24th Jul 2001, 23:00

Our 91 Montero LS has been in our family for 10 years. It currently has 217,000 miles and the first major thing to go was the transmission at this mileage. The Montero then sat in my grandmother's driveway for two years (1999-2001) until last month the decision was made to rebuild the transmission. After two years of sitting in a driveway through rain and snow she started on the first try. Now that the transmission is rebuilt I look forward to many more miles on the old girl. This vehicle is a testament to the durability of the Montero and the engineering prowess of Mitsubishi. I find it hard to believe that you had so many problems with such a great vehicle that has provided flawless operation for so many years in my family. It will be a sad day when we finally lose our reliable old friend. We are going for 500,000 miles. ;-)

1st Nov 2001, 19:58

I've been an Automotive Technician since 1969. Using my experience with a myriad of auto brands and models, and my limited pocket-book, I bought a new Montero in 1990. I still love it! I've towed a 3000 pound boat for about 75,000 miles of the 183,000 miles now on the odometer. I've had no problems.


The previous comment hit the nail on the head "Your problems may be due to mistreatment." Looks to me like most problems stem from either not changing the coolant at proper intervals or it may have had straight water without the anti-rust properties of antifreeze. The overheating and "orangish-brown" fluid leaks may be caused by internal rusting of the cooling system. I'd bet the steel in the headgasket(s) (V6??) and/or the coreplugs, waterpump impeller, coolant pipes is/are the culprits.


"- Oil leaks, too."

Most common source: Brittle, cracked rubber valve cover gaskets, a very minor problem that should cost less than $75 to fix.

"Windshield washer works when it wants to."

I wouldn't use such a trivial problem such as this to knock the vehicle as a whole... You can buy a universal pump at a discount store for under $10...


"Rear door handles don't work from the inside anymore".

More "LACK of care" Very few auto repair shops take the time to lube latches and linkages. They'll put 5 quarts of oil in the engine and not a drop anywhere else!! (one of my pet-peeves) Just hope the part wasn't broken by excessive force after the rust set in... I've seen complete DOORS fall off because no one ever oiled the hinges!!! (BTW, this was on a GM car <GRIN>


"Rust in strange places"

Last wax job?? Accident, shoddy bodywork???


"About every piece of radio is held on with krazy glue, duct tape, or combo"

Was that krazy glue and duct tape made in the USA???

If you keep this vehicle, check with the previous owner or shop that took care of it to find out how many miles it's been since the timing belt was replaced. OEM belts should be replaced every 60,000 miles.

"Highly saturated nitryl" (premium grade replacement) belts replaced every 90K.

Just play the song: "Start the Commotion" by the Wiseguys.

4th Aug 2003, 23:16

My '90 developed valve guide and piston ring problems at about 120,000. The guides tend to drop out of position, allowing oil to seep past especially during idle. The result is a puff of smoke when pulling away from an extended stop (such as a red light). The fix is to install improved valve guides with a snap ring to hold them in place.

The rings also tend to lose their elasticity with high mileage, causing more smoke. I rebuilt the top end at 150,000 (couldn't stand the smoke any longer), and am now facing the same thing again at 225,000. Turns out the machine shop didn't replace all the guides the first time, only those that had dropped.

I used a quality synthetic oil for many miles, until the usage became too expensive to keep pouring $4 quarts of oil into the darn thing. Overall not a bad rig, but certainly not up to Land-cruiser standards. Wish I'd bought the Toyota, frankly.

14th Nov 2004, 21:56

I bought a 91 LS 4x4 from the original owner, with 125K carefully driven miles, and just regular maintenance done to it. Now it's got 185K miles, and it drives better by the day, really. The only item I replaced (rebuilt, actually) is the starter motor. Other than that it has been one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever owned. Took it to Baja for off-roading many times, towed my bikes for thousands of miles, it does not consume a drop of oil, and I get 20 miles per gallon. I like it every day more and more, I wish I have a chance to buy a new old stock, it'd last forever.

3rd Aug 2006, 14:34

Love my Montero LS, but puzzled by recent problem. Cylinder gets spark and fuel, but no ignition. Engine turns over fine, but not even a pop. Anyone have a similar problem?

5th May 2007, 09:06

I have 240K miles on a 91 Montero RS and have recently purchased another one with only 153K miles on it. Priced at $2,400 I believe that it's in good shape and will give me a least 100K more miles. I don't know whether or not I'll sell the higher mileage one or keep it around, (for parts?). It's a smoker and the valve cover gasket leaks dripping some oil on the exhaust manifold resulting in bad smells. As I drive a gravel road that gets the MgCl treatment yearly, the vehicle has been used and abused, but still runs well. Some of the problems I've encountered are turn signals that need to be set twice to work, (sometimes) ; rotted rubber transmission fluid tube that leaked; headlight hi-low beam relay failure; and the time smoke from a electrical short emerged from the steering column cover, (never figured that one out).

All in all an excellent vehicle for me. -Bob, Colorado.

7th Jun 2007, 22:03

As every body says mistreatment of the car... My dad bought a Montero when they came out in 1991, a Montero LS 4x4 3.0 V6 and it's a very tough truck it out lasted a 1993 Jeep Cherokee and now we bought another one, sure the new ones look flashy, but when you wanna get somewhere remote fast take the 1991 because that 4WD system is the best money can buy!!!if any body reads this and has a 1991 Montero put the 4WD on and try to make a u turn while on pavement!!the whole truck shakes!!!that's h0w strong a drivetrain is supposed to be!! none of that electrical knob 4x4 just levers and locking hubs!!!and don't get me started on the power!!i can say that it accelerates from a complete stop to about 55MPH faster than an 2004 Mitsubishi Outlander MIVEC and that AC is so friggin COOL!!16 years and it's not broken down yet the only major problem was the computer and minor is the stabilizer bar link isn't rated EXTREMLY RUGGED terrain at 45 miles an Hour!!and this baby can haul a 26 feet boat without even getting to 5,000RPM smooth sailing!!it's such a good truck I'm going to buy another one, but the one that has the Sunroof cause mine was the one that came before that on it an LS, but with out the sunroof!!