1991 Mitsubishi Montero LS 3.0 Litre V6 from North America


A reliable, and capable Sport Utility Vehicle


Air conditioning failed at 110,000 miles.

General Comments:

This truck has been very good to me. Reliability has never been an issue, and nothing has gone wrong that cost me more than three hundred dollars.

The truck could use a little more spunk to get to seventy miles per hour faster on an on-ramp, but it gets there if you push it.

This was a HUGE improvement over the 1988 Chevy Blazer. Keep in mind, I bought the Blazer new, and only put 36,000 miles on it before the transmission and electrical system failed.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2001

1991 Mitsubishi Montero LS V6 from North America


A great vehicle to buy if you're interested in throwing money away (buy American!!!)


After the Aerostar finally died, we had to buy a new car. We bought the Mitsubishi because it was 4-wheel drive and looked cool, but we quickly found out it wasn't. So far:

- Each doors' power window has malfunctioned at some time or another.

- We have to replace about a gallon of antifreeze in the car every 1-2 weeks.

- Oil leaks, too.

- Oil/antifreeze combo goes onto the manifold; makes the car smoke like Marlboro man.

- Windshield washer works when it wants to.

- Rear door handles don't work from the inside anymore (not child locks).

- Rust in strange places (e.g. front of the hood).

- About every piece of radio is held on with Krazy Dlue, duct tape, or combo.

- The radiator starts emitting orangeish-brown fluid during long drives; marrs the finish.

General Comments:

Car drives OK, gets decent fuel mileage, good speakers, but there are problems (see above).

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2000

24th May 2001, 15:43

To tell you the truth, I am suprised by the fact that so much has happened to you with this truck. I have put 169,000 miles on my '91 Montero LS, and the only thing that went wrong was the air conditioning compressor. Your problems may be due to mistreatment.

This was not directed at you, but at the previous owner.

1991 Mitsubishi Montero RS 6 cylinder from North America


Rear differential and will eventually need a valve job, nothing else beyond usual maintenance.

General Comments:

Been very happy with the car and like the old Daktari styling versus the newer minivanish look.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998