16th Jul 2009, 09:05

I had a Toyota Surf 2.5 Diesel. Very bad car, always getting hot. I will try a Pajero now. I will report to you guys my test. CK.

20th Aug 2009, 20:40

Great 4x4 - Cheap 7 seater as this model is 15/16 years old. Own 1, love it. I have had Land Cruisers and Hilux’s but this is by far the best big 7 seat car I have had on all the Morton Bay island. And surprisingly little rust (My Land Cruiser and Hilux's exploded with rust) Plenty of power and at 200000km no problems. I purchased 2nd hand with 130000km and still as good as it was then... Great, cheap, reliable, big 4x4. Love it.

9th Dec 2010, 21:20

My 1994 3lt Paj has done 270,000 Kms, I have had it for 10 years, and the only thing I have replaced aside from serviceable items is the clutch.

I've driven it very, very, hard. Still sits on 170kms on the open road, no worries at all. It has no rust. The thing just keeps going and going. I would certainly recommend it for the price to anyone.

3rd Jan 2012, 17:38

I've owned one and it was really good. I had no problems with it, it just kept on driving. I had the 2.8 turbo diesel, which was pretty good considering the size of the motor and how heavy the vehicle is. It is a bit heavy, but that just makes it ride better on the road. It just used to float along and soak up the bumps. I had put in the suspension seat from the older models, and I love it.

I have taken it a fair bit of places off-road, and did pretty good considering it was all stock. The low range gearbox worked really good; it held you back when you were descending hills and driving up through the rough stuff; it worked really good.

I would much rather have this Pajero than any other Toyota Landy or Patrol. It is just a really balanced 4x4.