov 2005, 15:36

I picked up my 89 Mighty Max from my buddies step dad. It has 103k miles and is really starting to show some problems. It leaks oil like crazy, the tranny sticks, it is very very slow, and I get absolutely horrible gas mileage. I'm talking around 10-14 miles per gallon.

The good thing is that it only cost me $400, and it was a gift, I didn't even pay for it. I like the truck and want to fix it up. But I'm not the best with cars, is it worth it?

16th Nov 2005, 21:34

You people complain that the trucks are falling apart, but you have to realize they are what, 15-17 years old and as said before, the 1990 year and the 2.0 engines were not the strongest out there and add in wear and tear and poor mainteanace, well what do you expect.

@to the one who said he wouldn't buy another Mitsu:

You don't have to worry, Mitsu stopped making trucks in the 90s so you don't have to worry, but if you're interested, they are making a new one, the Raider on a Dakota platform, you could try that lol...

9th Dec 2006, 18:12

1989 Mitsubishi Mighty Max with a 2.0L, Manual.

I love this little truck. Although at 197K I had to put a rebuilt in it as it was leaking oil like no tomorrow. I put a rebuilt in it and we are at 66K on the rebuilt and it runs strong. The truck gets roughly 19mpg which is pretty good, and it tows well on flat surfaces. However it does lack the power for going up those hills here in So Cal, when towing, but then again it is not used for towing all the time.

Unfotunately when this rebuilt will meet its maker it will probably be the end for the truck as it is hard to find parts for this vehicle.

27th Feb 2007, 12:31

1989 Mighty-Max 2.0, Auto.

Had it for about 3 years now and just hit 223 thousand miles on it. Strong motor if you know how to change oil and take care of it. Plan to keep this pickup for a long time.

12th Mar 2007, 15:33

I have a 1989 Mighty Max SB/SC with 160K miles. The front suspension squeaks like crazy. Whats the solution?

2nd May 2007, 19:18

Owned a 94 2.6L for about three years now.. the trucks at about 165k miles. and other than routine maint. I've put about $200 into the truck, but I do all maintenance myself.. doesn't leak a drop and gets me everywhere I need to go still exceeding 100mph.. have absolutely positively no complaints.

22nd Jun 2007, 23:47

I wrote a review on the 88, and it didn't show up here, so I'll try again.

I have an 88 Mighty Max SPX, and bought it new. It now has 279,000. I will drive this truck until it dies, I have no idea when that will be. It recently developed carb problems, I am going to switch to a Weber. If you can work on them yourself, there is no cheaper transportation out there, period. The SWB models are not comfortable, but the extended cab SPXs are. When it needs fixing, fix it right and keep on trucking. I found a junkyard in CA that has Mitsu parts, get online and find parts if you have to, you can find what you need. Probably needs valve stem seals to cure the morning smoking, last set was at 150,000. No oil leaks ever. The list of original parts still on this truck is astonishing. Only had to be towed once. Air still blows cold. Everything else still works, including all switches. These things are freaks, treat them right and they will take care of you.