1995 Mitsubishi RVR X3 2.0 Intercooled turbo from Australia and New Zealand


The best and fastest car I've ever owned


I recently had the cam belts done, including tensioners, cam seals, etc.Cost me over $1100.00.

General Comments:

This 5spd manual is incredibly fast and red lines at 7000 rpm happily.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2004

1995 Mitsubishi RVR Super Sports Gear 2.0 turbo petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A great buy for 12k


Well Well, what can I say. I had the thing for 3 days and the transmission failed on me. However, it was on its way out. More than likely because of the previous owner. Not to worry, it cost a little over a grand to get fixed, not to mention the month long search to find the right gear box for it!

The wheel bearings started to make noises at about 110,000kms. So, I had them replaced. They were quite east to find.

I think now the head gasket is on its way out, it seems to be leaking dribbles of oil, but only after a hard drive, so I will be replacing that to.

Spark plugs and leads will be replaced in the next 5000kms, I pulled a plug out the other day and it was quite dirty, so they are getting replaced.

And last, but not least, is the timing belt is due to be changed soon, and I need to find one, so if anyone knows of where I can get one, please comment on this review.

General Comments:

For sure this car exceeds its looks, but its the little things that bring it down.

There is no way I am going to bag the car though, its great.

The room in the back is amazing!! You can fold back the front and back seats to make a sort of double bed.

Some on played with my car in Japan I think and added a bit of woodgrain to it. The gear changer, steering weel (by momo) and all around the air con vents have woodgrain edging! Quite nice indeed!!

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Review Date: 11th November, 2003

29th Nov 2003, 18:22

Sounds like You purchased a car that had been pushed pretty hard before you got it... I just put a new 3 inch exhaust with a WRX box on the end. Whoa what a difference. Thinking about chipping it up next. As for parts I would just bite the bullet and go through your mechanic. I am noticing more and more of these RVR's around these days.

1995 Mitsubishi RVR 2 from Australia and New Zealand


Easily under estimated at the lights..


The only thing so far, has been the idle screw slowly vibrated loose. This caused all sorts of confusion when trying to find the problem. Tires scrub out quickly on the fronts.

General Comments:

This vehicle is poor on fuel economy and slow to respond on initial take off. But don't be fooled, This vehicle is sure makes up for it when she slips into second gear. A fantastic small family vehicle. The vision is unsurpassed making it very safe to drive. The kids love the roomy back seats and compartments where they keep their books and toys. Excellent climate control. Bit of a head turner. A lot of people ask questions. To combat the fuel problem I am fitting a Three inch Exhaust and see how it goes... Overall thumbs up for this one.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2003

6th Sep 2004, 16:14

I own a 1996 RVR Super Sports Gear or SSG for short.

These vehicles have everything that you could wish for in a car and more.

Performance is second to none and it wipes the floor with anything of the same ilk.

Damn shame that they weren't promoted worldwide because they are serious machines in this guise.

2 litre Lancer Evo Turbo engine pushing out 227bhp as standard for the A/T and 247bhp M/T and permanent 4WD, tons of torque,tardis interior with removable and adjustable seats, wonderful vision, climate control, digital compass, bags of storage for the kids, multiple 12v sockets and above all else Mitsubishi reliability.

I'm looking for a Workshop manual, repair guide or service book.

I would even settle for the Russian version if anybody has one and I'll have it translated.

18th May 2005, 03:33

I have a Mitsubishi RVR Super Sports gear, a nice car, but a lot of electronics. have got a problem with the 4G63 engine, at low engine rpm. the engine stalls and does not accelerate properly, at over 2000 rpm all is well, what is the problem have tried everywhere to find out.

29th May 2005, 09:40

The problem can be the Mass air flow sensor that is between air filter and intake.

I am also looking for that part (E5T06071) for my 1995 RVR.

If anyone can help, just contact me: cvale2005@msn.com.

Best regards.

12th Sep 2010, 02:39

I am almost buying a Mitsubishi RVR. To those who've used it, please advise me. My email is: gudah1285@yahoo.co.uk.

27th Jun 2011, 04:04

I need some help.

My 1995 Mitsubishi RVR just lost its water pump.

How does one replace it? Does the engine require removal?