1986 Nissan 300ZX 300 ZX 2+2 V6 3.0L Non turbo from North America


Great Car, Love the style, handling and VERY QUICK!


Heater Core needed to be replaced ($900.00).

Stock Stereo and tape deck were really awful (so we had a new stereo put in and its AWESOME with the stock speakers). (New Stereo 150.00 installed.)

Chatter noise/grinding noise coming off the rear brakes; the car has been inspected and we had the shocks replaced ($300.00) in the back, but the noise continues. Rear brake pads look to be in good condition, nothing seems to be loose. Only when you apply the brakes does the noise stop. It will go away for quite awhile and then it comes back!

I don't mind the noise, the car handles like a dream and I absolutely love driving it!

BUT if anyone can give any advice on what this may be, please, reply! Could this be rotors?

This noise is intermittent; happens whenever driven, but comes and goes while driving. Once brake is applied, the noise goes away. And, once in reverse, the noise isn't there. WEIRD!

General Comments:

I LOVE this car!!! I take the t-tops off and blast 80's music!!

This car handles VERY well on curves and I love blowing past other sports cars... their drivers looking at my car with this look of.."What the heck was that?!!?"

I love racing with other cars, just to show them that THIS car is nothing to laugh at just because the age!

I love that it is low to the ground and grips the road like velcro. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this car!!

I would totally buy another one!

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Review Date: 5th July, 2007

15th Aug 2007, 22:42

Would you say that the 300zx was more dependable than the celica? Reason being I have a 93 celica st and a friend of mine is offering a swap for an 86 300zx w 160k with a newer engine with 50k.

24th Jun 2009, 02:13

Yes get a z you will love it never go back get a cult classic.

15th Feb 2010, 11:55

The noise is your rear axles.

9th Sep 2010, 13:55

Hey bro, I hope you still have the car. I just bought an 86 300ZX 2 seater, and when I move it, it starts making a noise in the rear. My brother tells me it's the caliper (it's seized).

Take the rims off in the back when you have a chance. I try to twist the rotors; if one of them doesn't move, its seized, that's that happened to me!

18th Sep 2011, 14:46

I am a faithful Z owner myself, and had the same issue when I purchased mine. I replaced as you did, even going as far as replacing the wheel bearings as well; what it turned out to be, was the wheel flange where the studs were held on had bent from the suspension wearing out, which sounds impossible, but that's what it was. Dealership tried to charge me about 400 just for the part, so I went to a junk yard and ripped out the entire rear end, and replaced it with one from an 87, and now the sound is gone. Good luck with yours!

1986 Nissan 300ZX non-Turbo 6 cylinder from North America


Greatest car I will ever own!


Compared to other cars, this car is amazingly reliable and durable. I would buy it new all over again if I could.

Original 5-speed transmission failed at 205,000 miles. Found a good used one for $300.

Has its third clutch now. Clutch seems to wear out every 90,000 miles or so. Not bad for the kind of driving I do.

Just replaced valve cover gaskets - at 212,000 miles!

No major engine or electrical problems since I bought it - 20 years ago.

Except for the headlights, every bulb on or in the car is original and still works. Headlights have burned out twice so far.

A/C still works perfectly - with original factory coolant!

Everything works on it.

General Comments:

Handling is a joy.

Hugs the pavement and corners like a dream.

Non-turbo engine has just enough pep for me.

Can't beat the reliability. It always starts on the first try, in any weather and at any temperature.

Looking to buy a second one that isn't beat up.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2006

20th May 2006, 09:12

I would`nt buy another one I would stick with the one you have and drive it till the wheels falls off!

19th Aug 2007, 18:31

You said it starts at any temperature... what kind of low temperatures are you talking about? I live in Canada and would like to know if it would start in -20 C (about -7 F) weather. Thanks!

23rd Jul 2008, 21:13

Yes it will start in Canada. I own one and it starts better in cold weather than my new truck.

20th Aug 2008, 11:51

I just bought 1 1986 Nissan 300ZX a month ago in July. But where I live I get a good deal of snow in the winter, does anyone know how it handles in the snow with it's rear-wheel drive?