8th May 2002, 10:06

Yes, the old carburettor problem strikes again. I recently bought a 1992 ‘J’ REG 100NX with the targa top in good condition. The 88K miles on the clock was of little concern as the exhaust provided no need for concern, nor did the engine produce any worrying sounds. The only niggle was a misfire that I commented on, but dismissed as a tune-up job.

I contacted the local Nissan dealer and got the same £500 shock as the chap that made the first comment. Taking his advise I have been to a local carburettor chap and he has spotted that the original has been removed and replaced with a Weber unit. To my obvious surprise! Allegedly the real carburettors have some electronic do-hickeys that connect to the ECU to provide feedback/control. Without this the ECU doesn’t know what’s going on? The thing runs though (with a slight rough spot at 1500rpm), which started me thinking that Nissan may be inflating the truth?

I have been to a local Japanese spares centre about the problem and they do a service by means of changing the jet’s to a larger size?

I go to the local chap tomorrow to see what is what. If all is well I will come back and add the appropriate instructions.



23rd Oct 2004, 14:33

Just acquired J reg 100NX, bodywork superb, engine sounds very sweet. one thing niggles me though - has no targa roof, does anyone know if many non-targa roof 100NX's were made? Will keep you updated on it's progress as it has pretty high mileage (118,000miles).

Regards S Marshall.

3rd Jan 2007, 08:56

I have a 1992 Nissan 100 NX (Targa).

Can anyone tel me what Weber twin carburetor is adapted, if it needs special specifications or parts and where to buy it? I read somewhere that the right one was the 32/34 DMTL, but can't find anywhere. Thank you (mail to m.menezes@iol.pt)