16th Nov 2012, 18:51

I'm very interested in a Junior, but can't find a description of the 4WD system anywhere. Is it simply selected by a lever control, as on the larger Pajero?


1st Dec 2012, 23:04

Hi Bob.

I have a Pajero Jr, and went hunting with it on a friend's farm. Shot a deer and strapped it to my bonnet, and drove it back to the farm house. It was awesome; that's beside the point though.

To your question, it has auto hubs, so all you do is put the vehicle in neutral and select 4 wheel hi or low, put it into gear and go. It's as easy as. And to disengage the hubs; neutral again, put it into 2 wheel high, then reverse an inch or two, and you will hear the hubs disengage, and off you go...

21st Dec 2012, 06:47


I have just bought a Pajero Junior. In regards to the 4 wheel drive system, I push the lever down and move to 4H or 4L, and the light on the dash comes on; am I then in full 4 wheel drive? This might sound odd, but how do I know I'm in 4 wheel drive, as it's an old jeep. Also disengaging the 4x4, I haven't been reversing. Does this matter?

4x4 is all new to me. Any tips would be appreciated.


10th Jan 2013, 21:40

OMG, by the time I got to this reply page, I almost forgot what the question was.

If the light is on, you are in 4 wheel drive. I have not reversed either to get back into normal drive mode. I didn't see that in the manual; I will try it next time.

A fantastic wee car; parking is so easy. I did actually lose my Junior once in a car park. I forgot where I'd parked, and it is so small I just could not see it amongst all the other cars.

I normally ferry two children around, and the room in the back is ample for that. I also ferry two grown adults in the back. They have to be close friends.

The car handles better with a full load on board, people or junk for the dump, it is noticeable.

I get around 150 miles to a full tank before hitting the empty line. This is before any lights illuminate to tell me I'm empty (I have never seen a light, does one exist?). It is just from the lowest line to the uppermost (full) line. At the moment that costs me around £31 at £1.32 per litre (Rip off Britain prices). I do mainly around town miles. I have noticed motorway driving at sensible speeds is much more economic.

I have had my Junior for just over a year now. It is a 1996 and I am still loving it. I can't fault it. Air con, electric windows etc. It's right bang tidy.