2000 Nissan Almera reviews

Almera 1.5 petrol

94 words, UK and Ireland

Almera QX Comfort 1.5

It's a Japanese car, nothing else

44 words, Portugal

Almera Sport 1.8

Fun, different, reliable

285 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Almera SE 1.8 petrol

Reliable, good-to-drive car, but thirsty in traffic

76 words, UK and Ireland

Almera Comfort Hatchback 1.8

A reliable all-in-one car

46 words, Sweden

Almera S 1.5

I look forward to the day when we change it for something better

194 words, UK and Ireland, 3 comments

Almera SPORTDECK 1.8 petrol

Unjustly overlooked due to motoring press prejudice

243 words, Finland, 1 comment

Almera Luxe 2.2 diesel turbo

Unfortunately underrated

158 words, France

Almera GX 1.4 petrol

A nice car to drive; comfortable, affordable, and reliable

89 words, UK and Ireland

Almera Sport 3 door 1.8 VVT petrol

An underrated gem of a car

155 words, UK and Ireland

Almera S 1.5

Babe magnet

19 words, UK and Ireland

Almera Sport 1.4 petrol

The reliability is not worth the discomfort - overrated

57 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments