11th Jul 2007, 16:42

Hello I own a 1987 Mighty Max.

I get about 20 miles to the gallon in the city, and about 14-15 in hwy.

I purchased the truck for 300$, and it was smoking. I rebuilt the head, replaced timing belt and oil pump belt, resealed the engine front to back, top and bottom, installed new gaskets, cost me about another 400$ It's been three years now, not a single drop of oil on the floor.

The one thing I don't like is the hills in SO CAL. The truck has about 100 horse power, but it's great for towing vehicles. It takes me back and forth to work. Recently my carb is been acting up, but it's only 80 to rebuilt it. I do the work myself, so it comes out a lot cheaper. It's great transportation.

2nd Feb 2008, 00:22

Hi All.

I live in Perth, Australia and have recently bought a 89 extra cab triton (mighty max to yanks) and it is a great little beast.

It doesn't lose any oil, starts great on cold mornings, cruises on 110km/h great considering it's a commercial and has pretty good pick up too.

Not sure about m/g yet, but seems to use little fuel.

Great Car and glad I bought it.

21st Feb 2008, 09:27

I had a 89 mighty max 2.0 5 speed for my first car. it had 133k when I got it no real prom just reg maintance. I didn't hold back on it, I ran it hard (first car) WFO. they may not be fast or pretty, but they run forever when you abuse them. they can haul amounts they they should not be able to, I had 3,260 lb of scrap metal on it once got the ticket to prove it to. all around good trk, wish I still had it. when we parted it had over 200k on it.

1st Apr 2008, 09:00

I have a 1989 mighty max 2.6 5-speed best truck I have ever owned 214,000 miles. these trucks are nearing 20 years old if they are driven average miles things should be wearing out. the 2.0 was a very bad idea, the 2.6 is the answer, at interstate speeds this truck will run with most v-6 engines.

I average 28miles per gallon with a/c.

29th Apr 2008, 14:11

I am the first owner of a 1988 Mighty Max 2.0 with automatic transmission. It is on its 2nd engine, with about 220,000 miles on it. AWESOME little truck.

It will be 20 years old this year. Still has the original shocks, original (stainless steel) exhaust system. Not a flake of rust on it (Bought it in North Carolina brand new, and now live in Virginia).

This is a 2-wheel drive truck, and I have driven this truck in 18 inches of snow (I have pictures to prove it). With 10-12 cinder blocks in the back and chains on the rear wheels, I was passing 4X4 idiots all the way home (this was in about 1995 if memory serves me correctly).

If you take normal care of this truck, it will not fail you. However, if you have had problems with yours, chances are you have had other problems in life, because if you can't keep this truck running, you probably can't roll a basketball down a hill without instructions!!!

22nd Feb 2009, 10:28

You folks whom have troubles with Mighty-Max pickups, more than likely, have trouble with all cars! The Mighty-Max was and still is the best darn little truck ever made! You just need to take care of it if you want it to perform like the little champs they are, I have 30 of them, and have personally worn out three of them but I can still crank those and prob. will run better than most of these other guys with complaints. If you keep the oil changed, and burn good clean premium fuel these trucks would last over 300,000 miles, and get 25mpg! If you need parts email Hooters_Poncho@yahoo.com Thanks;

31st Jan 2010, 01:30

I learned to drive in an '86 Dodge Ram 50 (same as a Mighty Max, but badged as and sold by Dodge). It survived two kids learning how to drive and was an extremely reliable truck. The maintenance schedule was followed -- something you have to do with those trucks. The reviewer likely failed to do so.

And I would suggest that one never buy a Mighty Max with an automatic. They're underpowered enough, and an automatic's characteristics don't help in that regard.

15th Nov 2010, 23:55

I have a 1989 Max and I love it. It has 250,000 miles on it and it runs like crazy. I think everyone should have a Max!

21st Mar 2011, 20:27

Same thing happened to me and it was seat a 5 dollar plastic seat cup that the shifter pivots on that got looser over time and that I bought at the dealer.

8th May 2011, 06:57

I have an 89 2.0 Mighty Max. I am getting dis-heartened due to the money I've put into it, and the money I still need to put into it. Now after having the carburetor replaced, I find the module control (computer) isn't working. Now trying to find a mechanic who knows anything about this almost antique is next to impossible. I am going to lose a lot of money getting rid of this money pit. It runs good, it is strong, but the finding parts and repairs is killing me.

11th Jun 2011, 22:59

I have an 89 Mighty Max that has 170,000 miles on it. I purchased it when it had 132,000 miles on it, 10 years ago. I don't drive it very much, but it has been quite reliable, and I have had almost zero repairs on it. I don't take extra care of it, and I think it may have caught up with me. It now chugs slowly when I try to start it, and has no power. I haven't done much trouble shooting except the electrical, which seems OK. I think it may be a bad vacuum hose, as I can smell a little unburned fuel from the exhaust. No gas leaking under the hood. Anyway, I think it has been a great truck for the small amount of miles I put on it.

1st Oct 2011, 09:52

I am thinking of buying an 89 Mighty Max. What fuel mileage do you get? Frank at fjsmentowski@gmail.com

8th Oct 2011, 15:26

I own the same truck, I love it! I'm getting around 30 mpg, but I have excessive water vapor from my exhaust??

11th Oct 2011, 10:38

I'm interested in parts for my 94, she is and always has been an unreal beast!


20th Dec 2011, 22:42

Has anyone every had a timing belt come off? I just put a new 2.0 in it, and the timing tensioner came off. I am wondering if the motor is screwed up now, it shut right off? Please advise... please email me @ Preludeguy98@hotmail.com. Please hurry.

27th Dec 2011, 16:51

Bought a 1995 Mighty Max for three hundred bucks. Put in another hundred in parts, but having a smoking problem, not oil. Can anybody help me with this? At start up, no smoke, but when it heats up, that's when it starts to smoke.

17th Jan 2012, 08:33

I just got a 1989 Mighty Max SPX. It had been sitting for a couple of years, but with a new battery it fired right up. I have some seized brakes and rotted brake lines, but have been working on it, shouldn't be too much to get it running again. Anyone have suggestions for parts locations?

Also having trouble shifting into 2nd. Once it's in 2nd, it drives fine. Any suggestions?