2000 Mitsubishi Mirage DE 1.8 sedan from North America


The Red Rocket


A/C compressor went out at 110000.

Lights in the dash are slowly going out.

Paint's chipping pretty badly.

Dome light doesn't go on in the on position, and only half the time on the door position.

Steering wheel shakes after 70mph (not the alignment).

Upholstery on the door is coming off.

Trunk leaks when it snows.

Fuel door gets stuck sometimes.

General Comments:

The Mirage has been a great economical car. I was originally looking at Civics to purchase, but saw this car for a lot under blue book value, so I went out on a limb, bought it, and I am glad I did.

My gas mileage averages around 28 mpg with a medium foot 50/50 driving; wish I found a manual. It's pretty quick for a 4 cylinder. I would like it a little faster, but it has enough passing power as it is.

I was leaving a shopping center when an old guy starts coming towards me. I slam on the brakes, completely stopped, but he keeps coming right at me and wrecks my poor Mirage. Luckily only the bumper and right headlight got smashed, but the insurance company totaled it, and I received a nice check for $2500, and did the bodywork myself for $80, the cost of the headlight, and she still runs like a champ!

I love how big the glove box is. I honestly have never seen a glove box bigger than my Mirage's.

The car is very roomy for a subcompact sedan; there is enough room for 3 adults in the back, and it fits me comfortably in the front.

The stock speakers sounded like crap, so I installed a Pioneer dock and Pioneer speakers all around.

The only faults I have found with this car are the paint is chipping pretty badly, and with the car being red, it looks god awful, the A/C compressor started becoming very noisy and needed to be replaced for $500, but you have to expect stuff to go out with a used car with this many miles.

Wish I had found one with power locks and windows, a tachometer, and perhaps a sun roof, and then I would have the perfect car. I'm surprised there aren't as many as these around as Civics! This car is a cheaper alternative to the Civic, and I'd definitely consider buying another Mitsubishi after owning my Mirage.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2010

8th Jul 2011, 00:16

Original reviewer here. Got a delivery job last year. The car is running great with 130k+. Nothing else has gone wrong as of yet (knock on wood).

31st Aug 2011, 22:21

Original reviewer back. Guess I knocked on faux wood. The alternator went out at 133k; $450.

5th Dec 2011, 00:35

Original reviewer, one last time. Sold the car, was running like a top at 140k. It was a great run...

Got a 2004 Accord with 160k miles now!! Let's see how long this baby can last me.

2000 Mitsubishi Mirage DE 1.3 from North America


I like this one, but I'd buy another in a minute


Very minor things, probably related to the car's age more than anything else.

In early 2010, we fixed a small oil leak in the gear box.

Recently (within the past month) we had an oxygen sensor go bad, and that caused the check engine light to come on; that was also easily fixed.

Other than that, we've followed the regular services and never had a serious problem.

General Comments:

Wonderful car! A pleasant surprise when I went for a test drive; I drove 3 of this model more before finally purchasing 1. I haven't been disappointed since.

I love the fuel efficiency. I regularly record 40+ mpg with mostly running-around-town type of driving. The handling is nice, never awkward. We call this car "sure-footed" because of the solid handling and reliability.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2010

1st May 2017, 17:52

Still have this car after 17 years. Up to around 155,000 miles and running great. Paint is good, no rust (although did redo the undercoating on the wheel wells last fall), interior is fine. We have no plans for a new car, as this one does so well!