1985 Nissan 720 Pickup 2.4L from North America


Greatest Truck Ever!!!


Blown head gasket, radiator, alternator, clutch slave, clutch master cylinder and brake master cylinder.

General Comments:

Greatest truck I have ever had for the miles & years of service, & still going strong!!

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Review Date: 28th December, 2016

1985 Nissan 720 Pickup King Cab 4x4 2.4L double plugged from North America


Nothing can stop this truck


I've had to do all the maintenance that the previous owner neglected. New alternator and proper plugs and wires, and a distributor. The muffler was gone at the manifold when I got it.

General Comments:

I love this pickup; even though it runs rough, it just won't quit. I've only had it for a month now, but it can go anywhere, even though I don't have very good tires.

When revving the engine in neutral, it sounds incredibly smooth and doesn't backfire.

Only problem I have, is getting going from a stop, it bogs, but that only slows me down for a second, and then it runs great.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2015

1st Jul 2015, 01:45

I agree. I have only had my Nissan for about 3 weeks, and the truck overall has impressed me. When I got it, the carburetor on it was the stock carburetor, so I bought a rebuild kit and rebuilt it. Ever since then the truck has given me no problems whatsoever.

There's things that the old truck needs such as shocks, starter, tie rods, ball joints, and a new valve cover probably wouldn't hurt. But overall I must say the truck is great for whatever I need. It is a going son of a gun, and only a tank could stop it.

11th Nov 2015, 07:13

I just recently got myself an 85 Nissan pickup; do you guys happen to know of what may be causing it to have a slight hesitation on an uphill, and on cold nights it needs to warm up before it can idle properly?

12th Nov 2015, 04:55

Fuel air mix too lean. Bad fuel. Vacuum leaks. Coil voltage low.

26th Nov 2015, 06:40

Thank you very much, I took it into a mechanic who is having the carburetor rebuilt. Do you think this will solve the problems? It should be back with me in about a week or so.

26th Nov 2015, 22:40

However... You can visually inspect a vehicle for many things, like looking at the plugs or seeing if you dented a tailpipe, restricting its flow. Or check the air filter if it's filthy, dead fuel, or look at the color of the exhaust, use your ears and even sense of smell, is it hard to start or keep running; on and on before you spend a dime fixing things. Vehicles need a spark, air and fuel. If you are climbing a hill, more load is on the engine. How's the fuel filter before you rebuild the carb? There are more internal issues not mentioned that can be the cause as well. Visually inspect is the best for starters.

1985 Nissan 720 Pickup Base 2.4 from North America


Too bad they don't still make 720's


One alternator at 350,000.

One starter at 379,000.

Head gasket at 394,000 - my fault as it was overheating, and all I did was turn heater on.

Have reupholstered the seat several times, but 26+ years.

The paint on top and hood came off after 24 years; the rest looks and shines like new.

Replaced rear end as complete unit at a wrecking yard; was only $75 vs 1175 to have shop fix - 1+yard gravel, 1/2 too much.

General Comments:

Quick response (yes, I DO use premium gas -- better MPG, more power -- look in owner's manual).

Very tight turning radius.

For all the hauling, this truck has NEVER been underpowered. Even with the 1+ yard of gravel, it made it to the job site!!!

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Review Date: 14th September, 2011

1985 Nissan 720 Pickup Base 2.4 from North America


They don't make anything like this anymore; that's sad


Like clockwork, the head gasket goes at 220,000k for the 2.4 (Z24). ALL THREE OF MINE WENT. I'm a bloody expert on doing the heads on Nissan Z motors. My dad's and my brother's 1981's with the 2.2 (Z22) never went even with 320,000k. 2.2 has more meat between the cylinders and more gasket.

When the gasket went, it spalled the rings in number 4 cyl and cracked the head - in only 5 miles. Fortunately I've had 4 720's and an engine I scrapped had good pistons. I put the number 4 with matched crank bearings in and honed the cylinder. I had an odd-ball 2.2l head I picked up in the wreckers a few years ago for a spare that only has 4 plugs and a knock-out for the manual fuel pump. The valves are a couple mms smaller and the combustion chamber is too, but the result is phenomenal! It's better.

I've got over 180lbs compression in every cylinder, I can burn-off the tires in first, and she'll let out a big squawk in second and third gear!

The only problem I really have is the passenger side e-brake cables; they're always seizing up and need to be replaced every couple years.

General Comments:

I've had 4! Love them! Gave one to my dad when the motor was shot, and he put the 2.2l in it when he scrapped his 81, because the body was gone. My brother also had an 81; we still have it for parts, perfect motor.

Scrapped one, kept the other blue truck, drove it for years, and finally parked it for parts for my 1985.

When I first got the 85, I got 38mpg (can) with 2 adults and a teen in the vehicle. I put a roll-bar and bush-guard, spoked mags, hood scoop, louvres and painted it bright orange with rally stripes. Kid's actually stop playing and run up to the side of the road, and wave and cheer! They never seen anything like it. High-school girls wave!

I'm gonna paint it British Racing Green this time to go with the beige interior.

I've outrun Tiburons with over 1/2 ton in the box; I didn't know he was trying to pass me till I let-off the gas!

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Review Date: 25th April, 2010

21st Dec 2012, 16:20

Hey, I currently have an 85 720, and I was wondering if you can give me some contacts of places where I can buy new body and motor parts for it? I want to give the truck life again. Thank you.

21st Jan 2013, 19:25

I too have a 1985 Nissan, and need to replace the carburetor, dashboard and odometer. Other than that, mine is still running with unknown miles. I know it has over 300k miles on the same engine. Only owner.

If you get an answer on to where to replace parts, please forward it to me as well. I want to do classic truck shows. My husband wants to junk it, so I need an answer ASAP!!!