2nd Sep 2009, 13:50

I have driven all of the cars mentioned also. I wouldn't buy a Camry... and the other two are just too small for a family car.

The Toyota Camry is an OK car but lots of NHV (noise, harshness and vibration), and also the Toyota's steering has no feeling to it. I personally like comfort over sport so you won't see me in any of the smaller cars.

One thing about the Nissan's speed - 270 hp V6... enough said :-) Although my Chevy Impala with 211hp is plenty fast and gets better MPG, with more interior space and a more comfortable ride. So don't eliminate newer American cars out of your search, because they are not the same as they were in the 1990s.

As for my Impala's fuel mileage claim: 23 city, 29-30s highway, and it averages about 27mpg mix city/hwy driving.

3rd Jul 2010, 18:16

I rented an Altima last month, and I really don't know what all the hype is about. The Altima has to be one of the junkiest cars on the road. First of all, it looks weird with those silly tailights, the interior was cheap (the seat fabric was already wearing), and the transmission was horrible! It was also a noisy car.

I really have to wonder about Nissan buyers; these cars are no better than Fords, Chevys, or even Kias. I think a lot of people just assume quality is better just because it's a Japanese company, when in reality Nissan almost went bankrupt just ten years ago. Mazda and Mitsubishi are no better, and even the truly great Japanese companies like Honda and Toyota are having problems of their own now. Or maybe Japanese cars were never better; it was all a big joke.

23rd Oct 2011, 18:35

We have 3 Toyotas in our driveway, and they rock... They're the best cars in the world.. I just tested the 2010 Camry SE model, fully loaded package, which I'm going to purchase. So don't bash Toyota. Built like a rock. Where did I hear that?