31st Jan 2008, 06:09

I agree with the previous comments, lets be objective in what we say about a product and give reasonable justifications as to why we would prefer or not prefer a given model, our comments go a long way in helping many make decisions on what to buy and what not to, so if we wanna trash something, lets give concrete reasons why, if not, wed rather just read and not comment. I personally am interested in the car and do not see why I shouldn't buy the Pajero based on the first review above. (Mike Odhiambo)

27th Sep 2010, 02:24

I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Pajero DID Exceed 3.2L Turbo with Auto transmission.

I bought it when it was 6 years old and with 57,000km on the clock. It has now done 140,000km and it is still going.

The car handles like a large saloon with extremely good acceleration for a diesel car of its size. On open road it is advisable to keep an eye on the speedo as you will easily do 140 KPH while thinking you are at 100. The fuel consumption is 7.5-8km a litre which is fine given Nairobi traffic and about 10km on open road.

It is a very reliable car and the only breakdown it has had is a broken radiator hose which cost approximately $125 to fix. The brake pad use is high. I replace brake pads every 10-15,000km.

The car is an excellent off-roader and is very comfortable on long safaris. Recently the heater stopped working effectively i.e. car not getting hot enough inside. I was informed that it is a hose blockage, which is a minor problem, but unfortunately it requires taking down the entire dashboard to get to it. Not sure I want to do that. Electric mirror switch failed and new one cost $400.

Other than that the car comes highly recommended.

13th Nov 2015, 05:32

Thank you for the good review; I am in Nairobi as well and considering a Paj... perhaps 2004 upwards. Most reviews I have read elsewhere speak of a reliable, easy to drive, comfortable and somewhat an underrated on and off-road SUV. And of course except for the very latest models, the earlier ones seem a bit heavy on fuel; so something to have in mind while purchasing. The reviews also reveal the car's ability to hit high mileage and still be running okay.

I don't seem to read much about the cost of repair and spare parts, but I guess the car is so reliable that it hardly breaks down, and when it does, the cost is negligible compared to the level of reliability. That is the impression I get from the many reviews I have read about Pajeros, and with that in mind, I think I am ready to give it trial. Thank you all.