1st Apr 2015, 20:30

I own one too and I fully agree with you.

11th Jun 2015, 11:52

Actually the Mitsubishi Mirage sells multiple times better than the maker expected.

If you take one for a test drive, or just ask somebody who owns one, you will find out why.

Mitsubishi is a huge and highly diverse corporation, and they have committed themselves to staying in the US. They would be stupid if not.

11th Jun 2015, 15:37

I disagree; the Mirage is a combination of Metro and Lexus, the best of both a true hybrid that wins in every category except speed and handling, but it does go fast enough to leave traffic and get speeding tickets, and the cornering is easily improved with an aftermarket rear sway bar.

11th Jun 2015, 19:55

The reasons why professional 'car reviewers' rate the car so low is because they compare the Mirage to all the other cars out there. From a Beetle to a Ferrari.

Just like every other car, this one has strengths and weaknesses. Most of the owners, including myself, find that the strengths outweigh the weaknesses.

11th Jul 2015, 11:29

Original reviewer here. I now have over 16,000 miles on the car, and it has been rock solid. It went to the dealership for discolored/corroded-looking lug nuts on the left front wheel, and for a (still) janky iPod/USB connection, but that is it.

I was getting 45-ish MPG over a tank in the colder weather prevalent when I posted the original review; this has improved to 50+ in the summertime. Average is 50-52, and the best so far has been 55.1 MPG... CITY! And not from point A to point B, but over a whole tank. I have hit 60 MPG during single trips.

Of course, this is with what I'd call 'mild' hypermiling. Putting an extra 10 PSI in the tires, anticipating lights, accelerating slowly, coasting when I can, staying off the brakes as much as possible, etc.

29th Jul 2015, 20:15

I've had my U.S. manual ES for 9 months now with 13,000 miles. I do about 30% city and 70% mellow highway driving. I've been averaging 45 MPG per tank. I've hit 64 MPG dashboard reading on a flat stretch at 50 mph. I've maxed at 57 MPG for a tank doing a long distance highway trip with hills at 55 mph.

This is definitely a low speed car. I think the sweet spot in 5th gear is 100 kph (~60 mph) at 3,000 RPM. I agree this is not the best choice for lots of 65 - 70 mph highway driving, but it handles it just fine. I live in rural Northern California with windy steep highways with 65 mph speed limits and the car does great, if you're OK not trying to pass on a 5% grade at 65 mph.

I too was appalled at the professional reviews. They all came at the car from the wrong perspective of what it was intended for. I personally see the third world target market in many aspects of the car and I think they are an asset, not a drawback. I live on a dirt road and this car handles it better than any other micro / subcompact that I've been in.

I've been looking for a Geo Metro-like option for a while now and I can't express how excited I was when I learned of this car. I've been in the market for my first new car for the last 5 years, and this one sealed the deal.

I've been very happy with it. This car kills it in the city, especially with its turning radius. I've driven it on rural logging roads and it plows through them. I've merged onto Oakland freeways with complete success: you just have to be comfortable pushing to 5,000+ RPM. I carry 4 adults regularly and comfortably. I did a weekend car camping trip last weekend and carried my fiancée and I + chairs, coolers, tent, sleeping bags, duffle bags, etc. and still had a clear rear view mirror line of sight.

Anyways, I completely agree with the review. I can't recommend the car enough.

17th Sep 2015, 23:06

"Actually the Mitsubishi Mirage sells multiple times better than the maker expected."

Uh huh. That must be why Mitsubishi has announced there will be no 2016 version of the Mirage. Presumably the dealers still have enough unsold 2015 models on hand to last well into next year...

2nd Nov 2015, 18:38

I almost did not buy this car because of the professional reviews. I am glad that I looked up the owners reviews.

The Mitsubishi Mirage is a fun economical car to drive and gets a lot of attention on the street. I have only put 2600 miles on mine, and quite a few people have approached me about the car and asking questions about the car.

Mine is the version with all the bells and whistles, and the constant velocity auto transmission.

If I keep it at 65 mph, my best mileage has been 48.5 MPG. It has become somewhat addictive to try and improve upon the mileage. At the same time, it is quite spry in its acceleration; this car will cruise at 70-80 mph with no problems, and climbs a steep mountain grade with the cruise control on at 70 mph, and if I wanted, it would go faster.

Yes the rear suspension is soft and has a somewhat rolling twisting feeling when taking long sweeping connecting freeway ramps at speed, but it does create a quite nice ride for such a small car. I will look into sway bars for the car.

The interior feels quite large with a lot of leg room; I am 6.1 and 240lbs and I have no problem in getting in the car or being comfortable while driving.

On the dislike side, the navigation system seems difficult to understand; there are a lot of steps to go through to find a destination. I would not try to do this while driving; I stop and park while I use this system.

The stereo system is quite nice sounding, but has a limited range as far as station reception.

All being said, I am very happy with my little car, and this is from a guy who has mostly had muscle cars and trucks.

I highly recommend this car. It's really fun to pull in the gas station with the gauge showing a 1/4 tank and put 6 gallons of fuel in it. I'm laughing all the way to the bank.

12th Nov 2015, 20:28

I have a Mirage and really like it. I don't "love" it, in the way some enthusiasts might their classic sports cars, but am thoroughly satisfied.

Most reviews, it seems, are comical in their focus. I agree with this writer that I don't need soft plastics. I do want reliability, efficiency, and low cost. This car is also very easy to park and move through crowded streets.

Here is my review of the Mirage (if I am to be a pro car reviewer). Compared to a military tank, the Mirage lacks armor, power, and off-road capability. It is also considerably less safe in a collision with another tank. As such, most buyers will want to spend the few extra dollars and go with the tank.

16th Nov 2015, 06:18

No, it doesn't use a timing belt, but a chain. The valves are hydraulic and not adjustable, nor do they ever need to be unless the engine is getting an overhaul...