22nd May 2007, 08:57

2nd update May 2007, now passed the 92000 mile mark and first MoT. I had the brakes relined all round and new discs front and rear and it sailed through. The rear tyres have now clocked up 60000 miles!! and still have 4mm tread, although that's more a tribute to Ambassador tyres (budget brand from ATS) rather than the car. Only issue is the paint on the bonnet is getting heavily chipped from stones and winter gritting. Still amazed by the build quality, everything works, nothing seems worn, there are no rattles from the trim just a good car. Due to mileage I'll probably keep running it as resale value will be low, but it won't be a chore. If you see a 1.9 DiD for sale grab it, it isn't a limo, but it won't let you down.

14th Jan 2010, 18:18

I have a 52 plate 1.9 did, in black with the Mitzy spoilers and skirts. What a great car and super engine, it's a pocket rocket, good for 130... so I have been told.

85000mls, cambelt done £120, rear discs, pads, front discs and pads.

This car was made in Holland with the Volvo V40. Rear pads are the same, and for cheap calipers, use Volvo, not Mitzy.

Top bearing failure on front shocks, £7 each, top plate only £25.

Front discs £30 pair, £18 for pads.

Top class motor, not rare in IOW cos they have a dealership there, saw loads on holiday.

20th Sep 2010, 06:54

Further update on the original car, now reached 194000 miles and still going like a dream. Last MOT in May required a number plate bulb only, new pads/discs fitted to rear in February and another set of tyres. Otherwise only servicing every 10,000 miles with a good quality semi-synthetic oil.

Like the previous comment, my car is also black with spoiler and bodykit factory fitted. Now that my wife is giving up work, the car will earn a deserved retirement dropping from 150 miles a day to around 50 miles a week.

This is simply the best car ever I've owned, or probably ever will. I am really gutted that Mitsubishi stopped building the Space Star and didn't replace it.

24th May 2011, 08:38

The venerable Spacestar has now had it's 6th birthday and another MoT. Once again, only a number plate bulb required replacing and no advisory comments from the tester other than 'passed with flying colours'. Mileage is now over the magic 200k at 200,750, and it still runs superb. My other car is a 2006 Kia, runs well and reliable, but doesn't have that feeling of being bullet proof like the Mitzi.

29th Mar 2013, 03:03

It's now March 2013 and the Spacestar has hit 220,000 miles (that's about 340,000 kms) and the engine and transmission are running as sweet as ever, although it is starting to show its age with the ride quality on our rapidly deteriorating UK roads.

Recently went from north Wales to York for a weekend and averaged 48 MPG. Next MoT is May, and have a problem with the offside rear caliper to sort; otherwise no known issues.

I just love this car.

1st May 2013, 18:08

Here we are again, another MOT. This time required new O/S/R caliper, new rear discs and pads (all expected), new N/S/F spring, which has improved the ride no end, and a weld to a broken exhaust bracket.

The car has now covered 220k and effectively has little value, so I will stick with it.

The full cost of the MOT with a full service and repairs was just over £500, which is far less than the annual depreciation would be on a newer car, and the S model is quite a rare beast as well; out of 80 plus Spacestars in Autotrader, only 3 were DiD S models.

9th May 2014, 02:33

2014, a 10th birthday and 231,000 miles on the clock. A new tyre on the nearside front is all that is required for an advisory free MoT.

Noticed some surface rust underneath, so when it's a nice day, an hour or so with the wire brush and Hammerite should tidy that up.

This month trips to Durham and then Norwich (both from North Wales) are planned, so a few more miles to add to the odometer. My aim now is to get to the quarter of a million miles point, and I see no reason why it won't make it.

27th Oct 2014, 09:14

Hi. I have a 2003 1.6 Space Star. Has run only 61000 so far. It's used only for a short work commutes. Can you tell me when I should change the cam belt? And, at what interval should the transmission oil be changed? Thanks a lot.

22nd Oct 2015, 16:18

Hello mate, when are we supposed to change the timing belt on the 1.6 petrol model from 2004?