12th Jan 2004, 22:37

Have just bought a jap import '95 Super Sports gear - goes great, but wondering how to reset the electronic compass so it stops flashing... can anyone help?

26th Jan 2004, 05:01

I have always been an RVR fan - I think it is a nice combination of fun and function. If your Compass is broken, I just posted one on Ebay for sale. I am interested in selling car parts now that I am stationed here in Japan. My Ebay id is: Chaser_Tourer if you would like to search for it. I hope yours is not broke though. Take care.

14th Mar 2004, 20:06

Hi, This is the writer of this review. Thanks for your comments. I am having trouble with my RVR at the moment. When I take off and the turbo starts to spool under load, my car has a bit of a stutter like its either not getting enough fuel, or its flooding. Its OK if you slowly speed up, but if you wanna take off, that's when I had the problem. I am going to try and blow out the fuel lines when my tank is empty with high pressure air, just to see if there is any blockages in the lines somewhere. If anyone else has had this problem and fixed it. Can you tell me how. I would be very appreciative! It would be easier if you emailed me at david@harnetcorp.com. Thanks.


9th Apr 2004, 02:10

Part no for Gates timing belt, T168 Part no for Gates balance sharft belt, T167.

14th Jul 2004, 01:39


My RVR is great fun... shame about the fuel consumption. I am having trouble with the fan belt though. It screeches when I first start her up. Once warmed up, it's fine. There doesn't appear to be any wear to the belt itself either. Does anyone have any ideas and also is anyone aware of the part number for replacement please??



1st Sep 2005, 20:07

The missing when boost is starting to come in is quite common - given the age of the cars no this is not to be unexpected. This can generally be traced back to the coils, leads or spark plugs. Check the coils are getting correct voltage and replace spark plugs with iridium items as they reduce the loads on the coils and reduce chances of misfire. Start with replacing the plugs, leads and finally coils as they are the most expensive.

The airflow meter rarely gives problems. Good luck.

23rd Jan 2007, 05:48

My RVR has troubled starting up in cold places. It takes 3 to 4 attempts before it starts. It has very low pull when I start up the engine in the morning. It picks up after I drive for about 2 km. It also makes unusual noise from the engine. I reside in Tanzania and most of our mechanics here don’t want to touch saying they are not good cars and cannot be repaired. Can anyone help?


19th Jun 2009, 22:25

To reset the compass on your RVR after the battery has been unplugged etc and it's flashing around. All you do is (I do it at night in the supermarket carpark) just drive 3 full circles on hard lock left hand down. Go round and around holding the button down under the compass. It resets it.

10th Aug 2018, 00:35

Exactly my problem, these cars are nonsense, a great shame. Mine you can crank and crank until the battery dies. I changed everything: the pump, oil filter, plugs, oil, battery, gasket, took the head for a test, but it's still hard to start and it's now drinking fuel like hell. The engine expires; I'm sure nobody can fix these cars. My app number is +263772578239.