29th Jul 2010, 15:39

Yes, these cars are very underrated; they are a very roomy, and always have the power that you will need. I have just got me one in New Zealand, which was on a selling website for $800. I had thought that this was just another crappy car getting sold cheap, but even after doing almost 300,000kms, she is still going mint, and I was surprised at how well it was holding together, apart from a small amount of smoke. Even with the small problems that the car came with, I am still a very very happy Verada owner, and would look for another one when this dies :)

10th Sep 2010, 02:07

I have had most makes of motor vehicles over a 51 year period, and have a degree in Automotive Engineering. I have never owned a Rolls Royce, but in engineering, the Mitsubishi Magna and Verada must come close, they are a superb motor vehicle that the apathetic Australian motoring fraternity let get away, what a shame.

12th Sep 2010, 04:17

My daughter has just purchased a 2002 Verada, a "fill in" car for work until she gets her new 4X4 Triton.

I drove this car two days after she bought it ($7,000) and was extremely taken by the quality of this vehicle, having owned Holdens and Fords,

I would rate it above these two makes, especially the 2001 Holden we have.

It is pure luxury: sweet engine, ample power, not as much though as the TJ Magna 5 speed, but that is to be expected. It is a very nice looking vehicle, it has done a mere 161.000 km, not a squeak or rattle anywhere, drives like new.

Absolutely magic motoring.

28th Sep 2010, 02:00

I have an old 1997 Verada Xi 3.5, and OMG, it has 210,000km and is just going puurfect! Not even a squeak in the engine, can't feel the transmission shift, and it's so quiet. When I'm driving with the radio off, you get sleepy haha. It's dangerously quiet :p.

1st Oct 2010, 12:39

Having owned many makes of motor vehicles over many years, we recently decided to purchase a 2002 Verada. We just love this car, it has traveled 142.000 klm.

After a couple of weeks, we noticed an oil stain in our drive way. After close inspection, it was found that the main input shaft seal was leaking. This was replaced by the car yard from which we purchased the vehicle for free, although we had no warranty.

This vehicle is superb in handling, great motor and great styling. It still feels like new without any rattles. It's very tight in the suspension. I would recommend these vehicles to anyone.

6th Dec 2010, 20:31

I too have recently purchased a Verada Xi 2002 in emerald green as an ex-mmal executive owned vehicle.

What can I say, I was over the moon happy with the $10k spent on this vehicle.

My budget was $10k and I thought at that price there will be nothing out there with any luxury e.g. sunroof, alloys, power this and that etc... was I wrong!

This car was going to be temporary and given to my lovely wife and the kids to drive around in... I'm having second thoughts about this!

All the best!

RN. Adelaide.

December 2010.

15th Jul 2011, 08:19

I have a KJ VERADA 2001 XI. This is a very nice car in my opinion. Mine has dual fuel and has the Impco LPG system Mitsubishi tested and recommended, the gas gauge being connected to read on the original petrol gauge is good, and my trip computer works on petrol and LPG. I have never had an intake manifold explosion yet.

My Verada is very reliable, and I have not heard of head gasket problems like other cars can have, but the cam belt has to be changed around every 100,000 Kms, so this can cost $400 to $1000 fitted, so has to be budgeted for. If the cam belt breaks, it can destroy the engine I have been told.

It is recommended to get the cam belt tensioner and the water pump (as this runs off the cam belt) and the 3 hard to reach platinum spark plugs changed at the same time to save money in the long run.

I have heard of problems with the Anti Lock light and TCL light coming on together; this seems to be caused by anything electrical that the car does not like. It is usually the alternator or alternator regulator but can also be wheel speed sensors (usually back ones), TCL solenoid on the firewall (2 little plastic cylinder looking things with wires out the bottom and small hoses out the top). Even I have heard of someone changing the rear tail lights to L.E.D ones, and this made the Anti Lock light and TCL light come up. So it may have nothing to do with the ABS brakes or traction control; it could be anything electrical.

Noises for when running a cold engine until it heats up have been known to be the cam belt tensioner needing changing. These cars were exported to America, and are called Diamante, and are known to have heater core O rings fail, causing engine coolant to leak into the cabin. Radio electric antennae breakages also seem common, but I don't know of this happening here in Australia.

I seem to have a bit of wind noise from the door windows when up, as the doors are pillarless, you need a good seal, and also these seals can cause window tints to come unstuck if the window is wound up and down a lot I have been told.

My fuel economy is 8 litres per hundred on petrol, and about 11 on LPG on a trip. Add about 3 litres to each for around town usage. The KJ Verada shape looks streamlined and reminds me a bit of a BMW style. I love this car, and will be buying another one if this one dies.

8th Nov 2011, 23:05

I thoroughly agree. It's a shame we aren't building Mitsubishi motor vehicles in Australia anymore.

15th Dec 2011, 19:03

Hi, I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Verada that has done 190,000km. The TCL, anti lock and round brake warning light all lit up on the dash. I recently put in two LED rear brake light globes, and would never have thought that could be the problem. I'm going to remove the LED globes and see if the lights go out. OK, I just took LED globes out and dash lights didn't change. I've flushed the brake system with new brake fluid, and the lights are all still on. How can I tell if it's the wheel sensors?? Ta, Rob.

26th Jul 2015, 15:16

It's the TCL sensor unit on the firewall behind and to the right of the throttle body. It's a black plastic looking thing with vacuum hoses and wires off it. Change that and the problem should be fixed.

5th Dec 2016, 11:26

Hi, I have a Mitsubishi Verada 2001 xi.

It started with the TLC off and check engine light coming on. The car was still running fine, and if I turned the car off then back on, it would disappear, so I didn't take much notice. Then I had a rocker cover gasket leak fixed, my battery light began flashing, and one morning went out to my car and the battery was flat for no reason. Got the car jumped, bought a new battery, and all was good, til my partner put a bulb in centre console and blew a fuse. My car was having trouble starting and was over revving; had that fixed...

Thought all was good, although the battery light was still flashing at times... Then the other day, a very hot day, I was driving home and the anti lock, handbrake light and TLC light all came on, and at the same time the temperature went up. I would hit the power window buttons and it would turn off for a short time, then come back on. I had to hold the window button down to get us home. The next day the car was fine, bar the battery light flashing, then the following day the car was dead. Jump started the car, and then within an hour the car wouldn't start again.

The car can be jumped and will turn back on, but once off will slowly but surely die.

Can anyone help with what is causing my car to do all this? The car is mechanically great and I love her, but all of a sudden I've had these lights on my dash and an electrics nightmare.

The car also had an episode of a sticky throttle twice amongst all this.

The car has been serviced regularly, had a new thermostat, plugs, filters, belts, fan sensors, new seals, new gear box, new rocker cover gaskets, and has got LED lights out in the front headlights.

Someone, please help me get my car up and going... I'm a now single mum and don't have the money to have a mechanic or electrician suck me dry for money, so I'm trying to find out the problem so I know exactly what I need fixed ;)

I love this car.

Thanks in advance.