6th Dec 2002, 17:34

My 1999 Altima GXE had an engine failure at 80,000 miles. They say this is rare. The car was a repo. My wife drove it for 20,000 miles and always had it maintained. I am rebuilding the engine for her.

22nd Dec 2002, 08:27

I have a 1995 Maxima that has been meticulously maintained. The timing chain has "rattled" throughout the life of the car, but never continuously until recently. My car then "died" and needed the timing chain replaced. Nissan issued a Technical Service Bulletin for my engine regarding this problem in 1996. Nissan Consumer Affairs has told me to "get lost" since my vehicle is 3,000 miles past the warranty.

I will NEVER buy a Nissan again. They should fix my vehicle since I reported the problem while the vehicle was under warranty.

21st Jan 2003, 11:20

I had bought a 1998 Altima GXE right off of lease on October of 2001. One month after I bought the car, I had problems with a shaking at highway speeds. The dealer I brought it to tried to fix it. They replaced so many parts that it's like I have a new car. The only problem is that it STILL does the shaking. I was told by one on the mechanics that it's normal...NORMAL!!?? I have never heard of a car that the front end shakes above 65mph that's "normal". They replaced the tie rod ends, left side drive axle, sway arm bushings (front and back), the transmission (i thought that was a little far fetched), replaced the tires (all 4) and balanced them about 5 times. The problem only got a "little" better after they replaced the rotors.

Now, since the last repairs, about 6 months later, the car STILL has that problem and other problems the car had are starting to re-occur. I would NEVER suggest to anyone to go and buy a nissan. Their customer service is terrible. I have never had such a problem with cars till I bought this Altima. This is my first and most definately my last Nissan!!

24th Jan 2003, 09:56

We are the very unhappy owners of a 2002 Nissan Altima. This car had more rattles than you could imagine, but we've moved on to more important problems, like having it towed three times in the last three months. Twice it just refused to start for reasons as yet unknown. The third time it simply died on a busy road in a blizzard - the entire electrical system seemed to give out. Not even the hazard lights worked. There was no time to even get off the road. This last event happened the night before the car was to go into the garage for the third attempt at fixing the heating system.

It is a lovely, comfortable car with great speed, but that doesn't count for much with us anymore.

To date we're not very impressed with Nissan's lack of interest in our problems and our eyes are firmly fixed on the diminishing warranty.

We've had many different cars and vans - Ford, Chev, Mazda over the years. Never owned a car as "nice" or nightmarish as this one. No idea where we go from here.

18th Feb 2003, 12:57

I am the owner of 2002 Nissan Altima. The car runs fine, but when riding on city streets the rear end sounds like it will fall off. I have been to dealer and am told they know of no rear end problems with car. Car also rattles over every little bump and road defect. Car seems made very cheaply and will never buy another Nissan again.

26th Feb 2003, 15:50

I purchased my 1999 Nissan Altima GXE brand new with 8 miles. It currently has 36,000 miles and drives perfect. I filled my gas tank on Friday Feb. 14th and I still have little less than a half a tank. In 2001 my car was in an accident that totaled $6500. Considering it was external damage, my car drives as if it was new. I have never had problems with the paint on the car, or bumpers. There is a slight vibration in the steering wheel, however that is due to my custom alloy wheels being balanced on one side. I was told that would happen. And the driver side window makes a noise when it goes up. Since I have had my car, there have been no serious problems, other than regular maintenance. Since this is my first Nissan, I would recommend this car.

22nd Apr 2003, 11:16

I purchased a 1997 Altima with 15k on it in 2000. The car was in great shape and drove great. After a year the paint on the front bumper was pealing of in spots and the rest of the paint was of poor quality and scratched/faded quickly. This is the second Nissan I have owned and both have low quality paint from the factory. Last week at 66k miles the automatic transmission blew out. Now it will only go into first and second and shifts very hard. I have always maintained the vehicle and had it serviced like clockwork. It does get terrible mileage for a small 4cyl engine 20-24 on the highway. It is going to cost me $2,200 to get the transmission fixed and the warranty ran out two months ago. I will never buy another Nissan again.

31st May 2003, 22:04

I have a 1999 Nissan Altima GXE, and so far its been a great car. I bought the car in September of 1999 and in December I went to Atlanta to visit my sister. While I was their, a loud screeching sound came from the tires, I pulled to the side of the freeway to see if something was stuck in the wheel, but there was nothing. So I started driving again and the noise stopped. Since then it has not made that sound again. I live in Texas and I travel to California and Georgia to visit my family, and this car is great on the interstate even better at speeds up to 100mph. The only problems I have had so far is vibration in the front, dealer said the cause is because the rims are bent, and the drivers electric window does not go up, dealer said the pulley needed to be replaced, that they get worn out. But so far I've put about 86,000 miles on the car, and still runs great. My next vehicle will I want to check out is the Pathfinder Armada, with that 300hp, I can't wait.

23rd Sep 2003, 16:19

We bought a Nissan Altima SE in 1999 brand new with 11 miles on it. While it hasn't ever broke down, we have had quite a few problems with squealing/squeaky breaks, shaking at high speeds, and sluggish pickup. We have gotten alignments, replaced rotors, and recently changed the fuel filter. Nothing seems to help. Though I have had nice, friendly people at the Nissan Service, the costs of these repairs have made me go to other places for any future fixes. I saw the 2003 Altima and was impressed by its looks, but after all the problems with the one I have, I have to say I will be looking at other cars for future buys.

6th Oct 2003, 21:09

My wife and I bought a 1999 Nissan Altima SE brand new and still have it. We bought it in Phoenix, Arizona so it has the great desert sun paint job. shines today like it was just picked up off the floor. I was in an accident a few years ago with it, guy turned in front of me no warning 45mph, hit him dead on my front to his side, the air bags didn't deploy, but nissan swears they shouldn't have. Even after that, I get excellent mileage, 35mpg highway still. just tested that. still got the power and handling, test that on a daily basis. I was recently sent an offer by my local dealer wanting to buy it back from me, got 45,000 on it and they offered in person and writing 17,500. I turned them down. I love my baby. those with problems, hope they get better.