1st Feb 2011, 18:53

Check Parts Geek.

Link is below..


As for the bed, I'll poke around. I've just gotten one of these bad boys, and for once since my last pre-computerized vehicle, I am excited about being able to handle repairs for a fraction of the cost than what the newer cars cost for parts and labor (I can actually do the work on this baby myself).

4th Feb 2011, 14:02

I am from a little island in the Caribbean called Trinidad, which is above Venezuela. I am a proud owner of a 720 pickup. Parts are easy and cheap. I sell goods and do transport off mine. Want to put in an sr20 next month, and a loud audio system. Also the best pickup in the world.


10th Sep 2012, 11:29

I have owned my 1985 720 pickup since 1996, and it now has 321,000 miles plus. It is no beauty queen, with dents and dings, and some small rust on the body, but, when it was inspected last year, the man said: OK, my hat's off to you. Keep doing whatever you are doing. It runs like a top and is a tank.

I will NEVER get rid of this. The only real problem is parts are becoming a little hard to acquire. Last year I had to replace the windshield, and they had to go to the Alaska/Canadian border to find one. Plus the carburetor, remember when all cars had one??, is more expensive to replace with time. It was about 700 dollars last time. My friends are amazed I still have the old tank, but it keeps on a runnin'! I can't imagine having any other vehicle than this.

17th Jan 2014, 20:03

I have a one barrel from a Ford Ranger on mine... much less complicated, easier to find and rebuild. Works exceptionally. Remember, carbs are interchangeable; you just need a plate, which you can make in any welding shop. In Belize we have to make them, because we don't have Auto Zone LOL.

26th Feb 2014, 18:03

Check on eBay. I see lots of parts for these trucks.