16th Nov 2015, 06:19

Doesn't require synthetic oil either...

3rd Dec 2015, 14:10

Original reviewer here again. I'd like to thank everyone for their fantastic replies!

I have had the car for almost exactly a year, and have put just over 27,000 miles on it. The Mirage has needed nothing but oil changes thus far, though I am coming up on my first set of replacement tires and front brake pads. I was able to buy a set of new car take-off OEM tires from another Mirage owner, and will replace the pads myself with OEM pads sourced from the dealer.

Great little car! Still getting MPG in the mid to upper 40s here in the dead of winter. I liked it when I bought it... I LOVE it now.

12th Jun 2016, 13:01

You could not have said it better! I own a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES with all the options. The cool thing about the tiny Mirage is that you can get a base one with no options or a top of the line one loaded to the gills. Mitsubishi gives customers a wide range of options and choices with the Mirage which very few small cars do these days. Most small cars of this size you could never dream of getting a Navigation Unit, Park Assist Sensors, Push Button Start, Automatic Climate Control, FAST Key Keyless Access and much much more! But with the Mirage you can. I wanted a super small efficient car that had all the options of a larger car and was well under the $20,000.00 mark that was reliable and not cramped inside. The Mirage delivers on that front!

I could not be happier with my Mirage and I love everything about the car. Sure it's not super fast or super refined, but it's not supposed to be people, it's a subcompact not a Volvo! Come on people, go drive one and form your own opinion and you may just be surprised. I was very hesitant on driving one due to the negative reviews making it sound like it's a piece of junk and unsafe. That is not true; it simply is what it is, a small 3 cylinder car that is basic transportation with excellent fuel economy and tons of features. I have had mine 1 year now and 9,000 miles later I love it more than the day I bought it, and 3 years from now I will have another Mirage. I have had no issues to date and average around 40 MPG in the city and 45 MPG on the highway, and if I am careful I can even break a steady 50 MPG on the highway and I live in the mountains. I imagine someone who lives in the flat lands or plains could really bust the window sticker MPG on this thing.

1st Mar 2018, 15:49

Your review has made my day good sir.

16th Mar 2018, 18:06

I also have a Geo and I am thinking the same thing. It seems like the 2018 models do not have the cruise control with the manual transmission. I am wondering if I should get a 2015 model, and what years the manual and the cruise control were offered together.

18th Mar 2018, 19:42

A search through a popular website shows 18 Mirages with cruise control and a stick, nation wide. Strongly consider how much you want the former option, because the three-banger really demands the manual transmission.

But I agree — the car gets a bad rap. It’s the modern Metro, which is in no way a slur. The only thing I would worry about is Mitsubishi pulling out of the US market.