2003 Nissan Altima from North America


I was advised not to buy one; look into a Toyota.


I guess I should have kept track of all the dates and the mileage whenever a problem arose. All I can remember is that from the moment I drove off the dealership:

1) The check engine light has gone on and off to this day (a year later).

2) I've replaced two sensors, crankshaft position sensor (I believe) and camshaft.

3) I've replaced the battery twice.

There were other repairs that my dad has done for me that I completely forgot, and now I was told that I might need to replace the catalytic converter.

Its very sad how I completely fell in love with this car the moment I saw it (I bought it at 19 against everyone's wishes with a bank loan) and now I absolutely regret it. I have owned a '93 Honda Civic as well as a '95 Honda Accord before this, and would have to say that although I had problems with the Hondas, they were definitely not as annoying as this Nissan.

General Comments:

To me, the Altima is still one of the best looking mid-sized cars out there.

Its comfortable inside and spacious at the back.

The trunk is a good size.

Comfortable inside.

I however, would not purchase a Nissan again.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2008

2003 Nissan Altima S 2.5 4-banger from North America


2002 and 2003 models were of first redesign - risky purchase


Engine began consuming copious amounts of oil in & around 55,000 kms. There was a recall notice on these units as a problem with the power valve that could cause substrate material from the cat to back up into cylinders & score the walls -- thus loss of oil. After some rallying with the dealer (I change my own oil), Nissan Canada finally replaced the engine block assembly, head & manifolds - 2005 variety. Kudos to the dealer.

OEM tires not safe on wet roads -- replaced with Coopers at 40,000 kms after no satisfaction from Nissan head office.

Rear brakes need continual attention as road grit collects in brackets & causes pads/calipers to seize.

General Comments:

Engine is very responsive - love the 2.5 engine coupled with the manual gear box.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2008

2003 Nissan Altima 4 cylinder from North America


It was great, now not so sure!!


We have had this car approximately one year. We purchased it for our daughter. About a week ago, the lights all came on and her car just died while driving through a parking lot. When she turned the ignition it just clicked, like a dead battery sound. We had it towed and was told by the dealership that it needed a new alternator. Now a week later and over $500 poorer, she again had it die on her. She called the dealership and was told it was probably the battery now.

General Comments:

She loves her car. This is her first problems with the car, other than being rear-ended last August.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2008

3rd Aug 2012, 18:34

You should have replaced the cam and crank shaft position sensors, because that's why the car dies. Nissan engineering has crappy plastic square sensors that allow a bit of oil to leak through, and that contaminates the sensors. The car's computer gets confused from no signal and shuts off. That's what this one Nissan mechanic told me.

Auto Zone has the new redesigned cylindrical sensors made out of aluminum instead of cheap plastic. They cost $35 each, and the cam and crank shaft position sensors are the same part #. Weird huh?

Buy the parts yourself and have a garage install them for you, because the dealer wants about $400 to change them out.

29th Jun 2013, 20:14

Oh no they don't cost $35. Try $100 for the cam and $125 for the crank sensor.

I just spent over 300 on my old Altima before I finally saw the light and ditched it for a newer Mazda.

2003 Nissan Altima S 2.5 from North America


No complaints


I have only had one problem with transmission and that is a jerk between 1st and 2nd gear. However, the AAMCO transmissions fixed it for me and there was a loose wire in the pressure solenoid. You do not have to replace the solenoid just tell the mechanics that it is just a loose ground terminal for the line pressure solenoid. Save yourself thousands please! My car is riding nice and shifts excellent. Make sure you service the transmission.

General Comments:

It's a pretty nice affordable ride. Just you have to know your story and do research when going to a mechanic. If you go to a dealership, you will be screwed and lied to.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2008