4th May 2001, 14:54

Nissan cars blow up. Please research your Altima or Nissan car fires or any minor problems because it might be a major problem, which could leave you car-less or dead. Was an owner of a 97 Nissan Altima that could have burned me alive, thank God my kids were not in it.

5th Aug 2001, 02:00

I have a 2000 Nissan Altima and I have no problem with the car or with the dealership. I'm very happy with the Altima, after Ford, Pontiac and Chrysler products. All these cars made my life harder. What I'm trying to say - there is no perfect car, go and check other reviews, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, etc. all of them.

All cars have bad reviews. People say they are never gonna buy another Honda or Suzuki or whatever. You are always gonna have a bad experience with your car.

Stick with Japanese cars. The best cars on earth!

23rd Sep 2001, 19:44

Purchased a Nissan Altima new in 1998. Have really enjoyed driving this car. It is the 3rd Altima/Stanza that I have owned in a row.

Car gives good value for its price. However, I must pray you never have to deal with the Nissan customer service division or especially the Finance division.. They have no idea of what customer service is about.

My experience with them was enough to dissuade me from ever buying a Nissan product again despite a good car and reliable dealership.

20th May 2002, 13:12

I leased a 1999 Altima GXE. Within two months of owning the car, the brakes started squealing. They have replaced them three times and said it is "normal" for brakes to squeak. I could go on forever about the lack of customer service with this company. This began almost three years ago and to this day I am trying to get reimbursed for the squeaky brake repairs, because they still squeak!

11th Jun 2002, 23:51

Nissan is all my family buys. I just recently purchased a 1999 Nissan Altima SE, and I cannot stop bragging about it. It has 70,000 miles on it, and there is nothing that I would want to fix or change bc nothing has gone wrong... at all. That's not just on mine, that is on all of the Altimas, Maximas, and Sentras my family and friends have purchased. I do not know where all of yall live, that say yall have bad experiences with the Nissan Dealerships, but the one down here (Price Leblanc Nissan in Gonzales, LA) has been more than helpful and HAVE called me to check up on my Altima. To those of you who have had problems with the dealers, maybe you should look around at OTHER dealers in your area and see how bad they are. I'm not sure, maybe yall were rude and demanding when yall went to go see them. But I am an avid Nissan Fan, and Customer. I have always driven Nissans, and I intend to for a while... absolutely fabulous cars..IMO, Toyotas and Hondas are good, but they don't compare!

15th Jul 2002, 10:39

I purchased a new 2000 Altima. The paint is Sand. I have clear coat separation on both of my door mirrors. This is very evident from the discoloration and spots under the clear coat. The clear coat is starting to peel off. I too am curious of those rocks that don't leave a mark. I also read there are many complaints from Sentra and Maxima owners for simular problems. Regards.. Greg.

16th Aug 2002, 10:06

I purchased a 1999 Altima SE, fresh off a 3-year lease, in June 2002 for $11,500 (don't think that's too bad for Kansas). The car has the overdrive automatic, 36,400 miles, is clean and looks great.

The only fault I have found so far is that the brakes squeal a little at times. Other than that, the car runs very well, rides great and is getting 24 mpg city. It's a little roomier than the '93 Subaru Legacy that I drove for 110,000 trouble-free miles. (By the way, my Subaru was a GREAT car and I wholeheartedly recommend Subaru to those of you who can afford them or can find a used one. I gave mine to my daughter to keep it in the family, and I think that's a common practice).

The paint on my Altima is remarkably shinny -- maybe it was a garage car -- and as much as I'd like to give it its first wax job, it has yet to need it. The bumper paint is fine, too -- although it is nicked in quite a few place there is no evidence of peeling.

I've put 1,500 miles on it so far and it seems like a great car.

26th Aug 2002, 10:02

I own a 1999 Altima GXE that has had its third set of front brake pads. For some reason they keep cracking even after having the rotor replaced when the car was a year old. I should have known to trade the car for another when I discovered the dash board had blemished in it after arriving home from the dealership. In other words, I have had nothing but bad luck with this car and would not recommend anyone to purchase one. After my extended warranty is over, I plan on buying replacing it with an Accord.

15th Oct 2002, 10:42

I have a 1999 Nissan Altima GXE with 52,000 miles on it. It has yet to cause me any problems! I did have to get the solenoid sensor replaced, but it was under warranty at 50,000 miles -and thank goodness - it was a $700.00 job with labor and parts. I have to get new brake pads now, but I expected that after driving 52,000 miles. If you are light on your brakes and learn how to use them conservatively, you can save yourself from getting new brake pads all the time. There is no reason ANY car should need new brake pads before 45,000 - 50,000 miles unless you abuse them. I take quite a bit of care of my car, washing it waxing it, getting the oil changed every 3,000 miles. If you treat your Nissan well, it will treat you well.

22nd Nov 2002, 13:18

I recently purchased a 2001 Altima SE used with 16,900 miles on it. The car gets horrible gas mileage. I have averaged 21 to 22 mpg on the highway with the absolute best of 24 going downhill with my foot off the gas. This car has a 4 cylinder engine that gets mpg of most V8's. I do not recommend purchasing this car if you are interested in fuel economy.

In addition, the cup holders are horrible and they've done a much better job with the 2002 redesign.


Carlsbad, CA.

4th Dec 2002, 10:29

I purchased a used 1999 Altima GXE back in September 2002. It had 67,000 miles on it and I bought it from a Nissan dealership. I can honestly say the only thing wrong with the car was the radio. The LED display kept fading in and out and the volume control was not working correctly. Big deal! I coughed up $250.00 and replaced it.

The gas mileage is awesome! From Manassas Virginia to Kings Park NY (325 miles total) we made it on 3/4 of a tank of gas.

For a 4 cylinder engine, the '99 Altima GXE is one powerful automobile. Smooth handling and low noise are super bonuses this car has to offer.

I have since put 8,000 miles on the car and have not experienced problem one in any aspect with the car.

Other than routine maintenance this is the most trouble free car I have owned in years.