18th Feb 2007, 23:31

I feel your pain. I used to have a ford F-250 custom built, until it caught on fire by the ford recall on the cruise control switch. It was a devastating $40,000 loss. so I bought an 87' Nissan Z31 300ZX N/a and wow, I am deeply disapointed. the car has been nothing, but problems. First the car had electrical problems in the dash and rust in the ignition system. After that came the fuel injector leak, resulting in a fire. after the car had been "fixed" the head gasket blew, due to a combination of coolant sensor failure and a faulty oil pump. some more "repairs" only to have the clutch springs break inside and go bouncing around inside the bell housing, virtually destroying my entire drive train. I absolutely HATE the car. when I get a chance, I'm gonna junk it.

6th Feb 2008, 11:53

Did you take your car into the dealership to have the recall work performed on it? What happened after the car caught fire? Did you have new injectors put on or did you just sell the car? What kind of work was needed after the injectors blew? How long after you had the recall work did the car catch fire? And how long did you have the car before you took it in to have the recall work done? Did the dealership accept responsibility for the damage done and reimburse you? Also, did anyone ever have the car die while in the middle of driving? Would anyone happen to know the general source of that problem or what the source of the problem was if it happened on your car? I bought an 85 turbo recently and the car has died twice in a week while being driven.

20th Jun 2008, 19:58

I have an 86 NA car lowered for track racing. The only real problems I've had concern the thermostatically controlled auto air, or whatever you want to call it. Vacuum leaks causes the A/C to blow through defroster vents.

I had a problem with one headlight being intermittent, and my Z31 specialist mechanic buddy said the problem was in the head light switch, because the head lights are powered separately from that stalk control. He pulled the steering wheel in 5 minutes, and had a loose wire in the stalk control repaired and the wheel back on in 20 minutes, and the light has been fine since.

The only other gripe is no power. Easily fixed by swapping the cross member with a turbo model, and installing a 3.3 Pathfinder (stock) block and rods and NA pistons, and using a vg30 crank and a t3t4 turbo with stock turbo fuel system. I also gutted the intake plenum and added 3" exhaust. It may only be 250 hp, but the torque is great.

I however changed my mind and put this engine combo in the 88 2+2 auto car, and it flies. It's no racer, but the new engine for the 2 seater 86 will be 400 hp. Find a person who knows Z31 cars. They may trash you for asking stupid questions, but they will also put you in the right direction for a fix.

If you have no mechanical prowess at all, buy a new car and an extended warranty. JT.

25th Sep 2010, 22:20

I have a 1985 Nissan 300zx with a constant power to the injectors. It's not pulsing, even when I'm turning it over. If I spray fuel up the intake, it will fire and try to start. I have replaced the ECU and it's good. Can anyone help me with this?